Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Reject the Democratic and Republican Lobbyist-Snatched Automatons

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Elections are now more habit than a meaningful response to the democratic process. Some voters just select a party. Others express their frustration by using pseudo randomness. Not caring which belligerent twisted ad spinner from either party ascends to the throne of elite enabler they use the mindless bug approach letting their drifting finger carelessly drop on any button.

Stop! You will only elect one of the two party bums. We want to eradicate both the Democratic and Republican party from this perpetually bleak landscape. This will not be possible when we practice the one party selection slide or bug method.

Give your big eye that all seeing large organ centered on your forehead a rest. Sorry, must be drifting to another space and time. Far off on some distant planet perhaps democracy involves a sensible elicitation of the issues that embroil multiple candidates in meaningful dialogue. Wait, that is only possible when candidates are not affiliated with parties or lobbyists acting as surrogate constituents.

Trillions of sentient beings must be at this very moment casting votes for public office seekers. Advanced societies are by default democracies. There is no other sustainable way to naturally promote creativity and progressive ideals than through absolute freedom. A freedom that knows no bounds with the fewest legal restrictions is the most generative of enlightened viewpoints. So why do we acquiesce to participate in a sham democracy locked down by two parties totally controlled by big money contributors? Why continue down a path that always leads to a dead end?

Let’s blaze our own candidate selections not influenced by either of the two dominant party badmouths. We have already ascertained that the Democratic or Republican lobbyist-snatched automatons are devoid of ideas so select anyone else, or just write-in that kind dog-catcher.