Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Revolution Removes Impediments and Freedom 'Whitens' the Societal Space

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Hillary Clinton has called Bernie Sanders proposals pie-in-the-sky idealisms. Unlike Clinton who is bought-and-paid-for by Wall Street firms like Goldman Sacks our People's Movement has no such deep-pocket gangsters to bow down too, we are not sting-puppets of "The Establishment" who must follow their script of malevolence and corruption. We are completely free to rewrite our future. Our People's Movement Fifth Column is already transforming this billionaires' rich-take-all society into an egalitarian, equitable, decent, progressive, and infinite democracy. Each day we are getting closer and closer to supplanting this big-business shadow government and their army of lobbyist puppet masters.

Having absolutely no need to cleave to this 1% elite CEO, executive, major investor feudal relic called capitalism gives us the freedom to explore the 'uncharted' and seldom considered alternatives to transnational despotism. Our pockets are empty, we have no Swiss or offshore bank accounts stuffed with dirty money. The vacations that we take are few if any and they typically are not to plush resorts frequented by globetrotting billionaires. The authors in our ranks rarely have their works circulated by mainstream media. Our intellectuals are marginalized into oblivion by "The Establishment". They do not have cushy publishing contracts with major book companies like the Clintons and other sold out elitists. Ostracized because they will not subvert their principles in support of a system of oppression, a manipulated contrivance concocted to fleece the majority so a ruling class can live like kings and queens, our academia has quietly endured years of financial and personal attacks for not declaring their allegiance to the status quo. Not living among the castle dwellers in their gated communities but instead rising up from obscurity in the hinterlands our writers' are able to freely express the clear and unvarnished truth about this 'taker' society. Nothing inhibits our literati from exposing this degenerate culture run by a clan of executive sociopaths'. No under the table wads of cash are passed to People's Movement scholars so they will bless the corporatist absolutism that feeds off of the general population like a pack of hyenas. Therefore, all the people of our expansive worldwide movement are able to envision, inspire, and build the grand future of our dreams, a collaborative, prosperous, decent human community. A brand new society that is egalitarian to its core. With our clear conscience we are able to look squarely in any mirror. Not receiving bags of loot from Goldman Sacks, or fulfilling a bucket list of special interest favors, and certainly not the tools of this predatory Establishment our horizon is not obscured by the feudal nobility seeking payback. We do not have to bow down to a rapacious banditry that demands blind obedience to any degenerate capitalist societal dogma or insult the intelligence of the general citizenry with ridiculous lies and twisted otherworldly logic. Ours is a clean and pure revolution meant to expel the disingenuous parasitic excrescence that is this super-rich vandalism that leaves us income poor and liberty deprived.

So that there is no misunderstanding between the minstrels of the capitalist faith, all the fairy tale spinners of "Establishment" absurdity, let us be perfectly clear: the People's Movement through our Fifth Column has no plans of reforming or adjusting this one percent elitist parasitism called capitalist society. We have every intention of overthrowing the entire capitalist culture and its block of interlocked planetary governments. Call it a political revolution or just plain revolution what we intend upon doing is totally upending vulture capitalism and the shadow government that has its tentacles embedded deep into every nation-state. Gradually we are inspiring positive democratic change through the actions of individuals in our Fifth Column. The time for reformation has come and gone. This society is so destabilized, degenerate, and corrupt from root to branch that it must be dug up and used for firewood. That is why our starting point is a clean slate of proposals for an entirely new civilizationist society that becomes the bedrock for this planet's first democracy.

Corruption is so endemic throughout all the institutions of this planet that it is unrealistic to believe that any lasting change can be made without first removing the sociopathic malignancy that has spread throughout this global rich-could-give-a-damn rake-it-all-in elite cash machine. Our sense of community needs to be rekindled. We must reawaken our social beings' so long denigrated by our sociopathic overlords. This can only be attained when we resolve to take on the challenge of rebuilding our communities and ridding our social networks of all corporate interference.

Do not fall prey to the negativity spewed forth by "The Establishment", those who have a vested interest in keeping this bureaucratized business absolutism together. We can shut down this antidemocratic speculation financed casino that drains our income away so mega-billionaires can play toxic asset and debt crap table bets on Wall Street. Let us leave this Ponzi economy with its numerous pyramid schemes and mobster like CEO sociopaths behind us. If it makes these former lobbyists and other sold out enablers' days more endurable when they are eking out new lives with the natives in the Amazonian rainforest or our Inuit citizens in Nome, Alaska let them cherish and retain these phantom memory keepsakes. We will instead blaze trails of action that transform positive progressive dreams forged from cooperation, and unity into reality.

Our new expansive family will be a civilization that is interconnected into a sprawling web of boundless democracy. It will endure because everyone will be included in the decision making process. Sociocapitialism, our crowning societal achievement will be an egalitarian community based construct that empowers each and every citizen to achieve their full-potential in a genuine democracy. We will never again be forced to live the duel lives of obedient "Establishment" ballot punching voters and corporate slaves responsive to the beck and call of every management dictator. No longer dwelling in the shadowy demon inspired economic apartheid of the castle-dwelling vampires will give us back the strength of character to become more courageous and creative social individuals. We will no longer be afraid to trek to the ends of our imagination. Free of the fear of being blackballed from the labor force by the keepers of the status quo, rid of the ruthless introverts whose job it is too keep brilliance in check, we will finally experience the unbridled power of the human mind in a society that allows ingenuity to be respected, rewarded, and utilized. This is the future that our People's Movement is exploring with our suffusing purple wave of individuals who are unintimidated by a debauched elite power. An ever expanding Fifth Column of billions of global citizens is bringing about change from within this anti-human international plutocracy. Freedom knows no bounds, has no blinders, is not indebted to exploiters, and is never diminished by negativity. That is why we are positive about the future - awakened to the possibilities of substantive change. There is nothing we cannot achieve once we set our minds and hearts to the goal of making the impossible, possible. Never let anyone convince you that the status quo is permanent.