Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Support People's Movement Candidates That Coincide with Your Political Philosophy

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The infusion of our People’s Movement across the global society is accelerating. Not only do we have the Pope conveying the interconnectedness of all societal components to the parasitic 1% pillage of most financial and planetary resources but also some U.S. Presidential candidates are also championing the issues important to the movement. Not merely a platform for far left liberalism the People’s Movement has evolved over these past eight years into an umbrella organization that encourages diverse political, social, ethnic, and religious viewpoints within an expanding bottom-up pure democratic framework. We are unsullied by the divisiveness characteristic of modern day global ultra-capitalist politics. Our followers are true patriots willing to do what it takes to bridge the divide separating the various political doctrines within an environment of respect for one another. What unites all of our followers is a desire to create an egalitarian society answerable to the many billion constituents all participating in an expanded democracy that does not reserve all societal benefits to an elite royalty.

So regardless of your political leanings or personal beliefs rest assured there are People’s Movement candidates who will devote themselves to representing you, their constituent,  in a grand quest for planetary liberty. You may be a hardcore conservative or a far left socialist resting comfortably in the shade of the People’s Movement. For it is the underlying philosophy of our struggle that unifies all the seemingly incongruent ideologies and belief systems – we are all seeking to  correct the wrongs of a contrived global society designed to bleed us dry so that a privileged few can live like kings.

Divisive tactics employed in the past by the 1% economic overlords who control our global society will no longer be successful in dividing us because we have learned that this divide-and-conquer technique is simply designed to keep those of us in the 99% focused upon hating our fellow serfs while the princes of illusion destroy our democracies and built a new feudal order.

We will no longer be fooled into voting for anyone connected with the big business lobbyist directed monstrosity called corporate ultra-capitalism. Our candidates will be inspired patriots who have the guts to stand up for the trampled rights of their constituents. Regardless of their ideological slant our People’s Movement will be an expansive planetary home for all patriots who have agreed to disagree.

Knowing full well that real democracy can only function when all viewpoints across a vast spectrum are allowed to be freely expressed in a culture of respect we have joined hands to overthrow the 1% sociopaths who are dragging both libertarians and socialists into the gulag. These feudal lords make no distinction between a good conservative and bad liberal – to them, all those not belonging to the anointed castle dwelling crowd are worthless serfs to be used and carelessly thrown away. Ultimately, the 1% mafia that rules over our daily lives does not care what philosophical, political, or religious doctrine you are aligned with just so that there is enough diversity that they may stir up divisive hatred. While we are fighting internecine wars out in the hinterlands the billionaire rulers have been cementing their positions of power and wealth.

So if you are inclined to support a candidate like Rand Paul who is a conservative libertarian or Bernie Sanders a socialist-democrat do so with the understanding that these individuals may be arch enemies from a philosophical standpoint but true patriots inspired by our People’s Movement to respect each other and their constituents’ wishes. With the information that is currently available these two candidates for President of the United States are excellent examples of politicians devoted to the 99%. There may be others running for a multitude of offices across many countries all falling under our expansive welcoming umbrella of change.

The first priority of all our candidates fighting to bring back an untainted liberty that leaves the majority of global citizens’ masters of their collective future is to rid our governments of the lobbyist interlopers who do the bidding of the 1% billionaires’ cartel. Once they have installed themselves in positions of influence and power the People’s Movement lawmakers will begin the arduous task of legislation designed to transform a top-down taker society into a bottom-up civilization.

They will have many different opinions about how to accomplish the freeing up of the pirated 1% wealth so that income may once again freely flow across the entire economy. There will surely be knock-out and drag-out fights about how to safeguard the environment from the destruction caused from an out of control ultra-capitalism. But we may be assured that having faced seemingly insurmountable odds to overthrow the barons of greed regardless of political ideology all will be brothers and sisters. They will be the vanguards of real freedom. Though diverse across an infinite spectrum, our legislators will belong to the same People’s Movement that is the glue that binds all of us together. Therefore too disrespect a colleague for short-term gain will be unthinkable. Essential to the future stability and survival of our species – under their stewardship the wellbeing of the many will always take precedence over the greed of the few.