Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Slavery Starts with Complacency

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Streaking across the night sky the green light had now made five-hundred orbits of the planet. Scientists stressed the need to keep this event in perspective – it was just a mass of photons – there was no need to fear. After a few days a yellow, an orange a week later, and then all the colors arrived. They were blazing in all directions no discernible pattern could be calculated. A rational reason was sought but the greatest minds were stumped.

Most inhabitants of the ocean world not accustomed to color other than blue hues marveled for hour and days in stunned silence.

It’s now been sixty years since the Dancing Lights traveled from their far off homes to visit this remote jewel in Orion’s Belt. Odd that they were called the Dancing Lights but these typically unhappy beings finally felt a huge weight had been lifted. They had something skyward that made them feel alive. Probably it was the distraction from constant wars, an oppressive fixation on death, and all the myriad of troubles that besieged them that became less of a burden.

Experts being what they are, founts of limited wisdom trapped inside a cocoon of accepted beliefs simply shook their heads in disbelief. They reiterated over the many years that it was impossible that the arrival of mere lights – objects that emitted no known transmission medium could in any way affect an organic being’s disposition.

What was even odder than the perceived emotional changes that most would say lightened their load was the tranquility, a harmony with the other creatures of this beautiful world that had fused them to surroundings they’d seldom noticed before the arrival of the colorful travelers.

Even science was changed. It now transcended the pure technical mechanics to become a passion driven essential. Barriers of entry that had locked out brilliance were torn asunder. Every path was explored; many dead ends were charted, a grand resurgence of ‘enlightenment’ stranded not a single mind. The focus, a majestic acceleration of dreams crossing into reality was somehow tied to the visitors. Facts were disregarded in favor of visions.

When notes from a symphony were played they could now be felt. In the past, most would have said that they never truly enjoyed the explosion of majesty that surrounded them – now they were immersed in their subconscious selves.

A few hours ago a tiny barely perceptible voice cushioned the airwaves with a soft peaceful relaxed tonal quality. Welcoming the new world into the realm, the Ambassadors were now satisfied. War was extinct, hate washed away, passions were blasting between previously unused neurons, and happiness was universally shared.

But wait, no, it can’t be, they’re telling us that this illusion is compliments of the Pacification Expedition. The mush that is now our bodies is incapable of resisting the invasion. Tomorrow is the holy day, an undercurrent of lies has been released – the beast arrives.

Confusion, a torrid of dark emotions now drowns a pleasure aroused society. No it wasn’t the uninterrupted state of pleasure that consumed all thoughts but the expectation that the cosmos – the laws of creation favored the degeneration of a species.

Giant red triangle craft swerved toward Earth. A fleet of vicious tangled evil was fixated on their new target. Pain, torture, a screaming edge that curses dead sound was nearing by the second. Gripping the docile sleeping souls laid bare by deception was an eons old trick.

The brighter day, was now just memories that were fading away. Cold hearts were on the verge of breaking. Scars left by visions of perfection left the ground seeking humans chained to contentment.

Slavery once again began with complacency.