Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Take to the Streets!

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Finland leaps to attention, not a moment wasted, over leveraged securities once again must be backed up with real assets. A global system of taxpayer milking built upon an Economics of elite favoritism validates the pillage of the many for the privilege of the few. Shattered towns, decaying factories, supreme inequity, grinding poverty, rising unemployment, absolute corruption, decadence; castle dwellers raze our future to build their accumulating fortunes.

Rage, an indescribable anger rips our conscious subservient obedience to shreds.

Leave your incessant reflection behind. We are at war with our insufferable bottom scrapping existence. Take to the streets! Now!

The time for reasoning discourse has ended. Financial engineers, lobbyist-bound legislators, political systems burning our former freedoms to cinders - all the planetary tyranny - the gigantic leech called CorpGov crony Capitalism must be vaporized!

Leave not an infinitesimal dust particle from this plague to infect a passionate, colorful, joyful new beginning.

Cry out, feel something; an intolerable injustice on many levels has been committed against humanity. No societal system is unscathed, the very core of our existence has been, is threatened. We are in imminent danger of being permanently chained to this planetary Kleptocracy. Our needs, wants, desires, all that makes us beautiful creatures is crushed by a worldly evil unsurpassed in its violence and cruelty.

The tide has risen.