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Responsibility Rests Squarely With Elites

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Responsibility is good when it applies to average global citizens but we must all remember that those in positions of power need not adhere to any precepts of responsibility. In fact, they may continue to control our governments, direct every aspect of our lives, propagate their lies through their media machine and live like there's no tomorrow. No need for the well-heeled politicians, business elite, or approved intelligentsia to tighten their "belts" during this income crisis of their design because they've already outgrown their "belts" through over indulgence.

It is all well and good to speak to us lowly serfs about responsibility when those at the top of the income pyramid have enough of our wealth to live on for decades - no sacrifice is necessary at the top just good acting skills. Anytime you hear one of our synthetic puritan politicians preaching about how all of us slovenly everyday citizens overindulged in a time of overindulgence just remember who was doing the overindulging - their patrons (masters) who extracted all the income from the economy to pay for their millions of dollars in compensation for over 30 years.

By golly the 'living is good' when you can extract on average the income equivalent of what every worker earns over a 32-year period. Wow, that is one hell of an aggregate income to live the life of the rich and famous.

Now that we're all tapped out of income these expert whiners are inventing a multitude of stories like spoiled children caught doing something wrong. We have the ever popular; "this recession continues because you and I need more credit which is not available because of the credit crisis".

Of course when all else fails any good propagandist knows to place the blame on everybody: just target some deep seated moral failing that all are said to have engaged in thereby shifting the laser focus of blame from the true culprits onto everyone's shoulders - that is everyone but you. So if you're an elite backed into the corner, remember that people are much more willing to accept the blame for something if it is just a small portion of blame that has been spread thin across an entire population.

All the rest of us bottom dwellers must therefore be on the lookout for our assigned 'quantity' of blame when it comes flowing down from above.

But why even accept blame for something outside our power to control? Instead, place the blame back where it belongs, squarely on the shoulders of the greedy elites who thieved every last drop of income from this contrived economy so that they could live like kings and queens.