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Stand With Bernie Sanders - Fight 1% Tyranny

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Bernie Sanders is our best chance to turn this autocratic Corporatist planetary mess around. It should be plainly evident that the 1% elites who control the governments, mass media, and a legion of lobbyists are terrified of him because they are stuffing Hilary Clinton and a run by Joe Biden down our collective throats. Almost all the media coverage is devoted to the Republican candidates with the remaining slots showing Hilary's lighter-side and Joe Biden's eventual decision to run. Enough with this tripe - let the media outlets know by emailing, posting to their Facebook pages, and any other viable form of protest that we are sick-and-tired of them propagandizing us with the Plutocrats bought-and-paid-for candidates.

Bernie is our guy. Granted Bernie is a Democratic Socialist that some of you may have difficulty coming to terms with but that simply means instead of Washington D.C. and the rest of the world's big-business governments taking our tax dollars and handing them over to mega-businesses he will instead redirect those monies from wealthy pockets to our income starved bank accounts.

Ask yourselves what Presidential candidate will make my life better. Is it the status quo supporter of high-rolling insurance executives who send your premiums to the moon or the candidate who wants to slash out the skyrocketing profits from the healthcare system? Universal healthcare for all Americans at a nominal $200 - 300 per month for a family instead of over-the-top premiums for worthless deductible heavy insurance costing thousands of dollars that is what Bernie is proposing. All that cash currently flowing straight into healthcare company CEO, executive, and major investors Swiss accounts will instead be utilized to provide affordable quality healthcare for every single American citizen.

How do you propose to pay for your children's college with tuition getting way beyond even upper-middle class incomes? Even if you tell your kids they are on their own how will they pay off the typical student loan that now reaches six-figures or more? The status quo in this case is an insane give away to banksters who are the only one's thrusting their fists high for the student loan interest corporatist Socialism of our time. Even the government Pell-Grant student loan program for lower income students with affordable interest rates was let expire by our luxury sucking congressional representatives. Must not infuriate the banksters on Wall Street who pad their accounts and pay for trips to Hawaii - just let the poor go to hell that was the cry from 'our' legislators this past Friday. Let us not forget that a four-year college degree is becoming the new educational requirement within our cheap labor global gulag. We must replace the antiquated high-school diploma with the new requirement that every citizen be allowed to attend the college/university of their choice paid for through raking back some of the trillions pillaged from our paychecks by the executive bandits. Sending our children to university should no longer be the financial nightmare that so many middle to lower income citizens wrestle with - this is not a choice that we should be forced to make - the success or failure of our children is too important to leave to the whim of elite mobsters only concerned with trashing our lives so they can live like sultans. If the capitalists, the ruby encrusted lords were really concerned about dramatically raising a superior labor force that could create wonders not yet imagined they would support educating our children at least so that they had a 4-year college degree. Or maybe these moneygrubbers are just blowing hot air so they can justify why they scour the globe in search of the next cheapest labor slave. You know the constant refrain coming from big-business - "we just cannot find qualified Americans to fill the new high-technology jobs." This is more elite propaganda from the halls of marketing illusion spinners. So you ask, how do we pay for the jumpstarting of skills in our workforce - simple by taxing the Wall Street magnets, CEO's, executive clan, and all the rest of the parasitic capitalists who have stolen trillions of dollars from the economic system leaving nothing but declining real-wages and a standard-of-living that we can only maintain by maxing out on our credit cards or other forms of 'company-store' sharecropper chained to the system debt.

It is high-time we equalized this unequal playing field. An economy is not a zero-sum game that only those in the kingly and queenly crowd can successfully play, reaping all the benefits, shoveling in piles of income, and leaving us to scavenge around for the loose bills flying about in the wind. If we are talking about Socialism, that big 'S' that most Americans hate without even knowing why they despise it let us set the record straight. The island buying, private jet flying crowd that 'The Donald' is always ready to proudly proclaim that he is a part of are nothing more than bloodsucking thieves taking from our hard earned wages what we are due and also from the majority of this planet's governments treasuries through their lobbyists arm twisting of legislators with loot bags extended on a daily Halloween trick-or-treat at the doors of the highest elite bidders.

So get over it! What we have is worldwide Corporate Socialism, the big 'S' for all the international firms that destroy our environment, societal cohesion, and the futures of every single 99% wage-earner or citizen forced to exist by rules gamed so that these moneybags can continue to have decadent parties and collect mountains of booty that they could never spend in a lifetime. Yep, let's equalize this top-heavy spherical slave ship. We will take from those who have stolen so much from us that we are left to go to work day-in and day-out without any dreams of ever having a better life without the need of taking out more loans for purchases that in the past we had sufficient real income to buy outright.

We all should be madder than hell and not going to take it anymore! Why do we continue to fall into the same old traps set by big-business controlled media? Wake up. This is no computer game that you can reset at the end. What we are dealt here are the absolutes of real life that do not respond to our demands for fairness - the only stimulus that will divert this destructive gangster class from their appointed wasting of millions and billions of the general citizenry so they can build the next castle is an angry electorate ready to take back their governments from this bloodthirsty mob.

Tell them to put Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, and all the rest of their puppet candidates where the sun doesn't shine. Support a genuine alternative to the high-roller lobbyist-snatched Presidential candidates ready to sell out their grandmothers for the next Super-Pac loot bags to come their way. When the pollsters contact you, tell them you are throwing your support behind a fighter for the People's Movement, our purple tide that is washing this disgusting favoritism of a political system down the drain. Tell these bean counting statistical wizards that you will only support a candidate who represents your interests and will drag you out of this new feudalism of lords and peasants into a genuine democracy that is fair to all.

Who has fought for the workers and those of us not born with a silver spoon in our mouths - the unrelenting champion of low to middle income citizens? This is the same guy who will be scrapping up millions of dollars at an average campaign donation rate of $30 per donor. He is not handsome, in fact he is about the homeliest bow backed old man you will ever lay eyes upon but this is his badge of honor. All the endless fights during his college days, in Congress, and across a thankless life have left their scares upon this wrinkled worn body. If there was an award for Herculean thankless efforts Bernie would win it hands down. We just call him Bernie because he is a man of the people. He is definitely not a last name only toothy smiling shrine to the puppet legislator horde. The kind who would do anything for their elite masters no questions asked for the right diamond studded payoff. Bernie is a decent human being, someone who will pull our country back from the greedy demons. Those same monsters who are destroying it and laying waste to all that we treasure simply to become the worst examples of sentient beings ever to grace the heavens.

If we truly want to take back our country, the world, and all the manipulated organizations, and firms that treat us like cattle then we must take an unequivocal stand for liberty, a justice that is not written in law books favoring the rich, equity that transcends mere words. Once the momentum is lost we will be toast. Our aspirations for a better life for ourselves and our children will have been lost forever. Demand that our voice is heard above the din of injustice. There will be no other time but now to free ourselves from this well-disguised tyranny.