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Reality Tightly Wrapped in Distortion

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The crafty spin-doctors entangle logic. Reality is carefully threaded through the stories but it's denied a 'breath' of unobstructed clarity. Logic struggles to escape this weave of lies bound tightly in an artful attempt to confuse the issue; all of these pieces of distorted reason are excreted by media parrots - these perfectly concocted pieces of propaganda.

A corporate media machine revs its engine - a blindingly disruptive force that uses buy-in of a central thread of reality to suck us into a world of ultra-capitalist dogma that is expertly hanging like ticks to clean unprotected skin.

The vulnerable host unaware of this insidious technique of shaping public opinion, of supplanting specks of reality with indistinguishable chunks of misinformation eagerly soaks up the drug.

But like any drug taken over an extended period of time side effects tend to adversely affect the user. They may be mild or severe depending upon the persons physiology and dosage. At times they may be life altering; a need becomes a desire, a desire an irrepressible obsession.

Similarly, the mind benders of our global business/government leech now employ music, visual images, profound words, and written works of insincerity that woven together with a central underlying easily identifiable reality has the effect of warping the undisciplined mind into accepting our business masters twisted world view.

So before you accept hook-line-and-sinker any argument presented by the self-serving corporate media monster, think long and hard about the central premise there shoving down your throat. Does it jive with the world you live in, the world you struggle to survive in, the world their attempting to bury you under?

Remember, just because there is a token 'drop' of logic (a reality that is barely perceptible) does not mean that you are required by default to accept without condition all the warped conclusions contaminating what is nothing more than an expertly disguised finely crafted work of propaganda.

Once you acquiesce, once you believe, or gratefully accept that the masters of corporate propaganda are allowing you to consume this juicy piece of meaty fat in what are typically a watery porridge - you're hooked. They've got you, you'll come back for more until you're so saturated in their bile you come to accept their distorted lies, their ill-founded premises; all dogma brewed by their fanatics.

If the enticing glistening piece of fatty meat is the only edible part of your gruel just eat the meat and throw the rest of the slimy slop directly in their arrogant faces. Let these masters-of-the-universe feel the scalding hot fury of your anger; our resolve, we won't let them tangle us up with their endless mind games!