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Sham US Presidential Election

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Elections are insidiously orchestrated by media propagandists in a world controlled by a global agglomeration of transnational corporations and 1% elites. The major media outlets promote the legitimacy of the electoral process sham by continually ramming it down our raw throats. Dominant big-money interests flush with money they have stolen from the workers in the name of capitalism bury citizens under a mountain of trash-talk, innuendo, and sensationalism meant to keep all of us in the slave herd plodding faithfully to either the Republican-red or Democrat-blue colored slaughterhouse. Until the world's citizens resolve to completely replace the 1% Corporate Dictatorship that is the controlling entity of this planetary capitalist society no amount of decency or democracy will be allowed to exist and elections everywhere will be mere exercises in futility.

How do you expect to get a different outcome by agreeably engaging in the same propagandized programmed behavior? By marching reliably to the polling booth ready to cast your ballot for one of the anointed political puppets - knowing full well that neither gives a damn about your miserable life, you are condoning, giving impetus to the continued pillage of all of us in the 99% by these 1% castle dwellers. Snap out of it!

We will only break the chains that bind us to this exploitative society if we are willing to not do what the 1% rulers expect us to do - start charting your own course. If you want to have an environment that is not polluted by the irresponsible actions of mega-businesses whose only objective is to maximize the quarterly profit for their obese investors' then tear down this global prison-camp. Do not expect others to do all the work for you. Granted, there are those like myself who feel obligated to fight injustice because we have some genetic quark but if you leave it entirely up to a few individuals to conquer an entrenched parasitic system of labor slavery all of us will lose.

The status quo powers who have devised this clever manipulated capitalist culture that they milk to the last drop, all the vampires sucking furiously on our income veins leaving us a few jingling coins have interlinked the economic, political, judicial, and governmental facets together to guarantee they - that is, all the 1% village thieves remain on top. So do not delude yourself into believing that some messiah will deliver you and all your other frightened friends to the new promised land - it just is not going to happen - stop looking for that magic wand that will part the seas - your flesh and blood savior who you want to carry the staff bleeds to death just like everyone else.

Our giant wave of purple humanity rising up not in thousands but hundreds of thousands and millions marching with determination towards the capital cities of this rotten feudal gulag will be the only force capable of dislodging the leaches and their lobbyist scum from our planet. A furious roar, an army of the subjugated mad-as-hell at this stinking cesspool, ready to drain it along with all the pestilence it breeds will be the only tempest that can blow this degenerate self-serving royal kingdom to the ground.

This is our last chance!

Once either of these monsters takes office we will all be forced to go underground. There will not even be a semblance of freedom left. Freedom of speech even this pitiful version that destroys the speakers of the truth by condemning them to substandard employment will be outlawed by our new US Presidential king or queen.

So resolve to follow the clarion call of those like myself who propose a better way forward instead of using our fellow human beings as stepping stones and fodder for our own personal advancement in an amoral system that will leave all of us gasping for our next breath in a dead ecosystem of a totalitarian planet that views 99% of the population as expendable. Allowing sociopaths to conquer all that they survey and brandish red-hot pokers that they silence dissidents with is not the kind of place we should bequeath to our children. Stand up for your rights, for your dignity, and for all that you hold dear - do not misjudge the intentions of our 1% masters who lord over you at work like they want to boss you around outside of work. These misfits will stop at nothing to gain even the few jingling coins you have squirreled away. They want everything, and are determined to enslave you, your family, and the neighborhood you live in so they can feed their uncontrollable urge to acquire - a greed that is unquenchable.