Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

The Consequences of the Rigged Society Fabricated By Elite Thieves

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Did you really believe this degenerate planetary society is capable of engendering anything but despair, hopelessness, disillusion, factionalism, and life-threatening instability? That a planet ruled by parasitic 'takers' who leave nothing but environmental and human tragedy in their wake is a recipe for global happiness? The shrapnel and bullets that killed and maimed the French are just redline symptoms of a collapsing society thrashing in poverty, economic slavery, and an elite despotism that spews forth a profound widespread unfairness. When small economies are clobbered by transnational oligarchies operating collegially with their bought and paid for governments how else do we expect the marginalized to react? Any rigged society that enthrones a tiny sprinkling of kings and queens who bleed all the wealth and income from the rest of us leaving environmental and economic dead zones will enflame radicalism among those left to die in the ruins.

No one can condone the brutality of barbarians. But when the majority of citizens are economically marginalized, frantically scratching the desert floor of extreme destitution should we be surprised when they latch ahold of revenge stoked hate? Couple this economic desolation with a nation-state that bombed its own citizens with shrapnel filled barrel bombs and you have the ingredients for unleashing a monster. Add invasive, pervasive big-businesses that rule over the planet's citizens like they were a private herd of cattle. Throw in a dash of lordly decadent license - the in-your-face kind common in primitive feudal societies like that of global crony capitalism. Piece it all together in a patchwork of religious, ethnic, and nation-state factionalism. Then remove the general population as the constituency - left voiceless without any way to protest and change their situation. Replace the genuine constituents with an army of lobbyist proxies that guide all government corruption to exclusively benefit the master upper class. You have then mixed the perfect witches brew, a poison, a primeval excuse of a societal framework that will unravel rapidly into mayhem.

This is the disorder that is accelerating a brutalizing process. Embedded for many years in a 'taker' capitalist society that values nothing but wealth our dehumanization is now reaching a fever pitch of primordial viciousness. Community and cooperation are already quant concepts. You can hear the click of the gates being locked and the clank of the draw-bridge being raised in anticipation of the barbarian armies' encirclement of the 'first-world' kingdoms.

Inside the fortresses of the developed world those of us in the destitute middle and lower classes plan our own revolution. Left to peck at the barren pavement in search of change dropped from the castle penthouses our revolt is a bottom-up rejection of elite privilege. Having been led by incompetents who preached the gospel of casino capitalism and promoted failed foreign policy that leaves us at the mercy of club-swinging marauders those of us fortifying the walls are ready to sack all the ruling pickle-brains. When you just exist, an isolated individual, outside what was community governance replaced by mega-business corruption isn't insurrection, a bloodless political revolution a reasonable response to unbearably unjust conditions? All of us in the downtrodden 99% who desperately hold the gates shut from the ramrod pounding barbarians are intellectually revolting - overthrowing these idiots in a comprehensive societal revolution. We are finished with quietly enduring establishment propaganda that emphasizes the 'logic' of giving every last penny to Swiss-bank stuffing bandits.

Just outside are starving wretched scarecrows. They have been fortified by an unearthly insanity peppered with religious overtones. First hundreds, then thousands, and finally millions amass. The forgotten refuse, leftovers of a greedy malevolence they are now ready to inflict a forgotten savagery. Our time is short we must unite humankind under a single planetary democracy that is responsive to the needs of all human beings. Failing to do this will condemn all of us to pay with our lives for the consequences of the rigged society fabricated by elite thieves.