Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

People's Movement Is Resolute to Be Rid of Corporate Dictators

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Watching this make believe society sleepwalk through autocracy is fascinating. You have all these citizens trudging daily to work in their in-hock vehicles suffering through bumper-to-bumper traffic and the occasional accident just so they can arrive at their corporate masters' worksites just in time to be belittled, ridiculed, and led around on a tight leash. Yet after a day of meekly accepting the dictates of supervisors all for less-and-less take home pay that buys fewer and fewer substandard products manufactured by slave labor in China they proclaim the first chance they get how democratic, decent, and fair their favorite gulag is especially when the sun is shining outside the hermetically sealed buildings. How utterly laughable the whole sordid process is, this up at the crack of dawn dungeon crowd that jumps out of bed when the scheduling system starts yelping or the bedside alarm chirps. They respond like all the other obedient droids across this planet, they frantically race to get to their cage. When elections for their favorite bought-and-paid-for stoolie arrive they go to polling stations to cast their vote or raise their hand only to find that their vote is not even tallied in a grand total. Instead the whole affair is nothing more than an exercise in futility because horse trading delegates just support whatever candidate their big-business elite bosses decided will continue to deliver the goodies from the government treasure chest.

Nonsensical is the only term that adequately describes the flag raising, chest thumping sentient primates that inhabit this backward planet. More concerned with following through with traditions than drastically changing their lives for the better these illusion shrouded slaves continue to deliver misfits and sellouts to the lobbyist infested corridors of government facades that draw their real power from a 1% elite shadow government. It is inconceivable that these eight billion intelligent beings that exist precariously on a world that they exert little direction over, especially when they are at work, have not already stormed the power centers in a raging wave of frustration and disgust. If this same scenario played itself out any place else, the tragic waste of economic and environmental resources, a cruelty perpetrated by a tiny pampered class of rulers who leave the majority to wither away in an economic apartheid a thundering revolution would be the guaranteed consequence. Had such a similar fate been sealed on any other planet, the venom released by the trampled upon majority left to rot like a piece of meat on the side of the road would have years ago vanquished all traces of the ruling tyrants. But here in this happy primate village of sniveling acceptors the sociopaths are having a field day cashing in on all the gangs of slaves who passively accept that rapidly declining living conditions in an undemocratic society is an unalterable law of nature.

Most insulting to the normal scheme of how societies are organized is the caliber of leaders running this blue tidal pool. The sarcastic laced ignorant rants of the buffoons who rule up and down the hierarchical power manacle are an insult to each and every intelligent entity that graces this boundless universe. If it was not for the many hardworking human beings' that each day create, build, organize, stabilize, and carry out all the necessary day to day tasks of this degenerate society the whole putrid lump would drop silently into a hole.

Complicating the entire mishmash is all the contradictory signals the general population receives from 'unimpeachable' totally 'honest' government sources, established media channels, and talk show radio hosts that spew pure ideology contaminated with hate filled rants. Government or what passes for citizen organized constituent directed democracy but is in reality a conduit for a Corporate Dictatorship has a special interest in promoting capitalism that is the sham societal construct used to milk the general population of income and wealth but more importantly is designed to keep power up top with a pampered 1% of the population. Diminishing incomes, the direct result of this elite upper class of CEOs, executives, and major investors siphoning off all the income and wealth is a yearly fact of subsisting in this miserable exploitative environment. Many psychoses are produced from the constant discord churned up by this manipulative mean system of legalized pillage. Crime of all variants is widespread, social discourse is relegated to online exchanges of short stilted messages. Generally speaking it is a withdrawn community that is individually lonely, and dejected. A sentient race that only just now, is waking up from their "nothing will ever change" stupor so successfully inculcated by "The Establishment".

Is this how an outside observer would describe our sad state of affairs? Even from this high level surface perspective it is obvious to this visitor that for so ruthless an elite pestilence of parasites to have taken control the general population must have prostrated themselves before these bandits. Given the past level of political gerrymandering it has been hard for "The Establishment" to conceal their efforts to keep a firm grip on power. When thousands of lobbyists have offices on K-Street in such close proximity to the halls of corruption and "The Establishment" lovingly referred to by some as "The Machine" is daily undermining electorate representative government so that it bends to the wishes of a 1% royalty is it any wonder the general population in the United States is finally waking from their stupor ready to vacate the whole abomination.

The rigged capitalist society that reaches its tentacles into every corner of this world is starting to lose its grip. The talons are straining to hold onto power. Our People's Movement purple wave embedded throughout this greatest of cons is the primary reason for the meltdown of the evil that is at the heart of this discredited minority regime. All across this dream razed, economically strip mined, graft infused labor dungeon, those in the majority who sink deeper into poverty with each passing year are starting to comprehend that they and their children's lives will fade into abject poverty if they continue to do nothing. Citizens are energized. An electric current is drawing strangers out from their seclusion into new communities of purple. Forgotten techniques of socialization are being reinvented into new web based forms using social networks and other electronic linkages. We are all relearning how to cooperate and communicate with a diverse group of people. For that is what community is all about - discussing issues and enjoying each other's company.

Over many decades the 1% enslavers have cloaked us in this illusion of capitalist plenty and effusive democracy. Recasting the individual, that lonely figure forced to go it alone into the embodiment of all that is heroically entrepreneurial they have generated a legend that engenders the pioneer spirit of the Wild West. Prior to our more recent isolation we were a community oriented people, dropping by after dinner on most nights to talk with each other on porches, joining fellow citizens at civic events, attending many nighty meetings of any number of clubs or political organizations, and of course socializing across an entire spectrum of church events that all taken together formed a nexus of discussions that empowered democratic intercourse. The Corporate Dictatorship when it was consolidating its power used some of the money that it siphoned from corporations to buy governments but also allocated a portion of their vastly expanding income and wealth to have their think tanks and media parrots concoct the legend of the lone wolf hero that they used to dissolve citizen community involvement. This individual was portrayed as a superhuman business savvy pioneer in the spirit of a gun totting cowboy - a brazen roughneck that singlehandedly triumphs over all odds to achieve a preordained fortune and undisputed power at the top of the corporate ladder. Merging this myth with the gunslinger that is always ready to quick draw any opponent that dares doubt the skill of this omnipotent being served the dual purpose of reminding those in the bottom rungs of the societal latter that any false move to disrupt the status quo would be dealt with mercilessly and also reinforced the no rules path to power that any prospective capitalist savant must take if they are to be admitted into the elite club of capitalist sociopaths. There just is no place in this degenerate society for community because it is anathema to the 'watch your back' criminal culture.

Break the back of this anti-human sect of enslavers....

Empower yourself - do not wait for others who believe they have an inalienable right to boss you around, take all your money to offshore accounts, and decide what crumbs they will let sprinkle from their overstuffed mouths.

Chart your own future - do not let an elite group of shadow government mobsters determine your quality of life.

Dream big dreams - only extractors, leaches that depend upon smacking their bloody lips after sinking their fangs deep into society would suggest that we tone down our dreams so that we can leave more goodies for them to cart away - never mind your pantry has fewer precious chick-peas-and-rice.

Taking the correct steps now will ensure that this planet's future will be propelled by an egalitarian society steeped in a democracy that never shies away from turning dreams into reality. Truly free people are daily blazing their own paths. Cooperative communities start building up experience, competence, and self-confidence with each decision that they see turned into positive outcomes. When it comes time to push the limits of what is possible this accumulated history of self-governance that has yielded many visible examples of success coupled with an always improving quality of life lends credence to the ability of the community to carve out their own destiny even when confronted with seemingly insurmountable odds. Being a part of a 24/7 democracy that is practiced even at the worksite provides each citizen with all the lessons necessary to cooperatively secure a magnificently boundless fate.

Why are "The Establishment" talking heads telling all who will listen that dreams are the products of idealism, a faulty trait that all of us should have left behind in our impassioned youth? Could it be that our masters are afraid that a few imaginative slaves will contaminate the hardworking genial stock? What is a good whimpering bow backed slave to do? Never let anyone tell you that you cannot reach a goal. If they do, ask yourself why they are so adamant about spreading negativity. Could it be that these naysayers in "The Establishment" know that if the community 'unaided' by a hierarchical power manacle were to be allowed to break free and take their own journey into pure self-governance that each success would breed more successes. Eventually the bottom-up people controlled governments and ventures that materialize would realize that all control freaks up and down the chain-of-command are superfluous. These status quo enforcers would then be forced to get real jobs contributing to outcomes instead of snuffing out the dreams of the general population.

Dare to challenge the limits of what is perceived to be possible. Calculate the incalculable. Transform the mundane into a minimalist clean-form beauty that all can appreciate. Visualize how much better a community could be if collectively all of us worked together to bring about change. This is the mindset that needs to be engendered across a world beginning to break free from its shackles. Only when we take the proverbial bull by the horns and drag the beast without any direction from the 1% master class into the stockade will we truly experience the vitality that is released by a free civilization.

Ingenuity is not found in an anointed class of the properly indoctrinated. Creativity, the spacious whiteboard that all of us have access too if we only break down the barriers that keep us chained to a colorless monotony is the elixir that inspires an attitude of empowerment. Now is the time to tell the cynics who have a special interest in keeping all of us in a featureless domed shell of enslavement to get lost. We will construct a civilizationist society that blends the best of competitive capitalism with all the elegance, beauty, equity, and compassion of socialism. During this rebirth we will not let any conniving sociopaths in the filthy-rich private plane class dissuade us from raising monuments to human cleverness and splendor. If we unleash our inner passion for conquering seemingly overwhelming odds our species will be able to start its trek into unconstrained innovation.

Do we really need all those billionaire soon to be trillionaire rulers?

Towards the close of the monarchical era there was a heated debate on whether subjects of the crown could rule themselves without chaos ensuing. You can probably already guess which side of the argument the kings and queens were pushing. Maintaining a position of privilege especially when you sponge off of the majority of the population to support your lavish lifestyle requires that you and your royal pals keep the commoners believing that status quo is preferable to change. Better yet, if you can get your supplicants to believe that your form of parasitism is the natural order of things - is somehow an immutable societal constant then you can really take the suckers to the cleaners and drain them dry. Leaving more of these fools content about wallowing in poverty lets your pirates club indulge in ever more profligate luxury. So the ultimate outcome sought by all autocrats is to cut off all further inquiry about drastic societal change aimed at replacing your flavor of majority exploitation. Monarchy, feudalism, capitalism, all degenerate autocracies need to keep the general population happily toiling deeper into destitution. Keep them focused on the great beyond with many examples of model citizens who have 'made it' playing by the rules. Have your cadre of propagandists search high-and-low for those outliners, the statistical anomalies who by sheer will or an extra helping of sociopathic tendencies climbed the slanted ladder of success.

Another trick used by those in power is to keep slaves focused on sensational or entertaining events that promote group association - a sense of belonging to a team even if it is only sensate. The longer the rulers can keep the masses focused anyplace but on their deteriorating conditions the more ingrained the serpentine control mechanisms become in the culture. Before long a point of no return is reached where acceptance is so widespread that a paradigm shifting societal revolution is viewed with suspicion. We realize that "The Establishment" has a single overriding goal. These bandits will stop at nothing to keep their income and wealth extraction feeder tubes furiously sucking.

Our People's Movement's response to the gang of financial and corporate racketeers who are destroying our environment and erasing the dreams of millions is simple and unambiguous: "We will take back all the income and wealth you stole from those of us in the 99%." You will find no safe haven because wherever you land your private plane or anchor your ship we will be waiting to drag you back to justice. Capitalist vultures that condoned and orchestrated the income starvation of many billions around the world will find that no island is too distant and no place to remote to escape our long arm of justice. Our governments will return the wealth and income drained from the lower classes by the royalists back to the general population. The People's Movement will have sound moral justification to reimburse workers at many companies for elite poached raises and the accumulated surplus wealth that should have gone exclusively to these workers. Bloated fat-cats' are wrong to believe they can safely stuff this stolen income in offshore accounts or submerge it in Wall Street financial casino bets. You are forewarned, we will "claw-back" all income and wealth that you and your capitalist vultures stole from the general population. We will flush you out of whatever hole you scurry into, pursue you and your kind to the ends of the earth. Stop at nothing to bring you to justice.

Freeing up all this currently elite pilfered income and wealth will allow us to experience a new renaissance that is self-regenerative. Massive investments in society will allow it to economically leapfrog or shift to substantially higher levels of prosperity and overall improvements in quality of life.

Let us expand on the benefits that can accrue to the general population that is fortunate enough to have won the right to determine their own destiny within a 24/7 democratic, decent, equitable, egalitarian, minimalist, and competently run civilizationist society....

  • Maglev-superfast 350+ MPH train system running down the median of the entire interstate highway system - construction of this massive project will employ millions

  • Solar collectors, arrays, and other alternate energy generation sources linked to maglev-train and modern electric grid moving us to 100% renewable energy within 10 years

  • Midwest renewable energy factory sector building solar collectors, arrays, and other alternate energy generation sources that employs many more millions

  • Building Mars colonization launch centers that will employ many hundreds of thousands and make colonists out of millions more of our fellow planetary citizens

  • Social security benefits at age 60 that pay 85% of a worker's highest yearly salary until death

  • Universal healthcare for all covering all medical, dental, eye, and mental health costs

  • Democratically owned and controlled worker organizations will replace the corporate entity

  • Fully paid for and funded education for every qualified citizen from K-18 (maxing out at a Master's level university degree)

  • Locally operated and public owned healthcare providers like the "General Hospital" will replace the multitude of for-profit scalpers that currently bleed us dry

  • Wealth and income will be more equitably spread across the population so we will no longer have a super-wealthy upper crust paying less taxes than 99% of the citizenry

  • Individual credit card debt will be written down by 50% so that citizens in our new civilizationist society are not overburdened with excessive debt at a time when they are trying to make a fresh start after years of exploitation by capitalist vampires.

  • Inner-city community trust fund with hundreds of billions of dollars will be used by residents to jump-start their standard-of-living. No gentrification will be allowed!

  • Pave all unpaved roads especially in rural areas where the dust from this ditch covered 'treasures' contribute to lung ailments, expensive vehicle repairs, slower commerce in farming areas, and a host of other problems

  • Prison will be changed from a dehumanizing warehouse into rehabilitative centers with the mandate to transform criminals into productive members of our rapidly expanding and energetic civilization. All privatized correctional institutions will become public run and the direct responsibility of our democratic governments answerable to the electorate.

Dare to be happy again! Why do you suppose there are so many dejected looking people walking around? Could it be that they have given up on having any kind of decent, equitable, amazing future? Do not be so dejected. Our path is leading us towards a happier future. We will be dancing in the streets when all of us are in control of our collective destiny - not just a sliver of elites who leave us to scamper around like dogs in their compulsory system of economic apartheid but everyone.

Below is a sample of laws that will ensure that citizens remain the undisputed constituents of their governments never again to be replaced by lobbyist interlopers doing the bidding of their superrich masters in a rigged shadow government....

  • Insurance company profit oriented intermediaries will be eliminated

  • Exploitative corporate entities will cease to exist

  • Living-breathing human beings will be preeminent under the law - no entity either business, government, or any other yet to be created societal construct will have equal or greater rights than a sentient living citizen

  • Lobbying of any elected official in any form or fashion will be a felony punishable by anywhere from 20 years to life in prison

  • Elected government officeholders will be limited to a maximum number of terms. No career politicians need apply!

  • Bank leveraging will be expressly forbidden

  • Political Parties will be outlawed. Never again will there convoluted distortions pollute what should be a purely democratic process conducted on a national level in the polling booths by millions of voters without the 'help' from electors, party delegates, or other tools of "The Establishment" used to obscure, subvert, and confound the liberties of the electorate.

  • Gerrymandered voting districts will be illegal. In some places in Florida they are only 150 feet wide for many miles. With the abolition of political parties the catalyst for having these contrived solid "blue" and "red" voting blocs will no longer exist.

  • Solitary confinement of prisoners is cruel and unusual punishment and will be expressly forbidden in all People's Movement government penitentiaries whose primary focus will be to rehabilitate convicts so they may once again reenter society as productive citizens.

  • Legalize all recreational drugs putting drug dealers out of business and taxing there sale to raise money for a national network of treatment centers

  • The perpetrators of the "financial crisis", all those happy-go-lucky swashbuckler CEO executive, board-member, banker type thieves mostly found on Wall Street but also infesting other corners of this influence peddlers paradise will be brought to trial for their crimes against humanity. If found guilty they will be exiled to the Amazonian rainforest or the remotest spec of Arctic ice near Nome, Alaska.

More insight into the proposed benefits and laws of our People's Movement civilizationist egalitarian fully democratic civilization will be provided in future essays.

Suffice to say all that you believed to be democratic is a chimera. Never has there been a purely democratic society that values each and every individual's liberty. Ours will serve as a model that all existing and future People's Movement governments can emulate. Only by empowering ourselves to make decisions concerning our own lives can we break the chains that bind us to a ruler takes all hierarchically controlled labor gulag that depends on subservient submissive slaves. Take the first step in your empowerment, break the chains of the status quo that is the warden's rulebook on how servants to the rich-and-powerful are supposed to act. Disregard all the pessimists in "The Establishment" who want us to believe we do not stand any chance of escaping this Corporate Dictatorship.

Vote for a non-establishment U.S. Presidential candidate. My personal favorite is Bernie Sanders. I believe that he would be the best transitional leader to eventually take us out of this rich-take-all degenerate capitalism into an egalitarian civilizationist society. That is not to say other non-fully-vetted anti-Establishment candidates of other ideological ilk's would not also take up the challenge to transition this country away from corporate tyranny for they may well be prepared to do this but rest assured I am confident Bernie Sanders will expend his last breath clearing out the last vestiges of this big-business autocracy. Only your upcoming vote will determine whether we live in a future filled with happiness or sorrow. History will be the final judge of whether we squandered this opportunity to be genuinely free of our elite lords. There is nothing that can stand in the way of a resolute citizenry furious at being hung out to dry by corporations and their billionaire despots.