Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Stockades Encircle Humanity

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Blistering heat and barbed wire encircle human stockades meant to distance us from our common brothers and sisters. Fatherlands and Motherlands corral humankind inside well-maintained divisions conjured up by powerful elite's intent upon ensuring their rule over the labor stock.

Diversions occur from time to time infusing the minds of the labor stock with questions - that insufferable why. These are stirrings of sentient life; many are awakening from their deep sleep and beginning to understand the absurdity of accepting lives within corporate stockades; nation-state territories propped up by all-powerful corporate masters.

But the mega-business lords have a secret weapon because they understand that all the 'little people' who slave for them within these well-defined stockades will waste their energies on protecting their herd from encroachment by a rival herd. While all these territorial trivialities are consuming the attention of the short lived 'cattle' in the stockade, the bosses can channel the inattentive labor stock down the path they've set - the path that leads to riches for them and blank emptiness for the doe eyed followers.

We are fortunate in that we're now able to give at least the more pleasant stockades a name: "Corpocracies". These are stockades where the ultra-capitalist elites (bankers, body-snatched politicians, lobbyists, and sold out Justices) have us corralled with lush grass for our hooves to tread under instead of dry dirt.

Those where the cattle bosses are mean and use electric prods we'll call (for lack of a better designation - until we devise a more appropriate term) tyrannical ultra-capitalist dictatorships.

Whatever the form of these nation-state stockades; human beings are still being demeaned and coerced into accepting labor servitude that benefits a privileged class of rulers - the workers receives only a few coins thrown from up high. Sound familiar; throughout history those who took everything without giving anything in return have plagued humanity. No matter the form, the result is still the same; we are still being ruthlessly corralled to waste our lives away for the exclusive benefit of kings, lords, tyrants, controllers, or whoever brandishes the cattle prod or whip.

These are rulers that keep us sloshing in Babel and trivialities circulated by their pocketed politicians and media parrots so we'll be happily ignorant. "Whatever is on the other side of that stockade fence is menacingly evil - don't attempt escape into the badlands"; implores the coordinated voice of the corporate regimes.

"Remember your fellow kind, Heifers, Holsteins; your breed is inside this stockade but outside in those remote stockades you'll find the "Other's"; now really, you know they are the enemy, or a rival ranch - just maintain a respectable distance or you might contract a disease."

But every operation of extortion, corruption, evil, decedent, and greed can always be run more efficiently, more ruthlessly. The stockade fences can be reinforced with barbed wire, heavier posts, or even a sturdy wall in the form of a corporate controlled legal system.

These are laws that benefit corporations at the expense of average global citizens. It's perverted law, like the clear burning conducted recently by the U.S. Supreme Court allowing a flood of corporate money to wash the land barren - land from which hopes and dreams had always arisen even in the darkest of times.

For now the stockade is expanding out into the newly surveyed landscape. Soon, we'll hear the stomping of many more hooves.