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Tables Turned on Business Elites - Spy Agencies Assist Real Rulers

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What happens when our government deserts not just the people but the very businesses that have been buying favors?

It is entirely possible that my whole premise of a citizenry living under a global kleptocracy was incorrect. We face not a new form of tyranny but a type so ingrained in our historical thread that it is almost anticlimactic.

Those businesses that refused to be a party to pure capitalism and instead opted to purchase an army of lobbyists to extract favors, perks, and privileges from a government that they thought was firmly in their control are now reeling, struggling to come to grips with the fact that their nice tidy form of corporate socialism has been subverted by something more enticing than mere monetary gain: absolute power.

All the executive, investor, and banker elites are undoubtedly in a state of shock, for they are finally realizing that their plans for maintaining control of industry fiefdoms through pliable and subservient governments will not continue into perpetuity. These governmental entities (based upon the latest information that has come forth from our temporarily free press) never planned on indefinitely remaining puppets of powerful business interests.

On the contrary, a picture is emerging of NSA and sister spy agencies of other nations engaged in building up a fortress of information and capabilities of control that would make any former or present day tyrant beam with satisfaction.

While banksters and all the elite business interests have been myopically focused on expanding their industry monopolies and mountains of loot by manipulating governments, these same nation-state stooges were anticipating the day when their spy agencies would amass enough power to turn the tables on their masters. That day is very near.

Unfortunately, the people of this miserable planet are still on the short end of the stick. Instead of also facing a future of continued poor employment prospects, cheap Chinese junk, and low-wage serfdom under an unresponsive government we now along with our former super elite masters face a turnkey totalitarianism made possible by overzealous spies. A future world more terrible and repressive than any Soviet Union or Nazi Germany awaits us if we fail to reign in our power hungry governments.

How ironic, we're all lumped into the same dungeon. Our eyes focus on the same black boots, sweaty bloated hands, and tiny brained brutes blinded by the prospect of obtaining unconditional authority. No longer content to eat the leftovers, these small humanoid lobbyist-snatched droids have determined that it is better to grab all the spoils. Why take mere tokens of elite appreciation when you possess the intelligence resources to turn your masters into sniveling boot lickers - lump them all into an amorphous mass called slaves.

A police state, kingdom, despot, or powerful party doesn't really need anyone for they possess the state apparatus - a mindless machine that can spread fear and when needed just the right amount of terror - a prescription for dictatorial rule that predates recorded history.