Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Shred the Patriot Act and All Other Police State Tools

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The "Patriot Act" the " be Free... Special... Very Merry Free... Free... Proud Liberty..." all the deceptively marketed statutes used to circumvent the U.S. Constitution is a reflection of the authoritarian character of the big-business dictatorship that has wrested government control from the general citizenry. Promoting a perpetual state of fear in the form of terrorists ready to strike at any moment the feudal state endeavors to keep all of us from rattling our chains - fearful that our slave ship may fall into the hands of barbarians. Worse yet by not letting the federal government trash our most cherished rights we may destroy our best hope of making it to our local grocery in time to buy that half-off pack of bologna and processed cheese stuff before the sale expires. Watch out, for that terrorist freak on the corner with the beady eyes and beard down to his knees may decide to take a few labor slaves to a nearby ISIS beheading station over by the convenience store. You never can be too careful in a country with close to half a billion citizens; a dozen terrorist lunatics could easily bring commerce to a screeching halt.

Maybe the real reason the oligarchs' stoolies in Washington, D.C. are telling us that they need to bulk collect our every email, in invade our privacy, retain the authority to crate us away to a third-world torture chamber, and basically feed the Constitution into an industrial paper shredder is because they are frightened that they are losing power. Without the tools of a totalitarian state they will be unable to falsely accuse and silence an awakened citizenry. We in the Fifth Column of the People's Movement both in the United States and worldwide are no longer the pliant bystanders who will permit a club of filthy rich tyrants to enslave us in their new feudal society. So the only way the multi-national CEOs and other elite pillagers' can silence free speech is to pull the rug out from under all the legal protections afforded a citizen within this and other democracies.

Is that not the approach police states have always employed? They nullify the remnants of democracy by using an enemy at the door approach. Those homeland saviors kicking down doors with surveillance paraphernalia still dangling from their bodies really do love the vocal majority. You must have misconstrued their intentions. These jackboots would never dream of subduing your free speech. Citizens placed in a vise grip of income poverty, those who have no constituent rights surely believe in the benevolent intentions of these enforcers of the superrich. We all will be allowed to break free from our tightening shackles. Not a Billy club will be swinging. The approaching line of blue uniforms will be singing songs of brotherly and sisterly love. Just shield your head from the skull cracking blows. They cannot possibly want to do you harm. Only gentle folk keep us in line.

You are beginning to understand how this system of oppression works. By redirecting focus from deteriorating conditions in the economy and the general decline of the nation state the princely powerbrokers are able to deflect informed discourse arising from the general citizenry. Essentially, they have the less informed citizens worry about nebulous inconsequential threats while also maintaining the tools to silence those 'troublemakers' attempting to overthrow the lords of the realm.

Never trade liberty for a fear promoted safety. Allowing black-boots to stomp lockstep through the streets with patriotic music blaring is to invite evil into your most private thoughts.

Let us not forget our ultimate goal. It is abundantly clear we must create an egalitarian society from the ashes of this global plutocracy. But our steps toward this dreamy purple state of bliss will be many and require slight adjustments along the way. We should also leap at the opportunities to gradually transform our current big-business dictatorship with its lobbyist henchmen back into a partially functioning democracy. This means that when moving towards our destiny it just makes sense to lighten our load along the way. Let us support legislators that espouse People's Movement objectives. These lawmakers may not be perfect receptacles of our belief system that champions citizen autonomy from elite special interests but if they help us reach our open society faster, let us support their efforts.

What this all means from a political standpoint is that there will be times when party allegiance overlaps or just does not coincide with our individual tastes. True patriots may not share our every single viewpoint but that does not make them any less desirous of evicting the castle dwellers. Once our pure democracy is fully up and running we will have a multitude of divergent opinions crisscrossing civilization, all reflecting a healthy expression of unrestrained freedom.