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99% Unite Under Civilizationist Revolutionary Party or Risk Disjointed Failures

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The Establishment is flailing, capitalist society, our 1% masters and their Corporate Dictatorship parasitism is collapsing forcing the oligarchic media propagandists to work furiously to concoct diversionary spins. In their fabrication of a gush of far-fetched stories on racist, isolationist, fringe losers pushing this 'marvelous' 1% global pillage machine to the brink these lying word-smiths have now passed over the edge of believability. Odd but nowhere can you find in the Orwellian Doublespeak any mention that the real reason 99% of the planet's citizenry is ready to chuck the entire societal model is because it exploits, extorts, and supports massive corruption in support of a 1% minority of neo-feudal parasites. The entire societal foundation is crumbling underneath our feet, symptoms of destabilization are everywhere from ISIS freaks lashing out at innocents to UK citizens breaking away from a 1% bleeder bloc called the EU. With so little time left before the whole mess comes sliding down the hill and buries us we must start taking substantive steps to organize our amorphous People's Movement, the purple wave of discontent to tear down this 1% Frankenstein before it purees us in a financial and environmental cesspool of its own creating.

Seizing the narrative from us, the 1% spin-doctors are attempting to shift public opinion from support of the UK's exit out of the anti-democratic EU puppet government back around to a populace upset that some malcontents had the gall to asked their warden to replace the EU jailer. This edifice of 1% global piracy, the European Union, more appropriately designated an elitist junta is facing a revolt from all the other unrepresented and disrespected citizens across their pirate camp. But listening to the oligarchic media propagandists you would think a bunch of crazed xenophobes wanted to restore their favorite old-school corporatist gulag from their childhood.

All the happy campers from bygone years past want the rack resurrected, complete with rusty clasps, wood slats full of splinters, and all the accouterments of a first-rate torture chamber just in case they need to instill the requisite amount of reverence in nonbelievers of the capitalist faith. Even a little water-boarding could be effective in persuading those thinking types, especially those purple freedom lovers to just crawl back to their prison camps. No changes should be made to the laws that keep the 99% as constituents in name only especially the cultural imperative that says they must worship 1% CEO executive buccaneers. That is why the entire lobbyist horde and their propaganda 1% enablers are burning the midnight oil to come up with ways of marginalizing different swaths of our diverse People's Movement so that they can divide & conquer us into more manageable groups and keep us myopically fighting thousands of insignificant targets.

This splintering of our movement across its multiethnic, national, and racial heterogeneity has always been a favorite tactic used by the 1% castle dwellers who want to keep us fighting amongst ourselves. In the most recent attempt the 1% spin-masters are trying to connect the majority of UK citizens who they now describe as 'Losers' as harboring some endemic racist tendency that just happened to pop out of the ether.

It has not been a very successful smear campaign. Most citizens of the UK view these attempts by the 1% to marginalize them across racial and ethnic lines as simply farcical. That anyone would even attempt to label over 50% of UK citizens as xenophobes is viewed as a ludicrous desperate act on the part of the elite lords. Most just chalk it up to the actions of the 1% "Thought Police", a media propaganda wing that is once again trying to instigate dissension within the ranks of the People's Movement.

Every one of us knows what is happening globally. That we are revolting, each of us inspiring a revolution against the 1% Corporate Dictatorship. A planetary society ruled by a bunch of neo-feudal pigs that are sending all of us to the proverbial cleaners, a financial insolvency. We have had it with being indebted to a 1% gang of financial kingpins who if left unchecked will eventually achieve their grand solution. We will not allow them to corral us behind barbed-wire encircled concentration camps where we will work feverishly for a couple bowls of porridge so that they may expand their corporate empires and accumulate more of the wealth that we generate from our productive efforts.

The only way we can avoid this horrible outcome - moving from a legally enforced imprisonment where we have a few moments outside of work to order our own lives to a 24/7 slave state is if we come together to fight this 1% capitalist ordered abomination. Having millions of disorganized supporters willing to take to the streets will not bring down the global plutocracy. What will toss the 'taker' society overboard is an organized People's Movement inside of our nascent Civilizationist Revolutionary Party. Only by uniting all the disconnected People's Movement forces, both across our expansive Fifth Column and throughout the world in a concerted effort to overthrow this octopus of corruption called CorpGov can we have any hope of realizing genuine liberty.

You are probably saying to yourselves that this People's Movement leader/guru guy has lost it. Not so, my initial preference in keeping us outside of an organizational structure was only to keep us from becoming an easy target. That is why my first gut response was that we needed to stealthily remain oblivious to detection by the 1% enforcers inside of a Fifth Column of private actions taken in support of our cause. With an unrelenting onslaught of corporate blackballing and in some cases outright oppression, torture, and killings perpetrated against our followers in some of the more tyrannical nation-states it seemed at the time the only logical course of action. But now that the ground has shifted under our feet, now that we have taken the initiative, an offensive instead of a defensive stance against the planetary 1% Corporate Dictatorship, it is now time to join in concerted focused unified steps to rid ourselves of this effusive neo-feudal parasitism.

Now more than ever we must coalesce around a coordinated attack on all fronts. If we are to have any chance of crawling out of this 1% vulture pit, in breaking the chains of this anti-democracy - a despotism that our big-business elitists would love to make permanent, we must unite. We need to join up in an organizational arm of our People's Movement forming branches in every country and across many regions. Only by coming together in a revolutionary political party that is not used as a vehicle to promote political candidates to public office but only to provide a solid base of strategy and substantive orchestrated blows against this 1% grand theft pillage can we ever be successful in overthrowing this despotism of corporate arrogance.

Every human being has the right to determine their own future free of exploitation and extortion from those appointing themselves to positions of unchallenged power and wealth. Free from the restraints of Corporatist lords only wanting to drive us deeper into poverty so they may raise themselves to positions of opulence and unrestricted power. That is why all of us need to come together in a revolutionary political party that has a global reach.

Unfortunately, without the benefit of consulting my fellow People's Movement adherents, having this global leadership mantel thrown upon me only because no one else will stand up to this powerful planetary cartel of thieves, once again, it is my responsibility to formulate, name, and institute a course of action, in this case a political organization. Leaving all of this to chance or those who are unwilling to stick their necks out will only assure a vacuum of unrealized possibilities.

Some will like the name, feeling that it logically suits what is basically a merge between two social systems, that of Socialism and Capitalism. Others will hate the name because it carries with it the negative baggage of both failed societal systems. Regardless of your preferences or dislikes once again action needed to be taken to move us into the next stage of this struggle for our freedom from capitalist banditry. So without any further ado the name of the revolutionary political party adhering to the original belief system that adequately describes the merge of Socialist and Capitalist ideological and structural facets in our new societal system called Civilizationism is the Revolutionary Civilizationist Party.

So once again there you have it, all done by fiat, out of extreme urgency, and with no consultation with anyone else 'your' leader, guru, or whatever you choose to call me has taken the initiative to keep our movement from dissolving away. Until we are all working together to formulate plans and responses to our enslavement this whole process will remain undemocratic. If this onrush of humanity, our revolution founded upon our right to genuine liberty is to succeed. If we truly want freedom outside these prison walls, we must unite behind our common purpose in a technologically oriented democratic social network that mimics the kind of bottom-up 24/7 democracy we want to eventually build in our Civilizationist states. This means we cannot wait for a single person to do it all, a leader that is the personification of a superhero. For there are no superheroes only fallible human beings like myself who will lead but will not sacrifice everything just to stand alone. Only by confronting this evil collectively using every ounce of our individual abilities, will we defeat it.

Therefore, let us all join hands across the globe in our People's Movement purple wave of political unification that is taking shape, our Civilizationist Revolutionary Party. If our goal is to tear down the walls of our prison camp it will take each and every one of us working non-stop inside a unified democratic structure that can also be the test bed of the bottom-up full-scope democracy we will install in our new Civilizationist governments.

Revolution takes many forms each a legitimate attempt to gain freedom from tyranny. But all steps must be coordinated thrusts if they are to succeed against this well-prepared and disciplined 1% enemy. Granted, all of us in the 99% have glaring differences of opinion concerning how best to accomplish the overthrow of this 1% autocracy but these strategic and tactical preferences should never break us apart.

That is why it is so important we come together to formulate unified concerted approaches to taking down this dictatorial regime. For we are stronger united in our common hatred of privilege that expects more even though it perpetuates limitless poverty and despair. Bound together by determination we are better able to devise effective strategies that will result in the overthrow of this 1% Corporate Dictatorship that left unchecked will have absolute power on a planetary gulag. Liberty will be an elusive dream if we do not involve everyone in the planning and execution of the many creative techniques possible when we all work together. We can only topple this serpentine global enemy that has so many resources at its disposal if all of us are willing to make any sacrifice necessary to take it down. This gluttonous malignant parasite will feed voraciously on us until we die, our children if they live, the future until there is none, and our planet until it is uninhabitable.