Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Reality Creation Board

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"They've just grilled him over a charbroil pit but he refuses to divulge his secrets. We’re tired to the point of total exhaustion. It was no use; this task force was a failure not a single actionable sliver of intelligence has been extracted. All the operatives, trained stoolies, and jasmine scented blonds were ineffectual against this tightly bound organization. No matter the technique nothing penetrated the veneer of these crusaders."

Having been at it for close to a month the Reality Creation Board no longer had the wherewithal or desire to alter events connected with this passionate group of believers. Numbering close to 2 billion followers with more coming on board everyday it was the perception of the Rulers that it would be impossible to extinguish this nuisance. Not only had they multiplied beyond the scope of Reality Stabilization’s capabilities these individual entities had infiltrated the very fabric of planetary life.

It was even conceivable that the very reality that the Reality Creation Board was tasked with creating was being influenced by this global infection. The once reliable organizations tasked with shaping Meld Thoughts – all the beliefs and conceptions of generations of non-individuals were now in jeopardy. No one, or more precisely no melded teams or approved groups could be found that could successfully confront this onrush of experience loving passion infused souls.

Keeping the populace sufficiently jacked-up on violence was ineffectual when an increasing number of these individuals were refusing to participate. They just didn’t have the desire to watch movies or consume media that had no intellectual quality. Their desires were purely confined towards the pleasures of being human and relegating deviant behaviors like violence to the gutter where it belonged. Just like a gutter is seldom noticed these unique generalists never made the connection with the sludge gushing from the gutter and the need to be afraid. They just ignored all our efforts at instilling constant fear and its subsequent incapacitation.

Now we’re facing the distinct possibility that our walls of carefully constructed illusion are crumbling. How are we to keep these freethinkers from expanding their grasp on a world we’ve effectively ruled for centuries? This is a very infuriating thought that our best efforts have been for naught.

Not long ago prior to the introduction of the Internet we were able to feed the pliable masses a steady drip of grog over easily manipulated media channels that never balked at presenting the Accepted Cultural Folklore. It is a fact that we kept this entire miserable planet eating out of our hand and most importantly working their asses off. Now with this steady stream of uncontrolled communication coursing from innumerable online devices the Reality Creation Board is unable to force feed the version of reality that keeps these droids happily cleaved to their rotten daily routine. They’re now asking too many questions and worse of all starting to develop cogent thoughts.

All is not lost because our Meld Thoughts team is starting to get a handle on all this damn questioning. They are engaged in a project that is building another layer of unreality below the singular macro layer that is dissolving. By instilling doubt in those who are questioning their existence by labeling those who question as deviants this special team of Group Think Resolvers is beginning to turn the tide on the Individuals. All kinds of special categories are being created by this team to label this or that identified deviant. If we can break these unchained graspers of reason out from their fellows, isolate them, and make them seem unreasonable then the whole global renaissance will implode from within.


“Efforts to inoculate the general global population from disruptive unproductive actions and remarks have been successful. To date, Group Think has been fully absorbed with little to no disturbances being reported. Worker productivity has increased at double digit rates not seen since prior to our gouging of the governmental treasuries during the ‘financial crisis’. Control is effectively at 100% with all the vast stock of worker serfs focused totally on nothing but their steady production and their constant instilled fear. All is well, our islands of wealth are safe, and we foresee no more street demonstrations against our rule.”