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Subterranean Labor Herd

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Standing completely still for hours, not flexing a single muscle is a feat that most are already quite accomplished at – the stagnant workplace devoid of opportunity is excellent preparation. Most global laborers swirling down an income drain are trapped, in a state of imposed stasis, slogging through hours, months, and years of work that offers no tangible reward for increased productivity. Only decreasing real income and little to know prospect for advancement have become the norm on a planet where labor arbitrage is the rule.

The situation is even worse for the increasing percentage of workers only considered for contract positions because they represent the less docile, more vocal of the labor herd. This new channel of subservient labor slavery has opened wide to sweep up the refuge, those who will not meekly submit to the trashing of their individualism.

Nowhere is the contract firm more prevalent than in the technology industry. There are thousands of firms ranging in size from those that sign many thousands to less than a hundred ‘contractors’. Typically the ‘contractor’ is treated just like an employee with little to know distinction given to minor trifles like legal definitions. For instance, in the United States the Internal Revenue Service designates an employee as someone that is directed in how to complete their job related tasks, having specific target date deadlines that are specified by the employer, regular working hours, and generally very little input in altering or negotiating for services rendered.

Raking off the top, taking a decent percentage of the hourly rate earned by their ‘contract’ employees the average contracting firm with their ‘herd’ of labor stiffs justifies this perpetual legal rip-off because after all they’ve acquired this business. Positions that the end company offers to the regular collective hive crowd map to job designations that pay approximately 25% more than what the employed ‘contractor’ is remunerated. Clearly, administrative costs, and a benefits package when the ‘contractor’ is a W2 (U.S. tax designation) employee leaves a profit that may increase each time the firm negotiates new contractual terms with the end company for their herd of laborers.

How can this disadvantageous situation even exist in a capitalist economy?

For starters, the majority of nation-states aren’t even operating at anything remotely resembling capitalism. Just about every major industrialized country is a finely lobbyist tuned Oligarchy that disregards rules that negatively affect corporations.

But when it comes to the enforcement of laws targeted at the majority of unrepresented citizens the big-business directed governments collude to drag working bottom-scrappers deeper into the dirt – this ultimately saves the business money – every penny of extra income helps rocket the CEO’s salary straight to the moon. After all, a fleet of luxury cars, islands, private jets, lobster dinners, yachts, and every other toy craved by our greedy elite manipulators of this socio-economic chain-gang aren’t cheap. If you listen closely you can hear the socio-economic chain-gang bosses cheering – “Hurray for our contrived system!”

A misconception that is widespread is that workers forced to take positions in the subprime contract labor market are genuinely inferior. Let’s set the record straight, most workers in the contract trap are expert professionals whose only crime is that they are typically freethinkers, a creative crowd of independent souls that don’t fit into the neat notions that most organizations require of their mindless droids. Since most firms are also run by uncreative, follow-the-pack types is it any wonder the modern day organization would rather hire the carbon copy follower than a Divergent.

It is absolutely out of the question to allow innovative individuals the opportunity to pollute the happy stock of regular process stoked employees. Why bring onboard someone who questions. It’s infinitely better to boot the subversive influence out the door without having to traverse HR policies that clearly aren’t designed to deal with intelligent life. Better yet is all those benefits that the end organization saves by not having to hire a real employee.

Isn’t it a grand world when your every whim is satisfied? Twisting reality to their exclusive design – the subversion of definitions like what constitutes an employee are convoluted constructs only allocated to our masters – the corporate entity.