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People-First Society

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Freeing up the elite pilfered income and wealth will allow us to experience a new renaissance that is self-regenerative. Massive investments in society will economically leapfrog or shift us to substantially higher levels of prosperity and overall improvements in quality of life.

Let us expand on the benefits that can accrue to the general population that is fortunate enough to have won the right to determine their own destiny within a 24/7 democratic, decent, equitable, egalitarian, minimalist, diverse, and competently run People-First society....

  • 350+ MPH fast train system running down the median of the entire interstate highway system - construction of this massive project will employ millions

  • Solar collectors, arrays, and other alternate energy generation sources linked to fast train and modern electric grid moving us to 100% renewable energy within 10 years

  • Midwest renewable energy factory sector building solar collectors, arrays, and other alternate energy generation sources that employs many more millions

  • Building Mars colonization launch centers that will employ many hundreds of thousands and make colonists out of millions more of our fellow planetary citizens

  • Social security benefits at age 60 that pay 85% of a worker's highest yearly salary until death

  • Universal healthcare for all covering all medical, dental, eye, and mental health costs. A single payer healthcare system with unlimited access to medical, psychological, dental, and vision care services and community run hospitals reminiscent of the days when we had county "General Hospitals" - all provided without profit hungry insurance companies financially cleaning us out.

  • Democratically owned and controlled worker organizations will replace the corporate entity. The corporate entity will cease to exist. Flat bottom-up worker owned and operated firms will replace the current autocratic system of enslavement designed to mirror a feudal lord to serf relationship. Using an advanced electronic social network to inform and tally votes taken on a wide range of issues related to organizational operation and disposition of any generated surplus/income workers will be instantly informed and empowered in the making of their own decisions. Management will become obsolete. Administrative experts will supply the organizational social network system with insightful material, probable scenarios for different choices, and all the metrics necessary so that any employee will be able to constructively debate and vote on proposed courses of action.

  • Fully paid for and funded education for every qualified citizen from K-18 (maxing out at a Master's level university degree)

  • Free skills training for non-college bound citizens in professions like Carpentry, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, and many other technical school type fields.

  • Locally operated and public owned healthcare providers like the "General Hospital" will replace the multitude of for-profit scalpers that currently bleed us dry

  • Wealth and income will be more equitably spread across the population so we will no longer have a super-wealthy upper crust paying less taxes than 99% of the citizenry

  • Individual credit card debt will be written down by 50% so that citizens in our new People-First society are not overburdened with excessive debt at a time when they are trying to make a fresh start after years of exploitation by capitalist vampires.

  • Inner-city community trust fund with hundreds of billions of dollars will be used by residents to jump-start their standard-of-living. No gentrification will be allowed!

  • Pave all unpaved roads especially in rural areas where the dust from these ditch covered 'treasures' contribute to lung ailments, expensive vehicle repairs, slower commerce in farming areas, and a host of other problems

  • Prison will be changed from a dehumanizing warehouse into rehabilitative centers with the mandate to transform criminals into productive members of our rapidly expanding and energetic civilization. All privatized correctional institutions will become public run and the direct responsibility of our democratic governments answerable to the electorate.

  • After all countries are under the complete control of the general global citizenry we will begin to cooperatively work together to spread these and other yet to be determined benefits across the entire planet.

  • Previously barricaded up top, will be a treasure trove, an unfathomable amount of money from across the nation (eventually the world) that will be available to the majority of the population. The beneficiaries of the trillions of dollars received from worker direct ownership, control, and distribution of the surplus will at first number in the millions of people and eventually in the billions after we merge the entire planet into a seamless government. This money that was carted up to the 1% exploiters will allow all of us to live very comfortable lives but also provide much needed funds to energize the entire civilization into a rocket propelled delight.

Below is a sample of laws and legal actions that will ensure that citizens remain the undisputed constituents of their governments never again to be replaced by lobbyist interlopers doing the bidding of their super-rich masters in a rigged shadow government....

  • Health insurance profit oriented company intermediaries will be eliminated

  • Break up, seize the assets of, and transform all big-business dictatorships into worker owned and democratically operated organizations that benefit everyone instead of a few well-connected CEOs, executives, big-investors, lobbyists, and government puppets.

  • Break up all the banks and insurance companies transferring ownership and democratic control to the workers and the communities that they serve. This is similar to the dissolving of the corporate entity that will transfer ownership to workers and ensure democratic control of all businesses across the entire country. But where insurance and banking firms are concerned they will be more fully integrated into the communities that they serve. Communities will have greater sway over the operation of these new financial institutions than the workers. The workers of these new financial institutions will still have a hand in directing their operation but instead of receiving the full benefit of any surplus generated by these organizations they will through a democratic process work with the communities that are served to determine surplus remuneration amounts apportioned between workers and communities. Financial institutions are essential to the proper functioning of any society and therefore should never again be allowed to prey upon the general citizenry. That is why it is imperative that the communities that they serve have a fuller democratic voice in their operation and receive enhanced benefits from there effective and efficient operation.

  • Exploitative corporate entities will cease to exist

  • Living-breathing human beings will be preeminent under the law - no entity either business, government, or any other yet to be created societal construct will have equal or greater rights than a sentient living citizen

  • Lobbying of any elected official in any form or fashion will be a felony punishable by anywhere from 20 years to life in prison

  • Elected government officeholders will be limited to a maximum number of terms. No career politicians need apply. All elected representatives may be immediately recalled by the electorate.

  • Bank leveraging will be expressly forbidden

  • Political Parties will be outlawed. Never again will the convoluted distortions of political parties pollute what should be a purely democratic process conducted on a national level in the polling booths by millions of voters without the 'help' from electors, party delegates, or other tools of "The Establishment" used to obscure, subvert, and confound the liberties of the electorate.

  • Gerrymandered voting districts will be illegal. In some places in Florida they are only 150 feet wide for many miles. With the abolition of political parties the catalyst for having these contrived solid "blue" and "red" voting blocs will no longer exist.

  • Solitary confinement of prisoners is cruel and unusual punishment and will be expressly forbidden in all penitentiaries. The primary focus of prisons will be to rehabilitate convicts so they may once again reenter society as productive citizens.

  • Legalize all recreational drugs putting drug dealers out of business and taxing there sale to raise money for a national network of treatment centers

  • The perpetrators of the "financial crisis", all those happy-go-lucky swashbuckler CEO executive, board-member, banker type thieves mostly found on Wall Street but also infesting other corners of this influence peddlers paradise will be brought to trial for their crimes against humanity. If found guilty they will be exiled to the Amazonian rain forest or the remotest spec of Arctic ice near Nome, Alaska.

  • Vaporize "Obamacare/The Affordable Care Act", the federal legislators' campaign funding payback that provides guaranteed customers to the healthcare industry. Wipe out the entire intermediary layer of profit oriented corporate parasites that feed off of the wage starved citizenry. These are middle-layer extortionists like health insurance companies that charge citizens outlandish premiums for policies not worth the paper they are written on and revenue focused hospitals and other providers that leave patients hopelessly in debt for services that are hundreds-of-times more costly than in any other developed nation. The United States government is complicit in the orchestration and enforcement of many pervasive systems of industry business pillage. In this case, medical industry lobbyists, the paymasters of lawmaker campaigns concocted a unique form of banditry when they wrote "The Affordable Care Act". Medical establishment lobbyists created a never to be rivaled system of banditry. An income strip-mining contrivance that extracts year after year many more billions of dollars from citizens who are legally required to be consumers of the medical industry. Beyond repulsive, there just is not a word that can adequately convey the dismay felt by the general citizenry that their government would sink to such a low level just to enrich a few barons in the medical industry. Replace this hodge-podge of 1% elite run industries with an interlinked system of community based universal single-payer funded healthcare providers similar to how our current K-12 locally supported educational system operates but with a portion of funding used to allow unrestricted medical access across the country. Every citizen has a basic human right to receive unlimited, 24/7 medical, psychological, dental, and vision services free of profit oriented capitalist scalpers that exact an unreasonable financial burden on patients. Providing decent healthcare is a fundamental responsibility of government.

Capitalist exploitation is drowning nations and individuals in a sea of red ink. We are swirling deeper into a crimson pool of personal and government debt. What our corporate masters have created is a debt churn now in the trillions of dollars with China being the biggest creditor of this fairy tale economy.

Break cycle of debt and 1% exploitation....

How will the lives of the general population be better than before?

We will be able to use the trillions of dollars that was going to rich autocrats to invest in a better future. Everyone will benefit from an egalitarian civilization that more equitably spreads the income and wealth around instead of raiding it and sending it up top to a select few 1% mobsters. Nations with a burgeoning debt load will start paying down this debt instead of sinking further into the hole simply to pamper a tiny group of income and wealth vultures that want to build ever larger piles of loot and phantom wealth assets. The general population will have real income to purchase products and services instead of having to take on more credit card and other forms of debt.

Our personal income will skyrocket to new heights....

Dreams that were previously considered merely Utopian fantasies in a Capitalist Dictatorship that stripped away all income and wealth will be realizable goals in a People-First civilization that more fairly distributes income and wealth allowing it to gush across the economy. Freeing up the income stream that is parasitically drained from the economy by elite cannibals who wastefully gamble it away within the financial industry on stock markets like Wall Street will mean we will have many trillions of dollars in real income to use for whatever purpose we desire. The majority of the population will no longer be chained like sharecroppers to "company store" banks and other capitalist exploiters. Lending at usury interest rates to the general population money generated from the surplus that was stolen from the productive labor of workers is the kind of flimflam slight-of-hand that will stop in an equitable People-First civilization. Elite mobsters stealing from us so they can bulk up on illusory investments yielding phantom assets that they and their financial hoodlums turn around and lend back to us at interest rates Tony Soprano would be proud of is the kind of indecent larceny that will be outlawed in our new civilization. We will at last be able to tell these thieves to stuff it and find a real vocation instead of being enslavers of their fellow citizen's.

What does all this mean? Will laborers and the general population experience democracy for the first time?

Laborers will have total control over the disposition of all business profits within the new worker organizations that will replace the corruption infused corporate entity. This surplus will be ours to determine how we want to apportion it among salaries, business reinvestment, and taxes going to government for public works projects and other essential services like healthcare, education, social security, transportation infrastructure, and defense.

Below is a short primer to help you to better understand what a surplus is and how it relates to a new People-First economy.

What we really need are some completely novel base economic formulas to explain how a democratic economic system functions within an egalitarian society. Let me first expand upon that elusive term called capital. The following formulas can be used to describe an aggregate at any level or unit....
Where, c = capital, fc = fixed capital, m = raw materials, mh = machinery, br = building rent, v = labor wages, e = power and water and other miscellaneous expenses, s = surplus/profit, and p = selling price or value of a product or service.
Now with these variables defined let us build up how my envisioned amalgamation of a socialist and capitalist economic system embedded within our new society would operate at the most basic level.
General formula...s = p - c - v - what we make in surplus/profit is dependent upon the selling price minus the spread of a portion (or all if in the aggregate) of the incurred cost of capital minus labor wages minus the general expenses (like power, water, etc.) proportionally spread across a portion (or all if in the aggregate) of the product(s) or service(s) produced or offered.
Now we may delve deeper into this general formula.
Therefore, c = fc + m; where fc = mh + br, infinitum
For those with a penchant for painful detail... fc = mh + br, infinitum. This is because mh + br are generally created from many more previous years. A year over year infinity of capital buildup - at least from the standpoint of how far back is logically relevant from an historical perspective.
Alright, hold tight because here is the clincher. What the Capitalists through their taker society resting firmly upon their exploitative capitalist economy have done is nothing short of amazing. They have led us all to believe that they alone - the CEOs, board of directors, major investors, and all the other pirates who make up the 1% sultans have an exclusive right to "s", the surplus/profit or for that matter whatever is left over after paying all the labor slaves and the general operating expenses. This is pure nonsense. The surplus/profit or whatever we deem an appropriate additional remuneration over and above our basic wages represents value that we the workers have added to the product or service transforming it into something useful - it is ours. No higher 'authority' has the right to superimpose themselves in an exalted position just so they may steal that value (surplus/profit) from us to shove into overflowing Swiss bank accounts, payoff lobbyists, buy-out legislators, purchase media time to propagandize the beauty of their global system of exploitation, buy islands, prostitutes, drugs, gallons of booze, over-the-top parties, private jets, and castles. We the workers have transformed products and services of little inherent value into creations that are valuable to many perspective customers on an open and fair market. This value (surplus/profit), the entire operation of the company, its control, and ownership of all its assets is the workers' to do with what they please without any interference from lazy tyrants.

The essential difference between a capitalist and our new People-First society is that democracy will no longer be a sham but instead a reality experienced 24/7. Every single aspect of a citizen's life will be touched by the democratic process. Our aspirations are the cleansing white winter making the ground ready for the brilliant colored spring.

The land you walk on, the parks you play in, the businesses you work in, the sky that invites your dreams, the governments, and the society of this planet, everything in its entirety is yours to do with what you want. Genuine democracy is not some diluted contrivance that is parsed out at will by a tiny fraction of the population just to serve their exclusive interests. Get off of your duffs and turn this damn chain-gang of a planetary mess around.

Let's transform this 1% economic and environmental strip-mine into an egalitarian society that benefits everyone not just the chosen few in the ruling class. Our destiny, dreams, and actions are expanding and transforming this rich-club of vultures from a plunder camp into a genuine civilization where happiness is no stranger and dancing is something we will do to let off some joy.

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