Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Revolutions Are Not For the Faint-Hearted and Uncommitted

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Odd isn’t it the casual attitude of some who proclaim loudly that they are fighting for freedom but in the next breath downplay their chances for success. Struggling to bring about our purple wave of liberty under an eventual Earth Planetary Government is a daily brush with adversity. There is nothing easy about bringing basic rights to all human beings. It starts in your own backyard, the nation-state where you live. Transforming democracies and overthrowing illegitimate autocracies is not for the lighthearted. If you just want to pin your name to the seemingly exciting label called “Rebel” think again because there is nothing glamorous about this day to day grind. Trenches are not for those afraid of the stench of failure. Worse yet, keeping your spirits up and sometimes those you are trying to inspire takes monumental endurance.

Giving yourself over to a cause larger than your personal aspirations will require you to snuff out what you value the most. Family life, job advancement, blissful ignorance, and all those intangibles that most of us take for granted are permanently washed away. So do not come into this battle not fully aware of the extreme cost you will be forced to pay.

Worse yet, never engage an organized gang of mobsters who happen to control a country if you are not absolutely committed to shoving these opportunist thieves out of your government buildings. Negativity is corrosive to our global struggle. If you feel the People’s Movement cause for establishing a single planetary democracy is inconceivable do not bother to pollute our cause even locally with your lack of spirit.

Nothing is more sickening than some of the comments coming out of Hong Kong. Far too many citizens involved in this local struggle for liberty have been saying to the media that they believe the effort to establish a real democracy with guarantees of universal suffrage will never succeed. If this belief is widespread just go home now. Otherwise, root out these complainers and respectfully ask them to head back to their prison cell to await orders from their masters.

Games we play for fun. Life we explore for opportunities. Wearing a sharp knife down to a nub in the relentless free-for-all of extreme societal change negates using talents in more personally rewarding endeavors. Sacrifice is the name of this game. Sorry, this in-your-face full bore assault on the adept elite propaganda machine, bloody attack of tyrants in street battles, infiltration of existing institutions by our Fifth Column – all of it is dangerous – definitely not a game. So do not join our cause just for the thrill of the moment because that moment may give you a broken nose, permanent job blackballing, and ostracize you from friends and family. Worse yet, for those who live in an autocratic hell-pit you may even die face down in a gutter with half your head blown to bits. This is not the movies and definitely not a game. We mean business.

Local leaders do not commit your fellow citizens to anything until you clearly relate the ever present perils that will daily await them if they decide to change a societal system that richly benefits the few. These few, especially those criminals who control nation-states that do not even have a semblance of human rights or ting of liberty will kill you, tear you from limb to limb, and torture you repulsively prior to allowing you to die in the most gruesome ways imaginable.

So if you do not want freedom, the right to determine your own destiny, and are not willing to give your life for your fellow blue planet traveler do not begin down the purple path. Once you do – there is no turning back. Those who pilfer all the riches and income from this benighted planet will never forget your every detail. You will never have a safe haven until you and your comrades have succeeded in establishing a People’s Movement nation-state. Remember this is not for the faint of heart. All those exhilarating misrepresentations in the media and motion-pictures are sensationalist crap. We who wear the purple deal in unobstructed reality. Some of it is not very pretty. At times it may give you a swollen head, an empty wallet, or a car that mysteriously blows up with you in it. The enemies of liberty are numerous so never believe for a second they do not hold a grudge.