Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

An Awakened Humanity Will Not Set Its Sights on Mediocrity

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Our People's Movement Fifth Column is continuing to marginalize the establishment government entities, political parties, and all facets of this degenerate societal construct. By rejecting all that the current anachronistic society stands for with every fiber of our beings and injecting our new 21st Century People-First ideals and beliefs into this dying system of exploitation we are internally transforming the world from a 1% playpen into a cohesive community of effusive egalitarian freedom. Symbolized by our three purple diagonals of respect, liberty, and dignity we are ushering in a new age of people centric progressivism - a global unity and genuine democracy free of hierarchical power structures.

Creating something where nothing existed before, constantly swerving and twisting to keep the emergent People's Movement relevant, and building-out from the bottom-up a diverse set of organizations linked to PM through shared beliefs, goals, and a conceptual platform we are all working hard to leave the crumbling capitalist society back in the 20th Century where it belongs. We are validating daily that a people-first societal construct can function without an unwieldy hierarchical power structure that inhibits liberty. Every day we are proving to ourselves that working together as teams, in communities both large and small, we can progress towards common objectives without having to resort to top-down leader driven autocracy. We are joining forces across a broad swath of issues to build a better world that does not prey upon others but instead jointly accentuates the abilities of all to advance the needs and shared interests of the many.

Whatever we may end up calling this new society that we are creating in the dying shell of capitalism we can be certain that the age of exploitation is in its twilight hour for we will never again allow the few to dominate over the many. By keeping the pressure up through protests we are learning to form bonds across diverse communities and thus proving to the world that it is possible to bridge the many artificial divisions that separate us from one another. The other salutary aspect of our mass protests directed against this rotting husk of 1% exploitation is the estrangement, the psychological isolation we impart to the ruling class.

Human beings are social creatures needing the company of others to validate their existence - the essential bond of sharing your experiences and dreams with someone other than yourself. No sane person seeks to reduce their personal contacts to the musings of oneself - an outcast. The constant mass protests are working, we are shoving the adherents of this dying societal framework into a corner - the 1% overlords and their enablers have shipwrecked their capitalist slave-ship on a deserted island where they are now marooned.

We are proving the naysayers wrong. They said it was impossible to bring people from across the world with ethnic, religious, socio-economic, and other diverse backgrounds together. Our cave-dwelling proselytizers of this latest derivative of feudalism called capitalism told us we were dreamers who were unable to unite humanity to fight for a liberty it had never known. Power-brokers in the US establishment were confident they could continue to fan the flames of division across racial and party lines. Now these bought-out bottom-feeders are terrified that PM has opened the smoke-filled rooms of both the Republican and Democratic parties to US citizens giving them a glimpse of the duplicitous behavior that has always characterized these purveyors of 1% interests.

A new day is dawning across a planet that has only known 1% pillage. Not only are you advancing your specific causes, you are also advocating for PM's 21st Century civilization that will assure your voices are heard and respected. Many of us are protesting against the current societal model that puts the interests of a few above those of the many. We are tired of being preached to about the benefits of staying the course in this antiquated capitalist society. Pillage is wasteful, unethical, and a deviant expression of norms contorted to resemble sanity. No self-respecting planetary citizen should endear themselves to an irrational society that trashes its own living space so a tiny fraction of the population can live in unimaginable opulence. Put your walking shoes on and join us in any number of organizations that best represent your dreams of a better future. Get out and protest your right to self-determination - the power to drive your own destiny.

PM's protests actuated by many groups are a microcosm of varying interests in a diverse community energized to transform existing society into a civilization without pockets of authoritarianism - a place where respect, liberty, and dignity reign supreme. More and more these groups and organizations promoting a variety of causes should start reflecting the eventual societal structure that PM is promoting - a totally flat power orientation that involves everyone in the decision making process.

Our ultimate goal should be the complete elimination of the entire leadership chain replacing it with social systems that give citizens the information to make informed decisions. Gradually, moving towards this team oriented community of direct-representation will help us all work out the kinks in this entirely new societal framework so that when we supplant capitalism we will have had some experience practicing what we preach.

The transformation from the feudal based capitalism into the first people-centric society is moving along at warp speed. You must admit our plans for ditching this retrogressive society have transported us way past where we thought we would be at this stage of the revolution. Maybe, it is because most global citizens are finally coming to the realization that they are not in control of their own lives but are mere pawns used by a self-anointed gang of criminals ransacking their communities. Once the truth started leaking out in 2003 it was hard to put the genie back in the bottle. No amount of cajoling can now persuade us that it is in our best interests to adhere to capitalism's policy of locking down the majority in service to the rich minority. We have thrown that idiocy out the window.

The majority of citizens on our beautiful blue planet finally feel empowered. All of us are now excited by the prospect of transforming this latent society that just hobbles along feeding the gorged 1% into something visionary and profound - a template for the advancement of the entire human race not just those sitting on thrones in castles. Now is our opportunity to truly build something grand instead of a system of exploitation that leaves the majority languishing in debt, just getting by on worn out promises.

By not setting our sites on mediocrity and the perpetuation of the rusty leadership chain that keeps all these wealthy ticks happily gorged we will have the resources to expand opportunity across the globe. Instead of saving every penny to keep CEO types luxuriating in hot tubs on their private islands we will be able to use the trillions of dollars saved by eliminating these parasites to provide college educations, healthcare, and modern infrastructure improvements worldwide. Humanity will pass from this stage of barbarism into civilized unity of purpose that does not exclude the Southern Hemisphere or any segment of the population from the shared benefits available to all our communities. This is no longer the fantasy of a science fiction writer, software engineer, and dreamer - it is now the nascent reality of an awakened humanity that will soon be ready to reach for the stars on their own terms.