Ray Pairan - Author & Software Engineer

Do Not Get Distracted By Snake-Oil Charmers

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Protesting to have President Trump's tax returns released is a lobbyist inspired diversion to keep the People's Movement focused on minor issues instead of income inequality, real democracy at the workplace, and a myriad of other more important problems impacting the 99%. We are wasting precious resources and time on trying to discredit the CEO President when we should instead be pressing home the ubiquitous anti-democracy and income theft of Corporatist society. The big-business directed robber baron establishment wants to keep the left off their mark.

What is so important about Trump that we divert all our attention away from issues like wresting control of businesses from executives, curtailing the flow of income going to these parasites, instituting a sustainable money not credit based economy, and replacing all hierarchical feudal derived power structures with a bottom-up pure democracy? Spending energy and precious resources just to get the tax returns of Trump - that after laundering in the press for a couple of weeks to ultimately be forgotten - smells like a trick by establishment power-brokers. If they can get us to go down a rat hole this might throw the entire movement permanently off course so that it peters out.

Our laser focus should never deviate from replacing this corruption riddle society that is nothing more than a grand theft scheme of income pillage concocted by a privileged 1%. We cannot let internal propagandists who have infiltrated our movement to set the agenda. If the outcome of all our hard work is a kinder-gentler Corporatist state that throws us a few more crumbs then we have accomplished nothing because historically the goodies are always whisked away over time.

Transformative change that creates a People-First civilization where the rights of all human beings are guaranteed is not accomplished by piecemeal modifications or the demonizing of any one individual. Ridding ourselves of a corrosive lower class devaluation that is an inherent part of Corporatist society ruled by 1% manipulators intent upon maintaining their royal perks can only be achieved when we concentrate on the bigger-picture - all that makes the current culture so dehumanizing.

Getting off track to highlight President Trump's lack of transparency regarding his tax returns only sends the most important issues to the back of the bus. These are the seats reserved for all of us in the 99% who are second class citizens in a world ruled by callous profit-hungry CEO types. Tell the corporate masters that you are tired of taking the seats furthest from the doors of success and privilege just so their select buddies can rake in the lion's share of all the money that workers generate from long days at the grind-mill.

The only way we can make this message loud and clear - that we are finished with being pushed to the rattiest seats way back near the noisy bus engine is if we all continue to emphasize the disparity between us and them - those in the cushy seats way up front in the section labeled: "Reserved for 1% with Absolute Power and Money". This is a cumulative cultural norm of privileged power and wealth that we must highlight not the singling out of a particular capitalist leach.

Corporatism is a system of corruption and an obtuse rationalization of pillage. Run amok capitalism insulates a comfortable 1% class of executive sociopath pirates from all responsibility for their actions. This is a culture of greed abhorrently anti-human, anti-individual, and effusively degrading to those of us in the 99% forced to submit to its autocratic edicts. Only capitalist manipulators are allowed to occupy the seats at the front of the bus giving them the power to tell the driver where to stop. The rest of us underclass riders way back towards the rear of the bus must jump off at destinations predetermined by the special folks up front. All of this reeks of favoritism gone-wild without any constraints.

Problem is it is favoritism that is systematic to the deviate Corporatist social model. No single individual can be faulted for adhering to the rules of the only game played. Granted, there are those zealots who thrive and enjoy being in the kingly crowd - prancing like plumed white wigged lords of the realm of yesteryear.

Conversely, there are also those in the general citizenry content to take orders without the slightest self-determinative self-aware instincts. They are the flip-side of this warped society - laborers who are happy to serve their 1% masters for skinner paychecks that barely cover the necessities of a bare bones existence. Are these laborers also complicit in the continuance of a system of exploitation that relies upon pliable workers who willingly sit at the back of the bus with little to no prodding?

These willing players are the exception to the rule. Most workers are not content second class citizens who enjoy being pushed around for pennies on the dollar. Most executives have a ting of altruism and are not brimming with the baser traits of a Neanderthal.

For it is the system of corruption that corrosively degenerates all that it touches. That is why we cannot fall into the trap of focusing exclusively on one CEO/President of the United States as the symbol of all that is wrong with this people-last society. Trump is just a human being like the rest of us - the outcome of a culture that values those who can carelessly steal the products and ideas of the 99% creators.

So the next time you are told to focus exclusively upon a single individual in a society bursting with likeminded automatons raise your antenna, press the Yellow-Alert button, or pull the all-stop on the train speeding down the mountain. Rest assured this is a trap to get you transfixed upon the shiny amulet. To actualize positive People-First change will require that we maintain our attention not on interesting anomalies, no matter how colorful, but instead stay-focused on pushing for a comprehensive societal transformation that by its nature will change everyone into more humane community oriented caretakers of progressivism. Do not get distracted by snake-oil charmers ready to snap the shackles back on when your gaze is directed at their latest phantom.