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Spaceship Earth

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Spaceship Earth was the creation of an egalitarian civilization - a grand exploration vessel that would take thousands of colonists to the nearest inhabitable planet on the outskirts of the Milky Way galaxy. Construction of this massive star cruiser began some sixty years ago when it was determined by a select panel of scientists that our star was dying. Even though we were part of the most prosperous and democratic galaxy in the universe it was incumbent upon all the citizens of the Flaxion Union of Planets to devise our own plan of survival. The Zalon Kingdom would provide whatever financial or other forms of support we Flaxion's needed but it was still our responsibility to locate, build, and get to the destinations we selected. In an immense galactic democratic kingdom it was impractical for the crown and parliament to expend effort on every longer term emergency encountered by individual planets. There just was not enough time allotted to mere mortal beings - even those who lived to an average age of 550 years like the predominant Zalon species. To delve into every single problem encountered on each of the trillions of inhabited worlds within the realm would mean disregarding every progressive and necessary function of government.

Constructed in an inner orbit of Flax the home world of the Flaxion Union of Planets solar system Spaceship Earth named for the planet we would be traveling to was so big it could be seen dominating the night sky along with the six moons of our central planet. Engineers marveled at its gravitational wave warping technology that would make it possible to condense the space/time continuum fabric of the universe like an accordion and pierce through it without needing generations to reach our destination. Sociologists on the other hand highlighted the community spirit of a pure egalitarian bottom-up civilization that worked together within their various social networks to solve all problems including the building of such a stupendous star cruiser able to transport hundreds of families to a far off star system, but this was the norm, how the entire Zalon Kingdom was structured.

With a few hundred years remaining until the Flaxion system's star burned itself out we had some time to ferry many colonist families to many more star cruisers traveling to a few well selected galactic outer ring planets seeding with our genome as many systems as feasible to maximize the chances of our specie's survival. The Zalon's whom the galactic kingdom got its name - the oldest and most technologically advanced species in the known universe were very helpful surveying the world's we selected as candidates for colonization, so it was not like we were shooting in the dark relying only on long-range astronomical data. We therefore had a lot of help from a community of species within our kingdom who were much more advanced than ourselves. That was the beauty of our galaxy compared to many other galaxies, each of us enjoyed the fellowship of our own species and all the other wonderful friends we had throughout this expansive community of equals. We may be dramatically different from a physiological and sometimes even psychological standpoint but we were all brothers and sisters forming a tapestry of small to larger democratic communities.

That is not to say we did not have problems. Sociopaths, those that want to control others for their own personal gain - that particular deviant strain of evil always seemed to pop up out of nowhere. Throughout the galaxy and even across the universe regardless of species these monsters every now and then would come to power. The Zalon Kingdom was always vigilant in identifying this menace to stability, peace, and congenial tranquility.

On a war footing with the nearby Tuok Empire in the Andromeda galaxy for over 2,000 years after they sent a fleet to the Zalon Kingdom's capital world and destroyed it, Zalon's and other species within the kingdom were ever vigilant, on the lookout for any individuals that exhibited extreme antisocial or antidemocratic behavior characteristic of Tuok emulsion. Tuok's were parasites, they would implant their young through whatever canal or orifice of entry to the body of their hosts transforming even the most lovable egalitarian creatures into fiends focused exclusively on dominating others even their own kind. They therefore presented a constant threat to the citizens of the kingdom especially those in the remote outer rings of the galaxy. There simply was no way to communicate with these nasty self-centered, egotistical, me-first beings ready to kill their own or others so they could climb over them to higher levels of power in their hierarchically oriented reign of terror. That is why the Zalon home world system became the principal star cruiser and war cruiser builders of the universe - they had no choice if they and their comrades in the kingdom were to survive the menace of the next door Tuok Empire.

Not located at either of the edge rings most Flaxion's never thought much about the Tuok threat that always hung heavily over those edge ring inhabitants of the kingdom. Our psychiatric hospitals had never had a sociopath parasitically invaded host. We would be shocked to learn if anyone in our communities' harbored designs on acquiring power for power's sake or wealth just for decadent individual indulgence. So when we received a communication from the just launched Spaceship Earth that a gang of sociopaths had taken over the star cruiser we were horrified.

Pavel Stanovist one of the Keepers of the social system that was supposed to be used by all crew members on the spacecraft to vote on a multitude of issues surrounding their spaceflight breached the communication blackout imposed by the coupists. Sidetracking all the security snares placed within the communication system Pavel who was the most expert of the Keepers sent a message to Mission Central stating that the ship had been commandeered by about ten sociopaths after leaving the solar system just prior to piercing the folded up space/time gravitational fabric of the universe. Somehow they had concealed their infection by not displaying any me-first "Taker" tendencies but it was unknown at this early stage of the coup d'etat how they had managed this or even whether they were sleeper mole agents from the Tuok Empire sent to infect our entire society or just the colonists.

Over the next few months Pavel informed Mission Central that these Deviants had transformed the colonists' into labor-slaves. They instituted a Tuok hierarchically oriented power structure that was very similar to the destabilized manipulative societal system found in most Tuok parasitically dominated host worlds. Instead of the people, in this case the colonist travelers exercising 24/7 democratic self-determination over their own lives a sliver of Tuok parasites would now autocratically rule over the majority. Worse still, they were imposing the entire breadth of a feudal lord over serf relationship structure within the small confines of the spacecraft. All decisions regardless of how seemingly insignificant were now going to be made by these self-anointed rulers even when the result would clearly infringe upon the species-rights of those aboard.

In the Zalon Kingdom every planet within the realm had to adhere to the basic species-rights outlined by the crown. Democracy was to be infused across every organization and never to be supplanted by any dictatorial social relationship that inhibited on the core right of every sentient organization and individual to chart their path into the future and communicate freely without fear of retribution. Even the sentient robots enjoyed absolute freedom. The Zalon Kingdom was alone in the universe in the liberty granted its citizens, for no other galactic or other smaller governmental system recognized robots as intelligent beings, even when they were clearly advanced forms of synthetic life that should be given the same rights as organic sentient beings. Suffice to say the Zalon Kingdom was the most advanced progressive governmental entity in a universe comprised of trillions of galaxies.

But now on a spacecraft destined to a planet called Earth was this dangerous contagion, a Tuok parasitic threat that had the potential to spread like wildfire out on one of the rings of our galaxy. Word was already reaching us at Mission Central that the Capitalists - the slang name we thought up for these "Takers" because they had the potential to threaten entire capitals of other nearby worlds unless contained - that they were already tearing up the spacecraft to outfit their quarters with the best accommodations and luxuries. Instead of the democratic system whereby all colonist space-travelers would determine the apportionment of resources the "Rulers" of the ship would just pay the other shipboard travelers what they wanted - the bare minimum necessary to keep them alive for the work that they deemed necessary - not to the community of spacefarers but only to the lords in the control center.

The tyrants in the command compartment of the ship were so shortsighted that they cared only for satiating their senses, extracting the most luxury from wherever it may be found. If it meant cutting down entire forests that provided air to Spaceship Earth so they could have it manufactured into exquisite furniture that only they could afford - so be it. Pulling the bulkheads apart and melting them down to create cheap trinkets that they would give their mates and in the process weakening the structural integrity of the entire spacecraft was fine because under Tuok society only those up top were worthy and to hell with the future and everyone else.

Many thousands of years later my body may be different but my soul was saved so that this firsthand account of significance would not be lost to historical inaccuracy or worse yet hearsay turned into fact. Only a few sentients within the kingdom are allowed to transverse across the eons as Witnesses of very important events. My long soul's travel was one of those exceptions. Many changes have occurred but the Zalon Kingdom is still the most democratic galaxy in the universe priding itself on the absolute freedom granted it's citizens through their democratic institutions.

After so many thousands of years long past the time when Spaceship Earth landed on Earth to setup what the locals called the Egyptian culture the Zalon Kingdom is making contact with this quarantined region of our galaxy. Long after the original Tuok parasites have merged with the genomes of our Flaxion race it is finely deemed safe to visit this little known part of the kingdom's realm. Unfortunately, our explorers have indicated that the contagion spread across every single colonist in this sparely populated part of the kingdom. The historical record of the decedents is filled with autocratic kingdoms, fiefdoms, countries, and other antidemocratic fractures, sometimes even masquerading as democracies when they were just cleverly shrouded dictatorships - the latest being some odd form of global transnational cabal of corporations.

Even though almost half of the crown is against contacting and lifting the quarantine on this dangerous region of space King Valorian has convinced parliament that based upon the advice coming from the expeditions to this region and the preponderance of experts that state this area is no longer contagious we should make every effort to once again integrate this pre-technological culture into the kingdom. Granted they will have a lot to learn about real community, egalitarianism, humility, justice, and most of all democracy - genuine liberty that is not merely a cover for totalitarian corporate greed by the few. But it will be worth the effort if we can infuse such a rare parasitic genetic deviation that mimicked the primate species that was prevalent prior to the landing of these infected Flaxions. With only 2% of the entire universe comprising trillions of galaxies and many more trillions upon trillions of inhabitable planets having sentient primate species this is a very rare opportunity if we can pull it off that most sentientalogists can only dream about in their wildest imaginings.