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Purposeful Distraction: The Reality Obfuscation Champaign

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Purposeful distraction is being used to keep peoples' minds occupied with the Trump mafia and assorted political machinations on both the left and the right so we will not trouble ourselves with unaffordable healthcare, skimpy paychecks raided by corporate pirates, extreme inequality, and our general fall into poverty. Corporate media, owned by some of the richest oligarchs, is constantly bombarding us with slippery 'news' pertaining to the latest escapades originating in the Trump White House. Investigations abound, Russians are lurking in every dark alley ready to strike out at our 'beloved' mega-business dictatorship.

Will the evil incarnate Russians come running down the hills with bayonets extended killing and maiming every American patriot they find? Maybe packs of Bigfoot will start terrorizing innocent peaceful rural families just trying to enjoy the American Dream owing $2 million to assorted healthcare providers after a serious illness. Russian invaders, Bigfoot packs, hell, maybe an alien invasion is in the works.

One thing we can be sure of we are living in desperate times. Even mundane reality is troubling when you do not know which faction of the Corporatist horde will be in power tomorrow. Will the unsophisticated superclass bottom feeders on Trump's side prevail or the erudite Wall Street bankster crowd that supported Hillary Clinton and the corporate Democrats.

As if we really cared when we are fighting just to keep our financial heads above water in a robber baron world that keeps raiding our wages, cutting government services, and leaving us under a mountain of medical and personal debt. There is never any mention of these trifling difficulties. Instead corporatist establishment types are having us look in our closets for those Russians, hiding out, ready to befuddle our wonderful governmental institutions sinking just fine in quicksand without any help from invaders.

Did you hear that? There must be a werewolf close by - undoubtedly called to action on those nights when reality TV is not blaring away with buxom babes in skimpy outfits and herculean warlords scaling walls, and jumping across motes. Your difficulties are never allowed to surface from your subconscious into your conscience because the zoo keepers, saucy producers, and Russian lovers are always suffocating your potential intellectual inquires with absurdity, titillation, and sensationalism.

Will someone please tell that werewolf to stop its howling! Damn, should look under the bed for Russians. Now what was it my mind was pondering before that "Special Report" flashed across the flat-screen? So what! A whole troop of giant fanged aliens was spotted nearby. At the rate we're going mummies will be in vogue next week.

Oh yea, have to throw out half my refrigerators starchy, fat-filled, and sugary processed food because two transnational corporate gruel purveyors' factories in the Amazon jungle were found to be so filthy most of these goodies are growing toxic bacteria. Now what was that concept those activists were explaining online - was it something about self-determination, equity, and egalitarianism?

Obfuscation of reality - your personal workplace autocratic hell, the bills that just keep piling up, wages that remain stagnant even though prices never stop rising, those executive hoodlums always demanding more even though they do less and less - the purposeful deadening of our ability to discern truth from quackery keeps us passive and subservient to superclass pillagers.