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Shifting the Blame onto Slaves for Failed System

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Don't you just love how all the mindless followers from the corporate/government propaganda media outlets to the lobbyist hitched legislators all the way up to the CEO crown princes of global corporatism are now trying to blame us for their failed system. That's right we the subservient slaves of crony capitalism have failed our masters. We've been sitting idly on our rear ends not working hard enough. Making matters worse our young people aren't studying their flat-world drivel. Their shutting out, not reading, and obviously not shaking their heads in agreement like good little robots when the holders of all truth, the CorpGov anointed academia tries to shovel all the truisms of a failed global system down their throats.

Let's take a step back and look at this from the standpoint of the slave master. When your slaves start thinking for themselves you have a major problem. How in the world will you bring this unruly crowd of misfits back in line?

Simple, you start blaming the slaves for all the defects of the corrupt dysfunctional system. This approach has a two-fold benefit. First, it transfers responsibility for deteriorating conditions from the whip-holding protagonists directly to the swollen backs they are lashing. Second, it instills an enhanced level of dejection, unworthiness, and by correlation receptiveness to deity worship of the now divinely inspired masters.

The poor downtrodden valley dwellers that obviously aren't capable of handling their own affairs drop back down onto their haunches. They are again ready to receive the swift kick from their superior mountain dweller thieves. Blessed wails of deliverance are once again being heard throughout the valley. All the eradicated deviants who dared cross over into reality can no longer interfere with the smooth functioning of the take-all sucking leech.

That's right! Just get in line with the rest of your worthless caste. Stand up straight; hold that gruel bowl properly at the right angle so the slave masters can fill it up halfway with slop. Any among your rank that questions the superiority of the masters or his special pea-brained complacent followers will be duly admonished for their defects of mind and soul.

And when the youth are accused of not reading enough don't have them thrust the blame on the publishing houses, the purveyors of indoctrination materials. By God! Absolutely not! Blame the youth for being undisciplined laggards that refuse to read.

Of no consequence is the worthless tripe vomited out from all the happy paint by numbers authors who require an extra drool rag over and above what is allotted.

Maybe that's the reason most young people spend more time on the web, texting, socializing, or playing games. Their trying to limit their exposure to the mind-numbing life accounts of celebrities, special interest manipulation, 1984 revisionist history, and all the other dung excreted by the mega-business publishing monopoly. Our cries are in vain. They just won't buy the latest Sara 'Palinest' crap written by the hottest moron to grace the cover of a book. So why not get on the web to break free from the tentacles of alternate world illusion coming from the bought and sold intelligentsia?

Aside from the hard sciences that can't be manipulated to include failed theories and utterly unsupportable precepts most of what flows from the cesspool of relaxed minds in academia or luxury seeking tow-the-line writers is propaganda laced hogwash.

Our future rests with the questioning minds of young people who will not be bullied into the complacency of their elders. They are fighting to let the light of realism shine on a dark world of transnational corporate absolutism. A world dominated by connected crony capitalists who have no desire to leave the comforting hug of mother government for the uncertain outcome of Laissez-faire capitalism.

All systems of tyranny rest upon absolute control over the hearts and minds of the subjects. Most of us have already succumbed to years of 'brilliant' passages but our youth are questioning the relevance of adhering to a societal system that reserves its benefits to those well-connected manipulators perched at the top. This questioning terrifies the global Masters-Of-The-Universe because this new generation of youth just isn't listening. They're seeking to blaze a new path away from the ruins. Excellent!