Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Roadside Bandits of the Corporate Dictatorship Are Unable to Find Their Footing

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Clairvoyants need not apply. Common knowledge about the degeneration of this entire society is widespread. Most understand that it is a world steeped in self-absorption, a me-first you-last ethos without any conception of what community, mutual respect, empathy, equity, egalitarianism, and shared cooperative struggle means, a place that is careening back into the cesspool. Manipulation is the currency of this culture.

Ruled by a 1% robber-baron class intent upon staying in power nothing is sacred not even the perpetuation of the species. Individualism is extinct. Creativity is just a buzz word. Intellectualism is a cleaver ploy propped up by illusion, a fallacy of presentation not depth of knowledge. Self-determination never possible is now totally absorbed by the lies of political marionettes promising everything but never willing to deliver anything. Those of us unlucky to find ourselves marginalized in the 99% are now just an amorphous mass of labor slaves. Giant ad agencies in conjunction with mega-media outlets influence our viewpoints about work, the politics we marginally engage in, any issue that could affect the death-grip the 1% big-business elites have on this global prison camp.

How do we reshape a flawed society that demands we give respect to those clearly not deserving of even our recognition? We don't. What we do is just deep-six the whole mess and create a 21st Century technologically infused societal framework that values individual self-determination, unlimited democracy (even at work), equity, mutual-respect, community, equality, and egalitarianism.

Our People's Movement has reached an inflection point. We must take the initiative and destroy this worldwide abomination. Even some of the pawnbrokers of the kingly class are shocked by the inferiority of the US presidential placeholders pranced around this election season. Robber barons usually satisfied with the implantation of any marginally lucid dimwit in the Oval Office are having trouble supporting this especially rancid offering of morons coming from their Democratic and Republican political machines. Shoving down our throats two despicable US presidential candidates that promote the status quo financial and environmental rape of the planet by mega-business interests is usually a flawless exercise of propaganda acumen. This lobbyist spin cycle is different; our much beloved corporate dictatorship is in chaos, unable to find its footing.

In this political season with the widespread degeneration of the capitalist shove-your-neighbor in the hole culture in full-swing even locating two talking-head dummies able to lead the labor rabble back to their prison cells is a tough order to fill. Let's face the facts we are all doomed - our species will die in a nuclear winter or gradually be wiped out from a rapidly overheating planet if those of us in the subjugated majority do not accept responsibility for our years of inaction and finally do something to unseat this parasitic society. All of us are to blame for accepting the unacceptable. Now is the perfect opportunity to pull this gigantic leach off our backs.

Let this October continue to be our defining moment. We are shattering the fantasy that is called "free-trade" finding that it is nothing more than a mechanism for the rich to get richer. Even the oft touted democracy of our bought-and-paid-for political class is found to be meaningless when the majority of our day is spent bowing to the wishes of corporate autocracies. Finally, in October we are standing up for our rights, a self-determination denied, democracy dreamed of, and a society that empowers everyone not just those with the most money.

Many in the majority are coming out of the proverbial "closet" for the first time. We are furious at this system of pillage - a society geared towards the enrichment of a ruling class of idiots who care more about flying Trump sized planes than building an equitable community first global society. Our People's Movement "October 15th 1% Moratorium" the month long "October Surprise" that some have termed it is our coming out party, our long overdue pride at being in the 99%.

All of us are contributing to the enlightenment, deviation from the status-quo, and breakdown of a neo-feudal global society that feeds off of our hard work so that a tiny few can claim the historical high-ground, wealth, and dreams, leaving us to rake up the dung. Their upper crust world is finished, our future has just begun, and we will now take the reins of power for ourselves, never again releasing them for trinkets or promises made by roadside bandits.