Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Stand Up, Sit Down, or Rise-Up Against Global Corporate Dictatorship

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Without a seamless ubiquitous global governmental framework that is energized by a connected democracy that includes everyone in the process of governing hierarchical control structures promoted by an elite ruling body will continue to pollute our societies. Each human being must be involved in the struggle for liberty and eventually in the process of lawmaking. Standing up or just sitting down in protest for civil, human, and economic rights denied under our current corporate dictatorship is one of many ways we as voiceless individuals can express our disdain for this phony democracy. Anytime you must spend the largest portion of your day taking orders without any hope of changing outcomes autocratically determined by a bunch of managers, supervisors, or executive CEO office dimwits rest assured you are not living the dream of one-vote per citizen democracy. When people are assassinated or ridiculed for taking a stand in their fight to see that justice, dignity, and respect prevail where only injustice, indignity, and disrespect run rampant you can assume you are toiling in a totalitarian state.

Masquerading as a free nation-state where the plebiscite is supreme is a common scam concocted by the propaganda arm of autocratic governments - in this case the major multinational media outlets. Ask yourself when you ever exercised any authority in a self-deterministic way over the outcomes most important to your daily life, like work? Even managers and supervisors get caught up in the snares of omnipotent executive rulers who constrain the power of their taskmasters so that they match how they view situations. Dictates from the kings and queens in the executive suites become more frequent the longer the corporate dictatorship is allowed to pillage the countryside. Over time the managers and supervisors who once had a semblance of authority are left powerless to become mere puppets acting out the wishes of their omnipotent corporate monarchs. Only the most exalted 1% lobster and Trump sized jet crowd have leeway in how they organized their days and the demanded outcomes they expect to transpire within their kingdom.

That is why it is so important that all of us across this gigantic gulag that works to enrich a tiny sliver of the population must come together, regardless of our differences, if we are to defeat the thieves who have thrown democracy in a cage. Illogic will continue to run roughshod over our basic liberties leaving us shaking our heads in dismay at our anti-democratic, dysfunctional, and amoral society, unless we do something - anything but accept that we will die with our shackles firmly affixed to our limbs. There can be no non-participants in our People's Movement purple wave. We all must support the revolution or we can expect that the new normal will be more baffling and anti-human.

Arbitrariness is accelerating simply because it is the natural outcome of mindless lords of the realm who enjoy seeing their subjects squirm. Those who have absolute power are typically sociopaths that extract a sick satisfaction from the exercise of unlimited capricious control over the lives of others. This form of deviant psychological abnormality must be treated not encouraged like it is in this locked down corporate prison camp.

But before we can enjoy the limitless freedom of a 24/7 democracy that is supported and fed by an electronic social governance network we must first break free from our labor camps and see our circumstances for what they are - a red-herring meant to keep us working harder and harder so a few robber barons can extract all the wealth and income that we alone produce. Now is the time to join with our brothers and sisters across this transnational corporate slave planet that are standing up or in some cases sitting down in protest or insurrection against a rigged system of extortion that leaves us penniless and holding a bag loaded down with debt.