Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

New Civilizationist Society that Benefits Everyone

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An entrenched corrupt global plutocracy supporting a rich-take-all society spawns injustice in many forms. Like the permanently poisoned brains of children in the mostly poor town of Flint, Michigan who drank water that was saturated with toxic lead for over a year, even after it was determined to be dangerous by local and state governments. Institutions formally under the exclusive control of the electorate are now just enablers of corporate handouts and business favorable legislation having little regard for the citizenry they once represented. Citizen voices have now been replaced by lobbyists beholden to the bought out appendages of the capitalist feeding machine. Nothing more than a shell populated by popup string-puppets pulled from above by big-business shadow government masters the institutions of this degenerate society are in unanimous agreement: they could care less about the general population. The political mannequins of "The Establishment" only pretend to care for the electorate. In this societal incarnation of feudalism these stooges are all too aware of where their gravy train originates - up in the nose-bleed castle dwellings of the rich-take-all crowd. Their primary task, carried out within the 'taker' societal institutions, is to pacify the general population into unquestioning obedience. Propagandists thick as flies buzz around your vulture picked body looking for a place to land on what is left of your chemical and lead stunted brain. They then release their 'good life' larvae that drill deep into your subconscious turning you into a capitalist loving zombie who extols the benefits of sacrifice for the too-rich-to-care parasites.

Before you know it you find that you are humming odes to the gods of exploitation - your masters the omnipotent super-beings - the capitalists - our benefactors - all the CEOs, executives, big-investors - the greedy superrich leaches of slave central. You start believing that all you need to do to exit into the fast lane of prosperity is to pull up your bootstraps and get one of those abundant poorly paid temporary or minimum wage part-time jobs. Pick out your favorite 24-hour on-call computer scheduled career and you will certainly be given a ticket to the winner's circle. That golden opportunity at the local junk food slop shop beckons you to fulfill your potential slapping down those burgers, cleaning the toilets, all with a minimum of sleep that is always interrupted by that software scheduling demon. Best of all, you will have first dibs on seating in the slave ship. Being able to choose a seat closest to a portal, pick your oar, one with only a few splinters, all before the onrush of newly imprisoned laborers flood the slave galley is crucial when shackled to the floorboards for the rest of your life. Quickly find your seat on the bench, because at this rate it will not be long before our elite rulers transform all employment into forced labor. Also, you had been start scouting out a spot under a bridge because the prime spaces are filling up fast.

Better yet, why not just pulverize this blackmailers dream into infinitesimal grains of sand. Send the one percent 'Extractors' who pay us nothing so they can lug huge wads of money to offshore accounts packing to Nome, Alaska. Let us form a civilization that integrates what works in capitalism and socialism to create an entirely new civilization called civilizationism. Civilizationism is not founded upon the subjugation of individuals by government or a few economic overlords. It is therefore unique in being the only societal type that does not expect individuals to prostate themselves before an overt or covert power. Freedom is sacrosanct in a civilizationist society. Laws are few, democratic responsibilities are many. From sunup to sundown you are a full-fledged citizen in a 24/7 - 365 day democracy. Your vote is important across a wide range of issues both at the workplace, in your community, and when the many plebiscites are called by your People's Movement nation state, and future Earth Planetary Parliament. All democratic interaction occurs in an Internet based system of legislative information and vote tallying accessible by all citizens. More insights in how we will achieve our grand societal reformulation will be forthcoming. Below are some barebones, get us out of the starting block proposals that will help to transform the preeminent 'taker' society of this planet into something approximating a decent culture. These changes will start in the United States, gradually moving it down the road to becoming a civilizationist civilization. Some of these changes may also be used in other People's Movement nation states....

  • Break up, seize the assets of, and transform all big-business dictatorships into worker owned and democratically operated organizations that benefit everyone instead of a few well-connected CEOs, executives, big-investors, lobbyists, and government puppets.

  • Vaporize "Obamacare/The Affordable Care Act", the federal legislators' campaign funding payback that provides guaranteed customers to the healthcare industry. Wipe out the entire intermediary layer of profit oriented corporate parasites that feed off of the wage starved citizenry. These are middle-layer extortionists like insurance companies that charge citizens outlandish premiums for policies not worth the paper they are written on and revenue focused hospitals and other providers that leave patients hopelessly in debt for services that are hundreds-of-times more costly than in any other developed nation. The United States government is complicit in the orchestration and enforcement of many pervasive systems of industry business pillage. In this case, medical industry lobbyists, the paymasters of lawmaker campaigns concocted a unique form of banditry when they wrote "The Affordable Care Act". Convoluting extortion to a fine-art the medical establishment lobbyists created a never to be rivaled system of banditry. An income strip-mining contrivance that extracts year after year many more billions of dollars from citizens who are legally required to be consumers of the medical industry. Beyond repulsive, there just is not a word that can adequately convey the dismay felt by the general citizenry that their government would sink to such a low level just to enrich a few barons in the medical industry. Liquidate the whole lot. Replace this hodge-podge of gangster run industries with an interlinked system of community based universal single-payer funded healthcare providers similar to how our current K-12 locally supported educational system operates but with a portion of funding used to allow unrestricted medical access across the country. Every citizen has a basic human right to receive unlimited, 24/7 medical, psychological, dental, and vision services free of profit oriented capitalist scalpers that exact an unreasonable financial burden on patients. Providing decent healthcare is a fundamental responsibility of government.

  • Make all forms of government influence peddling, coercion, and lobbying of any government lawmaker and administration official a felony that is punishable by a minimum sentence of 20 years in prison.

  • Similar to taxes levied on other gaming industries enact a gambling tax on brokers, Wall Street, all 'economically' focused exchanges and every transaction coordinated within the financial industry, essentially every bet placed through existing and yet to be dreamed up get rich quick schemes of these elite gambling houses.

  • Break up all the banks and insurance companies transferring ownership and democratic control to the workers and the communities that they serve. This is similar to the dissolving of the corporate entity that will transfer ownership to workers and ensure democratic control of all businesses across the entire country. But where insurance and banking firms are concerned they will be more fully integrate into the communities that they serve. Communities will have greater sway over the operation of these new financial institutions than the workers. The workers of these new financial institutions will still have a hand in directing their operation but instead of receiving the full benefit of any surplus generated by these organizations they will through a democratic process work with the communities that are served to determine surplus remuneration amounts apportioned between workers and communities. Financial institutions are essential to the proper functioning of any society and therefore should never again be allowed to prey upon the general citizenry. That is why it is imperative that the communities that they serve have a fuller democratic voice in their operation and receive enhanced benefits from there effective and efficient operation.

  • Education is so essential to the continued vibrancy of a community of whatever size that it is yet another fundamental responsibility of government. Citizens must be given free and unfettered access to all education resources. Universities operating for profit will be seized and transformed into public institutions. A reasonable federal tax will be assessed spread across every single taxpayer of the country to cover no-cost tuition free university for all citizens up to the maximum benefit allowance needed to achieve a Masters level degree. This means that every citizen will have the opportunity to get a first-class education at a well-funded university without any cost outlay of any kind. All of us will benefit from having a diverse excellently educated citizenry able to meet the challenges of a newly constituted society.

  • Executive level bankers who are found to be in any way responsible for the "financial meltdown" will face prosecution for their crimes. Justice must never take a back seat to expediency because it is a direct reflection of a society's commitment to fairness. Regardless of a citizen's socioeconomic, ethnic, racial, or religious background everyone is afforded the right to be treated with respect and dignity.

  • Build a maglev train network powered by a clean energy grid in the median of the entire interstate highway system connected to terminals with parking at appropriately spaced existing highway exits.

  • Like the massive Tennessee Valley Authority project of the 1930's construct across the western states a clean energy generation industry using solar collectors of all types, wind, and other yet to be imagined energy sources that will be linked into a new energy transmission grid that also ties directly into the across country interstate maglev train system. With the stated goal of achieving 100% renewable energy generation for the entire nation within 5 years.

  • Advance the funding and planning for the colonization of Mars.

  • After all countries have become People's Movement governments cooperatively work with all the world's nations to create a single planetary parliament that spreads these and other yet to be determined benefits across the entire planet.

All of the above recommendations will be democratically approved, disapproved, or amended within our new People's Movement society. After ripping the one percent elitism from our governments we will finally have real representatives who will enact legislation that benefits us instead of elite shadow government masters. We may even expand the above list to include yet imagined progressive legislation and societal refinements that will further benefit the general citizenry. Our future will be bright if we have the guts to take back what is rightfully ours.