Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Rip down the Fence of Corporatism

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Rip down that fence. Protection shouldn't be afforded these cowards who hide from the peoples wishes. This barrier that separates the leaders of a discredited religion that enslaves the majority cannot be allowed to stand. The poor, the dispossessed, all those who are crushed under a global Corporatism that shields a privileged class of leaches send you their strength, their determination. This ugly blemish is a reminder of humanities destination, the watchtower light beam slowly passes, guard dogs bark; rip down that fence - freedom waits. Tear at it, for it is the personification of an evil that destroys all that it touches.

Behind that fence under the guise of creating a community of global citizens the leaders of Corporatist tyranny scheme, cooperate in the building of a better prison. Their goal is to deploy an advanced global profit machine that knows no bounds, has no limits to the destruction it must commit to feed its greed addiction.

Look around. Who are the rats spinning endlessly on the wheel inside the cage? That's right; it is not they who are behind the fence. The manipulator or master always exerts freedom of action from outside.

Stop rattling that fence you wage slave.

Down south, deep inside the bowels of the Corporatist kingdom, far from this northern border of the prison fence, oil continues to gush uncontrollably. An erupting sore that was opened up by a multi-national monster spreads its slimy infection. It's an entire ecosystem that was slated for extinction to pay for the exorbitant lifestyles of the Corporatist mobsters.

Say goodbye; drive down for a last look that is if your jailer allows you to visit the adjacent cellblock. If your pass is approved, you'll be witness to the eradication of hundreds of life forms, all dying a slow agonizing death, every last species destined to vanish forever.

Back safe and sound, working furiously for shrinking wages we hear outside our respective prison cellblocks the singing of the faithful. Problem is it's getting louder, more assured. In the more rundown areas of the cellblocks called "the slums" those poorest of prisoners are gripped with fear. They know more intimately than any other class of inmate the hopelessness of being trapped in poverty.

But all inmates of the Corporatist prison, the jobless, homeless, hungry, and low-wage slaves perceive that a feeding frenzy is near at hand, the Corporatists craving for blood is beyond control. They're devising more devious ways to cut out our hearts, eradicate, lay waste, vanquish, and corrupt our society to satisfy their greed.

Intensifying their campaign to demonize those who refuse to join their flock of self-righteous evil followers they've also resorted to job blackballing. Other forms of solitary confinement of the rebels in the cellblocks are also being devised.

The Corporatist's long sought goal of total domination is near at hand. Nighttime is upon us. Quick, hand over that shiv so we can dig out that crack to let the light in.