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Societal Apartheid Will Not Be Tolerated – Flood the Streets of Every City

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The United States government touted a final Q3 GDP of 5% – a substantial improvement in the economy not experienced in 11 years. Do you feel wealthy, more secure at your job, that your debt load has been relieved by all that extra money you are shoving in from all those pay raises? Maybe you feel the weight of a Societal Apartheid devaluing your entire existence?

Not only do we have a system that represses citizen’s rights by denying them justice but we are also falling further into the financial hole. Our elite masters, those who write the rules through their lobbyist bought-out governments are the beneficiaries of a credit soaked global economic contrivance. The majority of planetary citizens will never see a dime of this supposed mountain of wealth. We will just get pushed further into the trash heap. All this loot sloshing around in the gilded castles of the elite pirates will stay secure in their Swiss accounts.

Societal degeneration has transformed our global economy into a two-tier system dominated up top by parasites living like kings while the majority scrapes by fighting for measly wages. On a planetary scale we are now supplicants in a new form of Apartheid. Not so much racially differentiating, although in some parts of the world like the United States there is still a racial undertone the singular driver is privilege in the form of economic power. Those who have the financial power and those who do not are now separated into two distinct socio-economic camps.

With financial power comes political leverage that translates into legislative influence that ensures and enhances this upper-echelon thievery. Those of us in the lower reaches of this societal Apartheid keep experiencing diminishing returns in our investment in education, experience, influence, rights, and financial well-being. It should be clear that our position has been deteriorating.

Worsening conditions induce a multitude of negative consequences. They originate from poorly funded governments no longer able to wrestle taxes from the elite feudal power base up top and definitely not from the growing poor slaving in the labor gulags. This translates into overworked, underpaid, poorly trained, underappreciated, and less-qualified government workers like police officers that react more irrationally than their counterparts when budgets were flush with funds.

So when you take to the streets to disrupt the daily lives of the rich keep in mind that their goal is to shove our People’s Movement into a racially charged corner. Remember, all of our problems stem from the simple fact that a sliver of this blue planet’s population are draining all available income from the economic system leaving the majority to bulk up on massive amounts of credit or just starve under some bridge. This is the precipitate of the societal degeneration that we have been experiencing. Until we address this central issue we will do nothing to solve our growing list of problems.

Take to the streets of every city both large and small shutting down the tranquil existence of those who feel they have the right to enslave the majority. Let them know we are united in a wave of purple that does not differentiate between any individual characteristic. This is our time to express our frustration at a society designed specifically to bleed us into oblivion. We will not be dissuaded from fulfilling our destiny. Our Fifth Column will be triumphant in transforming a deviate culture of elite privilege into an all-inclusive sphere of opportunity.