Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Seeds of a Humanity That Is Aware Of Its Interdependency

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Our purple is the color of unity. This is a contribution from a happy, self-confident, principled, and creative culture. Even though powerful beyond imagining we would never impose our will upon any of the Great Creators creatures. Those who have signified allegiance to this transformative cause are the revolutionary drivers remolding the entire planet. Shards of inequity, the dissolution of dishonorable government, all the refuse that is evaporating privilege exercised against the majority, the fractures that tear at the human societal fabric are being mended. Once a reformation is rippling across the cultural stencil there is not a force in the universe that can stop it from positively reformulating the interrelations of those blessed to join the enlightened. We are the seeds of a humanity that is aware of its interdependency. No boundaries will divide this awakened civilization.

Recently the powerful vested interests the elite manipulators of destruction have been attempting to thwart our People’s Movement – the cohesion that is humankind’s destiny. These denizens of the status quo have been passing legislation aimed at dislocating the cooperative spirit we have devoted so much to stimulate. By enacting laws that warp the solidarity we have been promoting, entrenched special interest elites are using a divide-and-conquer strategy to erect roadblocks to our liberation.

Emphasizing the inherent differences, turning the rainbow of beauty we all embody into conflict points these caretakers of the castle dwellers have been washing our bonds in the acid of acrimony. They are using religion, the many ways we worship our Great Creator to thrust a knife into our souls. This is nothing short of evil. Religion should never be used as a tool to disassociate oneself from the whole. Without working together, every single blue-planet sentient being, this many billions heterogeneous pool of humanity is doomed, this includes the royals.

Already the planet is gripped in trauma. The shattering of its environmental fabric by sociopath pillagers intent upon extracting all income and resources in their insatiable gluttony will turn it into an uninhabitable cinder if not immediately reversed. Distortive waves of ecological shock are destabilizing the dynamic system that is the finely tuned biosphere of this rare terrestrial gem. Actions must be taken now to stop the rape, the outright destruction of the only home humankind will ever know. Once it is gone no amount of weeping will restore this planet’s diverse ecosystem.

Species variety, the irreplaceable treasure of this blue sphere, is on the verge of being wiped out. This wonderful blessing should be cherished not fritted away to momentarily satiate the greed of a minority of princely locust. There only goal is to gorge themselves. These extreme bloodsuckers want to engage in an orgy of consumption. They give little thought to the consequences of their destructive actions being focused solely on maximizing their pleasures before they expire obscenely obese on some tropical island beach. All is not well. We must not continue to let this inconsiderate mob destroy the only haven for life within this sterile solar system.

Danger is omnipresent in this evolutionary stage. Every nascent culture goes through this transformative process. More akin to an awakening, a self-conscious bonding, this progression from accepted ignorance to enlightenment typically triggers countless perils. Those that form the powerbase in the top-down control gradient always fight to protect their supremacy and looted wealth. The keepers of interlocked privilege would rather die from the scorching heat of a planetary cataclysm than relinquish their control over the vast majority. Ultimately, legally sanctioned income pillage is only the salve to rationalize the real sociopath’s pleasure that is the exercise of power. Break the link between the looters extreme wealth and their ability to wantonly use their influence and the attractiveness of being situated among the princely crowd loses its luster.

By continuing to uncouple an ever dwindling pool of increasingly isolated elite leaches those of us in the energized self-aware majority will eventually whittle these societal degenerates into a dissolving anachronism. Already our Fifth-Column has infiltrated every single node that is the template of this spherical macrocosm of humanity. This home world of a promising species will someday join the rest of the democratically invigorated, a passionate unity never inhibited from blasting towards their dreams by any self-anointed power hungry minority.