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Societal Manipulation by the Few Destroys Civilization

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Driving on the high plains on an evening after a short rain shower one well-defined liquid traveler made a temporary home on the hood of my car. That little bouncing stowaway carried with it a sophisticated complex microcosm brilliant in design. Looking at it wiggle here and there, this primordial ingredient seemed so insignificant; for wasn't H2O nothing more than two Hydrogen and one Oxygen atom combined to form a simple molecule. Past the fraternity of many similar H2O molecules, a bit closer to the core of its complexity the movement of this drop of water was rooted in stability. Even though many separate threads of change occurred imperceptibly at innumerable levels beyond my ready inspection the coherence of what was clearly water being vibrated erratically by wind friction and my car's inadequate absorption of shock remained unperturbed. It still retained its essential characteristics; its basic drop shape (at least for now), liquid consistency, and transparency - water remained water.

Does this mean that natural systems have continuity right up to the end when they're transformed into something else? In the case of this drop of water it wouldn't change appearance until becoming a vapor floating up into the atmosphere. Even then it would still be H2O whose characteristics would shift to the invisible or to a visible fog depending upon how environmental externalities affected its presentation. Similarly, to this drop of water our human societal systems may present many faces to those observing them but they will always retain the general characteristics that differentiate them from their inherently different cousins. An Economic system regardless of the "face" that it presents to those able to perceive its underlying structure and characteristics will still behave in accordance with a societal structure organized for the inherent purpose of providing for a means of conveyance of material wants, needs, and goods to the majority of human participants. How this central societal structure accomplishes allocating what is wanted and needed from provided finished goods production and services is determined by the many interactions occurring at different levels - the environmental externalities both human and non-human.

An environmental externality that could shift a societal superstructure from a desired state to an undesired state is the direct manipulation (by self-serving human beings) of a core system of the superstructure; example, when an economy is fixed to provide the maximum benefit to the fewest intellectual imposters at the expense of the majority of participants. This type of interaction is not stable - it is also not sustainable, for like water, if extremes in environmental externalities are present even water may cease to exist and become mere Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms freed from their molecular bonds.

Therefore when humankind distorts, contorts, or contrives a basic underlying core societal system like an Economic system into nothing more than a conveyance of the most wealth from the majority of those who create it into the hands of a few manipulators; a societal rift results. This societal rift in the most crucial of all societal systems: the Economic system; could then cause a chain reaction of violent environmental externalities let loose in the form of an emotional surge that could destroy an entire societal superstructure either locally, nationally, or globally.

That is why it is so utterly crucial that we inhibit direct manipulation of any societal system by any special interest block. It is far too dangerous a potential outcome to allow or condone any special interest machinations designed to provide the best to those who in some cases actually deserve the least.

What must be remembered is that all societal systems are intricately interrelated to each other through bonds that when severed or severely distorted tend to ripple adversity throughout the entire societal superstructure. Therefore we should be very frightened of the unabated manipulation of the global economy by a privileged few because their actions could precipitate the fall of civilization.