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Spray of Bullets Hit Many Windshields – Global Gulag Has No Favored Serfs

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Shake rattle and roll this society to smithereens. It is not enough to transform a culture where an organization like a corporation is ordained with more rights than living breathing human beings. We must wipe the slate clean. Start from scratch. Let us sterilize the cultural template removing all the contaminants of this society that values the inept rulers over those who actually produce the products and services.

Every aspect of this superrich societal scheme is a ruse designed to enrich those lacking any spark of imagination. From the police on the street ready to shower unarmed citizens of color in a spray of bullets to the legal system that allows the corporate entity free rein to steal the brilliant creations of individuals, every aspect of this society is designed to keep those of us who slave for the elites under their thumb.

The intellectual sparks ignited by the virulent imaginings of a few are fed off of by those incapable of creating anything of value except twisted hogwash. In this land of newfangled feudalism, a corporatism that is a scam designed to ensure the perpetual enrichment of the least capable ruling lords condemns the majority to a declining standard of living. A slim minority, a knightly crowd destroys the aspirations of mainstream citizens. These ‘feeder’s enjoy accumulating wealth in an oligarchic orgy of greed. They are vampires sucking the life’s blood from all who build, design, or produce. That leaves the general population to fight among themselves over the soiled scraps.

This gulag that we find ourselves chained within has no favored sons’ or daughters’.  All are classified as employees. Clearly a pejorative term meant to wash away the citizen’s essential importance to an organization. Classified as a firm or corporation, this nonentity turned entity has been granted superior rights to abuse human beings, those of us permitted to serve this subterfuge of the ruling class. But without the producers to create, organize, distribute, and sell the products and services, there would be no capitalist organization – its ethereal vapor would float away like the hordes of useless income leaches that infest the corporate upper echelon.

Keep in mind this insane societal structure in an entwined mess organized from the top-down to ensure that the ruling masters maintain power and all wealth. No part of this monstrosity is detached from any other strand. All the elements that constitute the cultural whole of this system of pillage act in concert to ensure that those of us relegated to the downtrodden masses are kept in check. Your rights are insignificant to the orchestrated destruction of a society operated exclusively to feed off of you and the rest of us scrounging around in the economic dumpsters.

We have even less freewill than a homeless dumpster diver. The majority of citizens have been conscripted into the service of modern day temple builders. We are many millions, a throng to be whipped by penthouse dwelling Pharaohs’ that steer us through a rats’ maze without an exit to liberty.

So how do we transform ourselves from obedient slaves to crafters of our own destiny?

To become the masters of our own destiny we must first escape the labyrinth that we are trapped within by blowing down its walls. Only then can we begin to build a truly democratic bottom-up civilization that equally values every single citizen, a new ethos that cherishes constituent voting rights across all segments of civilization. Coercion practiced against a subordinate majority will never be able to gain a foothold in a society that enshrines democracy without exception. In such a society every organization will respect the dignity of the citizen. Humanity will remain supreme when juxtaposed alongside any organizational structure.

So in essence, total freedom without condition will prevail. It will not be shrouded beneath layers of legalized mumbo jumbo and will definitely forbid a manipulative few from shackling the productive many.