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Seven Hundred Billion Dollar Bailout - Reverse Robin Hood Effect

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Infuse the financial institutions with real capital through the sale of their toxic assets to the U.S. Treasury at ten cents (fire sale of this asset sewage) on the dollar. Given that the book value of these illusory assets is a patch work of guesses formulated by greedy elites of each financial institution, should we be surprised at the urgency of these firms in passing off their flimsy financial paper for real assets. Why all of a sudden are these financial institutions through their lobbyist arm the Financial Services Roundtable asking that other so called assets also be considered in the bailout plan? Could it be that these financial institutions are resting upon a quick sand of phony assets that constitute their entire unsupported business foundation that once pulled away will expose only ethereal shimmering images that will fade from view like a mirage?

Spending $700 billion dollars on toxic contaminated financial instruments concocted in a cauldron of greed is a criminal use of taxpayer money. This money would be better spent upon stimulating an economy suffering from extreme income starvation perpetrated by the very same business elite that have been draining its life blood of income like leaches engaged in a frenzy of feeding. Any 'body snatched' governmental representatives who've adjusted their lobbyist payoff feeding tubes to accommodate the higher rate of flow emanating from their corporate masters will have to take more frequent rests from their fleecing of the American people so they don't overexert themselves during this period of plentiful gorging on favors and kickbacks.

Don't stare too intently in focused amazement upon these governmental leech helpers because the glare from their toothy smiles might temporarily blind the unprepared. It is also important to insulate us from their carefully crafted lies that twist and distort the truth into an unrecognizable tortured broken set of uncorrelated concepts. Just remember that their corrupt laden lives are manipulated by demanding corporate business masters who exert their whip of obedience through an army of 41,000 lobbyists that guarantee that the voice of the people is blocked at every entrance. Only the evil slimy corpulent followers of self who allow themselves to be dragged along by this totalitarian economic system have the audacity to crowd around a microphone and tell us it is in our best interest to further dump 'truckloads' of taxpayer money onto their great sinking hole of laissez-faire capitalism.

The time has come for the American people to make a stand - we will not continue to allow incalculable injustices to be inflicted upon us in the name of the perpetuation of a society whose sole purpose is to enrich a powerful wealthy few. We must put our governmental representatives on notice - we will throw them out head first onto the heap of extinct lawmakers if they don't engage in responsible governing not meekly submitting to the edicts of their business elite messengers.

Our warning of consequences is inspired by the unmitigated corruption committed against all low to middle income citizens by governmental representatives who are now asking us to swallow one last swill of stinking puss passed as an elixir of life. In this world of the reverse 'Robin Hood Effect' everyone is inspired to contribute to relieving the 'poverty' of the business elite so that they may once again financially rape us into oblivion. This time we won't experience partial destitution but a complete and utter elimination of all our income simultaneously combined with a staggering debt load indefinitely payable to their mismanaged snake oil lubricated firms. No, never, absolutely not… Our chant should ring across our country. No, never, absolutely not… Enough is enough we will no longer allow anyone to shackle us up for a lifetime of debt, labor, or taxpayer slavery. We've reached the end of our endurance.