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Capitalism, Immigration, and a Society Geared Towards Failure

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Capitalism is a failed system - it always moves towards oligarchy or monopoly. Ask yourself why it is that all the vested interests within this global capitalist society are dead-set upon keeping a system that only works for the topmost income and wealth parasites? Why do these self-anointed types keep on preaching the gospel of 'free' markets when the evidence clearly points to widespread dysfunctional chaos across all social constructs and institutions inside their free to loot culture of pillage? Profit hungry healthcare is unaffordable and rationed based upon ability to pay, workers have no rights other than the right to go to another corporate jailer or become homeless, government representatives sellout to the highest lobbyist bidder, robots are being readied to replace paycheck poor labor-serfs, the infrastructure is crumbling because all income is being sucked up to the superclass - why even keep up the happy charade? Admit it; the whole damn thing is failing.

All 20th Century "ism's" are anachronisms of a bygone era centered on top-down hierarchical leadership either of the private or state variety of capitalism that is derived from feudal lord to serf antagonisms. The powerful upper-crust are foolish if they believe that by pushing immigration, transgender bathroom rights, and a whole potpourri of divisive issues that this will keep people's minds off of the absolute failure of the entire global society. That somehow we will all be so focused upon these hot-button issues we will forget that our masters are destroying the planet and wiping out basic human rights. This may keep all the single-issue protesters stupidly occupied in the short-term but eventually even they will come to their senses and pitch their signs in the nearest dumpster.

A faction of the 1% already knows that their plan to occupy the general population with subsidiary issues is not working. That is why the castle-dwellers are starting to implement Plan B the elimination of most free-speech through a campaign of labeling. Terms like "hate-speech", "radicalization", "hate-groups", "online-bullying", and many other concoctions of marketing wizards are aimed at categorizing passionate discourse as the rantings of the deranged - something to be ignored by all the sane followers of the status quo insanity. Simply put, the rusty ladder crowd needs all us 'average folk' to buy into their crazy world view of: "screw the many so the few can live like kings and queens."

Our well-fed, well-groomed, lazy, and arrogant bosses want to silence dissension in the ranks - make certain that only happy-speech extolling the virtues of the gulag planet is uttered by an ever expanding horde of idiot labor-serfs. Target the troublemakers, the few who still read, think, and dream of a future without rulers - destroy all impassioned communication, and marginalize these outcasts. Array all the levers of corrupt society against the endangered contemplative holdouts so they are deemed irrational freaks not worthy of belonging to the 'enlightened' absolute dictatorship of the future.

While the shadow-government and deep-state are engaged in discrediting those few adherents of logic, their propagandists can extol the excellent job government is doing at stopping the endless wave of terrorists by using the new super-snooper tools - of course, without ever providing any facts.

Those well-paid propagandists at the cutting-edge of their craft have already flipped this delusion on its dirty edge. Now we are hearing that since Big Brother's watch you while you're eating popcorn TV program and other privacy busting jewels have been exposed we are all in peril. Those head-chopping terrorists will instantly overwhelm millions of us, leaving a wasteland in their wake.

Stop it - quit shaking, your faithful government peeping toms have their ears plugged into your conversations and eyes affixed to your every move - they will spot that terrorist before he springs forth from your closet.

No matter how effective all these plans are no self-respecting parasite who controls the creaky levers of power would take a chance on giving up the luxury of the palace. That is why they are pressuring their propagandists to churn out an endless array of nonsense. Lately, the royalists in the private-plane and island acquiring club have rolled out Plan C. This tried and true approach used by many an 'enlightened' dictatorship over the ages will focus on all those who bring to light the depravity, dishonesty, corruption, and instability of this big-business/government pillage. These very bad dudes are obviously "enemies of the state" - cunningly evil Russians.

No proof or rational reasons are given for Russian activities. Only a hodge-podge of nefarious dealings that are nothing more than innuendo is offered as evidence. Somehow, all the upstanding 'democracies' of this prison world - a place that is knee-deep in autocratic workplaces, is experiencing a Borg-like conversion of their subjects. Years of work-till-you-drop regimentation is being dumped for the spreading belief in self-determination promoted by a horde of Russian spies. Beware all those enemies of the beloved dictatorship of corporate luxury enlightening the deaf, dumb, and blind. Maybe, it is not Russians who could give a hoot for freedom or self-expression but instead everyday citizens who are sick and tired of being pushed around by elite tyrants. Check under your bed for hobgoblins, fanged ghouls, or that assorted gremlin that will surely be the next scapegoat used by the dollar bill dripping despots.

Your buddies in the executive office are wringing their hands. Normalcy is on the verge of destruction in their near-perfect market-oriented globalization. How is it that a few rats at the bottom of the rusty ladder are causing so much trouble for the pharaohs in the nosebleed seats? They are nostalgic about the good-old-days when the masses would bow to their every beck-and-call not once considering what was in their best interest. Now a few upstarts educated in state-universities that were once well-funded have sprung up like a virus destroying the antibodies of illusion shrouding their grand extraction scheme. Thank goodness state tax dollars have been slashed to these state-universities in an attempt to staunch this contagion of intellectual revolution but the rulers now realize it is probably too late.

Racing towards the bottom of an income death spiral in an unsustainable consumer orgy that is destroying the biosphere of this planet is not normalcy but promoted insanity that only benefits the short-term oriented robber baron rulers - for now.

Many issues are now front and center in this crumbling 'taker' society. The robber barons want us to concentrate on the many symptoms of societal degeneration keeping us busy wasting our time and energy. Immigration is a perfect example of a side-issue being blown way out of proportion by big-business to channel the anger of the general population so that we fight amongst ourselves instead of against their entrenched interests.

How is it possible that stepped up immigration is a symptom of societal degeneration? The answer can be found in the increased labor inflows into developed countries and surge in hiring in underdeveloped countries. The effects are devastating to the middleclass in developed countries sinking deeper into the pervasive poverty engulfing the rest of the planet. Malls are closing; all the former vestiges of middleclass life are disappearing. Increased hiring in third-world countries is not building up a viable middleclass just adding to the disenfranchised labor pool exploited for its seemingly unlimited numbers by low-wage cherry-picking globe-trotting capitalists.

Free-flowing cheap labor is decimating high-wage positions pulling the pay rates further into the gutter. The way this fractured world is currently organized along nation-state borders instead of a border-less unified humanity allows businesses that control our governments to exploit the lowest wage labor either flown into or outsourced en masse inside third-world countries.

The corporate bandits are thrilled every time they make a billion dollar deposit to their offshore tax haven bank accounts. Banksters and other 1% elites have played this single issue masterfully by categorizing those who are against the one-sided exploitation of workers brought solely into a country to depress wage rates as racists.

Why is it racist to expect a smidgen of fairness and equity - the ability to earn a decent living free from exploitative practices by corporations only concerned with enhancing their bottom-line profits? Is it racist to be in favor of migration of laborers to another country only when they are extended the same labor rights and pay as the indigenous population? When has being against the promotion of a double standard that forces large segments of the world's working population into poverty only to allow a privileged few to reap the benefits of exploitative behavior been deemed to be racist? Does it not defy the definition of racism?

To blindly promote unlimited immigration that allows corporations to enhance their exploitative practices has nothing to do with racism, it is just illogical - self-destructive stupidity on the part of workers to be sucked into this ruse. Under the current exploitation model of labor arbitrage anyone wanting to work in another country typically must get a special visa that only allows them to work for a particular employer at below market wage rates, degraded benefits, substandard benefits, fewer labor rights, and outside the purview of indigenous labor laws. These laborers essentially become second-class serfs even lower than their citizen labor brethren.

All the benefits of this arrangement accrue to the businesses. The costs are all absorbed by the indigenous labor pool already experiencing flat to declining real wage growth for decades and now being forced to compete for jobs with exploited wage-slaves escaping extreme poverty who are willing to accept significantly lower pay and employment outcomes. This is a lopsided equation that any indigenous laborer would find unfair. It is not insensitive racists who do not want hardworking foreigners to be allowed to earn the American dream off the backs of the indigenous population but self-respecting individuals looking after their own families and livelihoods. In a patently unfair capitalist society we cannot let our guard down for a second for the robber barons are constantly on the lookout for ways to slash expenses so they can drag more gold to their castle vaults.

Vultures are diligently looking for prey.

The current fractured, war torn, destitute third-world mess is a transnational-businesses' dream come true. Modern day buccaneers get to use the business friendly laws written by their lobbyist locked global politicians to scour the planet for that next lowest paid worker. They can either fly these workers into developed countries on visas proffered like candy or build shoddily constructed offices or factories on the verge of collapsing in backwater countries to work them to death all for pennies on the dollar by bribing local officials. However these parasites arrange it, they come out on top always hauling more and more loot to their Swiss bank accounts or plowing it into investments on the global stock exchanges. Those who oppose this vile form of human exploitation are labeled ignorant bigots only interested in maintaining the purity of ethnicity within their nation-state borders.

Most of you are undoubtedly wondering how this abomination of anti-humanity, anti-democracy, and anti-community can endure? Without any substantive change in the cultural makeup from an exploitative to an engaged population that determines their own destiny from sunup to sundown the mold is set to keep grinding down larger segments of the planet's citizenry so that those on top can remain on top. The majority of folks will not take the time to investigate their true condition. They will just keep digesting all the propaganda spewing forth from the indoctrinated proponents of piracy.

Walking with a sign in a single-issue protest is easier than attempting to understand the macro intertwined complexity that is society. At the end of the day you can sit in your frayed chair eating your beans and watching your favorite reality TV show and have the satisfaction of doing the 'right' thing for your corporate bosses. They may even give you an extra t-shirt embroidered with the corporate logo for your outstanding efforts at helping to maintain their status quo rape of this blue planet.

Our corporate overlords want you to stop those 'haters', stay a good company dog in-tune with the program - joining your other zombie workers praising their freedom in the parasitic neo-feudal prison camp. Better yet, why not start thinking for yourself - it is so much more rewarding than being the faithful stoolie of corporate tyranny.