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Shrink-Wrapped Belief Systems

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Aren't we all so much more than the neat shrink-wrapping used to bind us to a tightly defined ideology? Human beings are multifaceted, capable of entertaining a spectrum of ideas and beliefs some of them in seeming conflict with others. Our personal integrity hinges upon our ability to pick and choose between a myriad of beliefs.

Elites and their pollsters induce an artificial team ethos in every facet of societal intercourse. They're objective is to destroy individuality because individuals question. Individuals don't complacently lineup single file behind their friends waiting for their turn to be shoved headfirst into a stinking boxcar.

We're so ingrained, indoctrinated, cleaved to this crony elite system of control we're afraid to ask our jailers why it's so damned important to chuck our individuality out the door.

Why can't multifaceted individuals have their own unique set of beliefs that may be totally at odds with the ordained belief systems?

Personally my beliefs are so seemingly unrelated, not easily categorized that they may seem incongruent, incompatible, but are they really? How can an individual like myself possibly believe in pure unconstrained Libertarian Objectivist freedom, unfettered capitalism, equity, equality, abortion rights, small government, fiscal responsibility, free love, legalization of drugs (who am I to tell others what they can do), limited taxation, and all the other too numerous to mention beliefs that make me a distinctive personality?

You may have your own set of beliefs some of these may even conflict with the 'established' belief systems - no overlap is allowed, you must find your flock for stray sheep are 'shot'. Are you afraid? Can you freely express your innermost convictions without fear of being ostracized by your prescribed group? More importantly, do you have the guts to stand up for your uniqueness?

Real freedom can only be achieved when we acknowledge our exceptionality and are not afraid to express our convictions to others. Totalitarian states must out of necessity control passionately inspired individuals because to many questions coming from truly free human beings destroys the illusion of freedom they work so hard to create.

Control is successful because 'flock' characteristics have been easily identified. By spinning a message to elicit this or that response from each directly stimulated 'flock', team, or group of sheep the crony elites; mega-businesses, lobbyists, and their body-snatched legislators can transform passionate human beings into drooling well-behaved zombies.

Haven't you had enough of this manipulation?

The elite establishment's response to your desire to be who you really are is that if everyone freely expressed their innermost desires, passions, and beliefs the entire societal framework would come crashing down. Ask yourself these questions, whose societal framework would crumble in a purely free global society, and are there any ulterior motives behind adhering to certain established belief systems?

Are some rules, or beliefs in place simply to benefit crony elites? Doesn't worker productivity increase when workers are focused exclusively on doing their work?

Therefore letting 'experts' define our prescribed belief systems frees us from creative inspired inquiry - just work harder for the crony business masters, and don't forget to watch the reality TV shows.