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Road from Destruction

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After our survival was ensured we involved every citizen in the reconstruction of our planet. With the metropolitan areas once again thriving there were many rural areas that still required considerable attention. The wound dug deep across many remote regions was far too extensive to engage our limited resources initially. It was absolutely imperative that we first reconstruct the industrial, technological, and business sectors of our shattered economy in order to achieve a level of full employment of our citizens.

Destruction unparalleled with anything we'd ever experienced left many areas charred and desolate beyond recognition. The enemy was expert at a form of cleansing that could only be comprehended visually. Our cities were reconstructed against a cobalt blue sky with steel and titanium reflecting bright recollections of our past - one nation state melded into a community of cooperation. Linking the rural areas into a communication grid was a task that required the marshaling of most of our citizens in the installation of data relay stations in every imaginable desolate dusty location that comprised this arid desert and at times mountainous world. Our reconstituted industries were essential in designing and manufacturing every important and seemingly insignificant component that binds a society together. Without these manufacturing sectors coupled with our rebuilt metropolitan areas we would never have even been able to imagine a bright secure future.

Granted it is intellect that courses across the unknown to create the unimaginable but without the hard material that can be formed within a manufacturing facility into something useful you might as well be daydreaming. It was a passionately electric sight to watch our skilled workers operate the various robotic visualization screens that linked directly into the synapses of the actual machines. Machines engaged in the process of recreating a society that operates and engages every single citizen actively in an experience far more exciting and fulfilling than scaling the largest mountain peak. Tied to the respect of the individual who is a recognized integral part of the national community is the belief that through each and every citizen our country shines.

Assisting those who originally resided in the rural areas (currently living in temporary city dwellings) into returning to new homes was now of primary importance. Once all the mass transit links were brought back on line it became a monumental operation to transport all the equipment and material required to rebuild every home and building that existed prior to the invasion. It must be comprehended that quality polished to a fine hue is the essence of our being and a clear reflection of who we are as a people. Therefore every single element of our society was reconstructed with a care and uncompromising simple elegance. We would never have considered placing our citizens in a home that did not correspond to the respect that we extended every citizen of our beautiful world.

We are a very proud people, proud of our industry that creates the highest quality products, proud of our culture and community but especially proud of each other. Without each and every one of us there is no nation - only a disinterested jumble of individuals fighting and tearing at each other's throats. We've visited cultures where nothing was reverent but the continual acquisition of wealth by the individual but have typically seen these deviant civilizations extinguish themselves before we were able to even contemplate their existence.

From the very beginning our military was being rebuilt to provide an adequate defensive as well as offensive capability. We have never engaged our military in conflicts were the survival of our people was not the primary motive of engagement - we value our citizens too highly to place them in harm's way for mere political expedience. Under the circumstances our survival was in jeopardy therefore we would build a military capable of destroying the entire enemy force.