Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Shipwrecked Wait for Message in a Bottle

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Significant problems exist with our application of cherished ideals. Most citizens passionately proclaim that they support freedom of speech. Businesses are also proud to parrot a whole range of precious beliefs. Corporate leaders are quick to send a battalion of lobbyists to Capitol Hill to defend the ‘free market’ but their definition of inalienable rights excludes the individual.

Group thought, the commonality of team agreement that flourishes within a corporate mindset, this enforcement of stability although not completely undesirable is poisonous to an atmosphere of individual self-expression.

Obviously, collective thought processes used to focus the power of many minds on the solving of problems is only successful when every divergent viewpoint can be expressed without fear. Unfortunately, this is not the standard that most corporate regimes respect. In most organizations teamwork simply means to follow the same worn out ruts.

Controversy is the enemy in an overtly controlled process oriented corporate or governmental collective. Stability is the sought after tonic that unites all the divergent personalities and viewpoints.

Power emanating from omnipresent egotistical leaders melds everyone to the accepted outcomes – all other intellectual channels are left unexplored. Best to let the corporate shepherds, the bearers of the golden staffs continue to believe they have the exclusive wisdom to solve every problem ever to beset humankind.

Follow the leader is an ingrained trait – it ensures a steady paycheck. Leave the radicals to wither away on a deserted island. Imprison these deviants on their lonely rocks. Never ever admit these free spirits into the organizational club of sterile safe believers. Scour the Internet ferreting out any neuron’s worth of sentient life. Keep these divergent influences from contaminating all the happy content complacent followers.

Freedom of speech is best defined by our ‘brilliant’ elite leaders. Expansive vision has never polluted their characteristic catalepsy. Our economy, government, and professions are best kept in a catatonic state when these illustrious blobs marinate us in their syrup of dysfunctional atrophy.

Blast on a fantastic voyage of exploration. Challenge the constraints of free expression. Those of us shipwrecked on rocky shores patiently wait for a message in a bottle.