Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

A Sustainable Future for America Built Upon Equality

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We the citizens of the United States respectfully address the business elite - we are entitled to an equal voice in our government and participation within an economy that is now slanted to our disadvantage. Many a powerful master of business surveying our nation from their high altitude private planes may experience a tingling of exhilaration when daydreaming about the level of control they exert over everything they touch.

Moving beyond recognition of deferential respect, we the people vaguely recall that our leaders and elite once scaled the mountain of "Success" unencumbered by an unfair society. This was before the "Free Market" avalanche obliterated the only trail leading to the summit of "Success". With the only trail to the peak inaccessible, those on top used their resources to perpetuate their good fortune by sending their children to the best Ivy League universities (already established at the top), and cementing their influence on government.

With the only communication link leading up from the valley to the summit severed, those below were unable to convey their desires to their government that had also taken the original trek up the side of the mountain with the business elite. Isolated down in the valley, those who weren't fortunate enough to make it to the summit of "Success" before the avalanche faced declining job prospects, inadequate education, and bad healthcare without any assistance from up high. No longer interested in the 'valley dwellers' the champions of "Success" dropped fewer and fewer resources down from the summit. Those below were no longer of interest to 'high dwellers' because the truly important lived on the summit - not in the valley.

Word arrived from other 'high dwellers' on other mountain peaks a few years after their accent that in order to maintain their undisputed supremacy over the 'valley dwellers' they would need to form a coalition of the all-powerful across the entire region. Thereafter control of the once all-inclusive government was firmly within their hands - they had truly scaled the heights of power. Were they unassailable from such distant lofty kingdoms?

Only one unforeseen problem existed for the 'high dwellers' - they didn't have sufficient population to sell all their wonderful wares. Most of their store shelves held dusty products sold by other 'high dwellers' that maintained their trails down to 'valley dwellers' that produced the products. These 'valley dwellers' worked long and hard hours for their 'high dweller' masters often for little to no pay. High altitude cargo planes would land daily at 'high dweller' airports filled with every conceivable product only to be unloaded outside warehouses that were already filled to the brim with crates.

What could be done given that the 'high dwellers' no longer communicated with the lowly 'valley dwellers'? Most among the 'high dwellers' insisted that their economic system was perfect given that their infallible experts conceived it. Some suggested that an attempt should first be made to reopen the closed trail down to the valley. With the trail once again open to the valley this might allow the 'high dwellers' to invest in the neglected businesses in the valley which would provide good jobs to the 'valley dwellers'. With these plentiful good jobs that paid adequate wages they could again buy products offered by the 'high dwellers'.

The 'high dwellers' opted for a better sustainable future not the ideologically constrained past. Life has been improving across the entire region under the new climate of respect and recognition of the interconnectedness inherent between 'high dwellers' and 'valley dwellers'. Both are now truly content within a happiness built upon trust and cooperation.