Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Reason Eventually Trumps Instinct

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Please give me that empty bag. First you fill it with promises borne from ideology then you stuff it full of dreams only to rip out the hope, my livelihood, my savings, and my destiny in order to hoist yourself higher. Drivel is all that comes from everlasting entanglements of self-serving central governments and their powerful benefactors so just leave me alone - be off to your next crusade.

Not realizing the futility of living life for others and attempting to stabilize or rationalized the irrational is the most glaring fault of the idealist. Painting all those who toil to serve the all-powerful regardless of epoch in bright clean spotless colors without a blemish or smudge is but a fool's illusion - it's a hindrance of being endowed with nature's clarity.

If we reach an oasis on this blisteringly hot desert it's not how pure the water is but whether the damn water is drinkable and can be easily accessed.

No orderly tribe of well-behaved citizens will peacefully make their way to the Promised Land only a horde of hysterical raving people destined to save their skin over their equally demonic looking brethren. Shouts, screams, and fights will ensue over who has first access to the precious life giving water.

There are those who will triumphantly proclaim that my version of events is nothing more than a mirage that reeks of insensitivity. Or is it the 'ground truth' of a human spirit that howls forth: let me live, leave me to live, leave me alone.

All our seeking to refine this or that sociological system either government, economic, or any other fragment of encapsulated human entrapment is ultimately just an attempt to restrain the most powerful and the most cunning from barring the thirsty their drink at the oasis.

If these infringements on our naturally inspired freedoms don't accomplish their intended purpose, the majority of citizens are within their rights to mold entirely new rules and liter the ground with the stilted edicts of the gatekeepers.

Waking up each day isn't assured.

Flexing your strength without some mishap over the long stretch of time is a fantasy.

Understanding the mysteries of human nature, profanity of animal drives, and all the intellectual proclivities of the many that are never allowed expression - the most profound "why" - this unfathomable comprehension is guaranteed.

Creatively endeavoring to reach our hands out towards the limitless heavens is our responsibility. Only a trapped animal accepts its fate, resigning itself to the futility of instinct. We the upright walkers who look in all directions, who seek, who question, and never accept our destiny can use our reason to rise above brittle instinct. There's always one or more in our hysterical horde who shout out "WAIT" we can work together to dig to the source of the water - this will assure that all will have plenty.