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Soviet Style System of Crony Totalitarianism

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All the same bad income raiders; crony capitalist executives, big investors, bought-out politicians, and lobbyist enablers are continuing to subvert the desires and dreams of the "99 Percent". On December 21, 2011 the European Central Bank quietly offered 'banksters' loans totaling 489 billion euros at 1.0 % over 3-years; 523 banks applied for the funds. Meanwhile, in the U.S. a whole slate of entrenched political hacks with deep ties to the global "1 Percent" were duking it out to become the next body-snatched crown prince of crony capitalism. The elite power players were utilizing all the corrupt tools at their disposal to ensure their hegemony and access to unlimited credit at the gambling window. Banker's worthless paper script would continue to flow freely at absurd valuations compliments of global citizen taxpayers and laws that benefited the fraternity of elite idiots were still slated to be crafted by the lobbyist caretakers. Never mind that citizen taxpayers were facing the bleak prospect of declining living standards, a Soviet style system of crony totalitarianism, foreclosed homes, lost jobs, and a migrant worker's existence moving between short-term contract labor positions; a zero hope world dominated by giant leeches.

What is a lowly bottom-scrapper to do? How do we beat a global system of entrenched corruption that is destroying our environment, governments, and the very fabric of our tenuous thin-strand existence?

Do we speak-out against the subversive all-encompassing corruption that has destroyed any hope of reestablishing a smidgen of meritocracy? No illusions there, in my case I've been effectively blackballed from participating at any level in earning a living. So keep this in mind, when you decide to speak or write freely about the absurd inequality, inequity, and outright instability of our global gulag.

But if more worldly citizens from the lower trenches don't object to the chains of tyranny and the effective silencing of the majority then how will we ever flush the ruling degenerates down the toilet?

This shortened essay is breaking my hard-fast rule of writing about my personal trials and tribulations but many who now read Ultra Liberal Planet are under the misconception that I'm some rich playboy with nothing better to do than spout disrespect at the ruling Kleptocracy. Nothing is further from the truth! For 1 year my family has existed with NO income.

Enough, I'm not one to whine, and I really hate to use the words "I" and "I'm" so this rare digression into my personal trials and tribulations (that are probably minor compared to my fellow planetary citizens troubles) is now effectively finished.

Let's pull out the whiskey and toast all the shit's that continue to rape us blind. No, I (damn that "I" again) don't drink excessively or at all but like to use whiskey as a form of wild-west radical symbolism.

Anyway, let's all salute our midget-minded masters who are incapable of comprehending that if they take the last chip-pea in the bowl we'll all starve.