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Spin, Spin Goes the Improving Economy

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No amount of tortured illusion fully vested in the dysfunctional ultra-capitalist religion can save the high priests of this global business/governmental abomination. The global society is disintegrating. Shimmering into view is the bottomless pit that will devour all of us irrespective of our anointed positions in this corrupt tumor that has gorged itself to the bursting point.

Howling in pain the monster assumes contorted positions that defy logic. But logic was never the catalyst that dragged the majority of global citizens deeper into poverty - the claws just dug into our skin.

Did you know the global economy is improving? Let's all say it a few times: "The global economy is improving." Don't you feel better now? We'll all have a collective high five and run around the shaman's bonfire chanting ultra-capitalist incantations.

With millions of wage slaves fighting over an evaporating 'job hole' in the middle of the encroaching economic desert is it any wonder the CEO's, executives, management thugs, and investment leaches are joyously singing hallelujah.

These capitalist manipulators are literally laughing at those who crawl with bursting blue tongues to the gates of their financial kingdoms. So many cheap labor slaves to choose from, so plentiful is the supply that the masters of perpetual servitude can hardly believe their good fortune. The destruction of lives, the planet, cultures, governments, families, and decency has made it possible to dredge up a bountiful pile of loot ripped from the trembling hands of the hopeless majority.

You must need a tad bit of regurgitated 'spin' for you look a little weak. Say you've sent out three hundred resumes this week with not a single response coming back from the gatekeepers of the cesspool. Boy, we've got just the tonic to pick up your spirits. Just take a couple of gulps from that bottle of whiskey resting in the dirt and raise your voice up high to the golden castles of our economic lords.

Sing with all your heart: "The global economy is improving. We've reached the turning point. Oh, blessed are the economic voodoo masters that pop that fairy dust on the sacred bonfire."

Now didn't that make you feel better? No better-contaminated holly water will be found anywhere on this planetary labor gulag.