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Ineffective Orwellian Fear Mongering and Scouring of Conversation Channels

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Lately the United States government has had a parade of 'honest' spooks visiting the oligarchic media outlets to let us little folks know that we should be on the lookout for all those bad, very disruptive, anti-democratic, and just plain evil ideas lurking on the Internet promoted exclusively by a horde of Russian agents. This type of: "trust us dear citizen" Orwellian fear mongering and scouring of conversation channels is typical of autocracies that can only maintain power by keeping the general citizenry ignorant, quiet, fearful, and crisscrossing a rut.

Like other folks in the paycheck poor my antennae are fully extended - looking for new concepts that stimulate much needed interactions crucial to the progressive movement of society. Discrediting the establishment that only wants to perpetuate the elite generated stasis that just happens to benefit their fraction of society is not soiling democratic ideals but instead elevating them above the corporate desolation.

In a closed society you can be confident in concluding that "accepted" ideas never exposed to critical debate are the real propaganda masquerading as enlightened viewpoints. Democracy does not discredit any opinions even those deemed to not come from legitimate sources. Who determines what constitutes a legitimate source. Discrediting the messenger is one of the oldest tricks in the basket of stasis loving elitists. The holders of the status quo bamboozle the public into believing any intellectual endeavor not sanctioned by powerful vested interests is somehow tainted, not legitimate, a carrier of evil contagion that threatens the very existence of the 'decent fun loving' parasitic corporatist state.

When the citizens of a nation-state are led to believe their consumption of information must first be vetted by their government they should ask themselves why is there an urgent need to cleanse the idea blackboard if the free flow of concepts is so essential to a healthy democracy? Could it be that what was touted as democracy had long ago degenerated into big-business tyranny? Democratic societies do not constrain liberty to only those few hours the citizenry is away from the office or factory and they surely do not worry about what the citizens are reading, watching, tweeting, writing, or saying. Genuine democracy is integrated into every aspect of life across a myriad of progressive organizational structures that in no way resemble top-down dictatorships. Societies steeped in liberty have no desire or need to micromanage every aspect of their citizens' lives.

By calling such-and-such society democratic simply because it has the trappings of a government that could represent the majority over the interests of a small minority of rich overlords is disingenuous. Hiding reality behind the possible - the not even probable outcome of a capitalist society that is flawed by human interactions and tainted by greed stemming from an overemphasis on profit only enhances the disintegration of the society. Eventually, people wise up to the dishonesty that attempts to mask lives of declining opportunity and income in a society they have less-and-less control over.

The workplace communities that we are forced to be assimilated into out of need of food and shelter are a direct reflection of the tenor and type of society we interact with on a daily basis. Workplace communities, those that have corporate cultures where comradery and decency exist despite the dog-eat-dog mentality promoted by executive pirates have recently been moving us closer to an ethos of pure democracy - a bottom-up cultural orientation. Labor communities are a reflection of the level of freedom we are afforded within a society. In fact, all communities even those that are religious that espouse decency and egalitarian beliefs tend to positively move humankind away from extreme capitalism.

We are already on the journey out of top-down control within a phony democracy that is more akin to plutocracy. Along the way our guideposts will show us the progress that we have made on our trek out of an indecent corruption based society into a culture that will not have a single hierarchical power structure to promote the interests of the few over the many.