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The Scales of Justice Aren’t Balanced

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A disgusting miscarriage of justice was committed by the U.S. Justice Department. Credit Swiss Cheese a huge multinational bank that facilitated the tax evasion of mega-rich elite account holders escaped criminal trial and the payment of a substantial fine. Bankster executives once again had their lobbyists rig an extravaganza.

Sticky thick propaganda preceded the excretion of this foul smelling dump.  For many weeks the U.S. Attorney General had been making references to the “to big to fail banks” that were facing imminent legal action by the U.S. Justice Department. Tough talk typical of our bought out civil servants never translates into meaningful actions and this was not to be the exception to the rule.

Once again we’re witnessing the cozy deal making that allows bankster criminals to escape justice. The $2.5 billion fine leveled against this gigantic Swiss multinational bank for pleading guilty is despicable – another outrage direct from the favor toting global oligarchy. This monster bank has total assets of $924 billion, annual profits averaging in excess of $1.7 billion, and total equity exceeding $43 billion. How in the hell does a $2.5 billion fine that amounts to less than 1% a mere .27% of total assets or a wash of 1 year’s profit equate to anything approximating justice?

Clearly the mega-rich gangsters that run this world are applauding the outcome. Just the day before a bottom-scrapping Occupy protestor received a 90 day jail sentence. More than 70 Occupy protestors who didn’t have legions of lobbyists to help them out have been prosecuted. Obviously, these citizens couldn’t be allowed to inspire others to take a stand against banks that had received trillions of dollars from taxpayers. The big business/governmental apparatus just can’t have every serf protesting against their oligarchic brothers: this cannot be condoned. How can crony hoodlums drive their limousines to their favorite five-star restaurants when all these bootlicking commoners are expressing their first amendment rights on the posh downtown plazas?

Never forget that oligarchs rule the world. The super-banks were financially backstopped by governments, reimbursed for all the toxic ghost paper assets they flushed down the toilet. Also, bad mortgage loans are no problem when you have bought and paid for lobbyist-snatched government stoolies in your pocket. Just have a few of these puppets issue you a key to the governmental treasury so you can raid it at your leisure. Don’t forget to kick all those bottom-scrappers out of their foreclosed homes so your illustrious bank can get another bag of cash to add to the dough already pilfered from the government for the same deadbeat assets. Isn’t it marvelous when you can get a double-take? You’re not only able to wipe out the bad loans but make a one-hundred percent profit on the sinking ship.

So make certain that if you’re a pond sucking crawler you know your place. On the other hand if you’re an oligarchic lord/executive you’ll be able to continue to flout the laws of the land and won’t be asked to trade your penthouse for a jail cell. All the income sucking leaches mustn’t be interrupted from milking their governmental cows bone dry. The wild parties must continue, the mountains of loot kept in Swiss bank accounts must continue to grow, the tax evasion, any and all decadent or illegal activities need not be examined. This incestuous oligarchic cesspool of corruption orchestrated by these thieves will never experience any downtime.

The manipulators that drain our pockets of income to build financial empires are outside the bounds of the governmental legal system they control. That system of injustice is focused exclusively on keeping bottom-scrapping serfs in line. Laws are written with the express intent of reducing the rights of the general citizenry. Don’t believe for a millisecond that the scales of justice are balanced.