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Real Democracies Represent Their Citizens - They Do Not War With Them in the Streets

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The laws of the global 1% Corporate Dictatorship are meant to keep the 99% disenfranchised from the democracy only enjoyed by 1% robber barons. The entire legal system is designed so that the majority that just happens to also be in the lower classes remains subservient and obedient to their 1% masters. Basically what exists is a two-tier system of jurisprudence whereby the upper classes enjoy the advantages of lobbyist written legislation that favors them while at the same time keeps all us lower class bottomscrapers from ever attaining justice. Simply put justice is only for upper class pirates, their well-paid lobbyists, and anyone who has real income that they legally stole from the endlessly working labor slaves in the 99% who struggle to make ends meet with their always declining real wages. If you are unfortunate to find yourself in the 99% with bills up to your eyeballs, less free time, insurance premiums and deductibles going through the roof, and basically scraping bottom to meet skyrocketing rent and other necessities you are undoubtedly unable to pay legal fees for even a bottom tier lawyer. Typically even if you can come up with enough money by maxing out your credit cards to pay for an inexperienced or incompetent attorney the laws are written so that you are disadvantaged from the start - no self-respecting lobbyist servicing their 1% castle dwellers would ever write legislation that did not clearly benefit their masters. Remember your government is not yours and it has a permanently extended middle finger pointed upward when addressing the 99%.

Most 99% citizens living in this 1% labor pit do not even get to see the inside of a courtroom because they had to sign agreements when selling themselves to a new corporate master buying a product or receiving a service from any number of 1% marauders who require them to throw away their rights to a court case and subject themselves to 'legal arbitration'. Under 'legal arbitration' the company has stacked the cards against the 99% litigant right from the start. Fancy well-heeled lawyers usually kept on retainer by the corporation have crafted the perfect fantasy trial system complete with handpicked pseudo-judges, no right to legal review of arbitration findings and rulings, and best of all, no appeal of the decision to a higher court because you've guessed it - the whole charade never took place in a courtroom in the first place. All that transpires in these modern day kangaroo court arbitration rooms is slanted to provide the firm with the most favorable outcome possible - you are a mere nuisance - a fly in the ointment that needs to be quickly picked off readying the trap for the next 'troublemaker'.

Just like when the 99% seek justice from a system that only parrots platitudes. We are left on our own when a 1% enforcer, a police officer, those that primarily protect the property rights of capitalists make certain that 99% folk especially the lowest of the low those people-of-color stay obedient to their 1% masters. Do not ever for a moment think you will get a smidgen of respect from the CEO executive sociopaths who rule over you with impunity. In their eyes we are nothing more than bottom rung penny pincher's for these power hungry deviants who have sucked dry most of the income and wealth from the planet are so far removed from our lives of hardship that to them we are aliens living on a distant world. They play the stock market like a roulette wheel, fly private jet planes the size of passenger jumbo jets, cruise the oceans in ships, and buy islands just to have a party to engage in the most decadent activities imaginable. Never for a second consider that you or any 99% laborer is afforded the same rights as even an up and coming ten percent gated community suburbanite.

So if you are poor, a person of color, or worse yet both lower class and have skin color tinged anything other than lily white you are a legitimate target of a police force whose primary responsibility it is to keep your kind out of the communities where the upper crust live. All those cops who gleefully enjoy kicking, punching, bullying, and sometimes shooting dead those of us in the lower classes even though they themselves are from the same subterranean hell pits do it for fun - a sadistic enjoyment. Let us be honest with ourselves - anyone who can without hesitation enforces laws that are clearly detrimental to the well-being of their fellow human beings. A person that never questions why bankers who have stolen trillions of dollars from taxpayers gets off without ever seeing the inside of a courtroom while a penniless bank robber with three hungry kids at home receives 20 - 30 years in prison is nothing more than an automaton without a conscience who is capable of just about anything. These enforcers of injustice are either idiots or love the work they do for this feudal incarnation that is the 1% Corporate Dictatorship.

Not caring for your fellow human beings who are being taken to the cleaners by self-serving arrogant income predators in an evil system of pillage that subjugates the vast majority of people to a lifetime of labor slavery is a prerequisite for joining the ranks of the extended military deployed against the citizenry. Looking the other way when you enforce laws that are clearly unethical, antidemocratic, and inhuman taints you personally - there is no escaping your complicity in an evil system of pillage. Jailing those who should not be jailed and accepting the status quo generated by the 1% criminals who should definitely be jailed but instead flaunt their immunity from prosecution with reckless abandon is not being a public servant but a perpetrator, an enabler of legalized criminality.

Who is the public that you are serving? Is it the sliver of a minority that is the 1% Establishment or the 99% that you serve? Are you in your capacity as officer of the law serving the 99% when you disregard their rights, arrest them for taking back what was stolen by the 1% gangsters, beat, club, and kill them? Anyone who blindly follows the edicts of this global plutocracy that daily uses human beings like beasts of burden to extract great wealth should be lumped with the 1% outlaws - for they are no different.

There will be many who will say that only a few police officers are 'bad apples', that not all cops should be lumped together in the same bin full of rotten fruit. Granted, there may be a few decent officers of the law that actually believe they are helping their communities by filling up jails to the brim with petty drug dealers, down on their luck small time thieves, the very poor who cannot pay their fines to local governments that prey on them, and of course all those who just happen to commit a crime that is only a crime in a society geared towards keeping a few billionaires in power while the rest of us sink further into the proverbial hole. No, there is no escaping your guilt by association, off-color racial remarks, or disparaging comments about the poorer less fortunate members of this prison camp who you and your enforcers treat like second class citizens. Police officers and all those associated with this predatory legal system are responsible for carrying out a multitude of gross injustices against their fellow human beings in the name of a parasitic contrivance masquerading as a legitimate society.

There are no bystanders in this rotten society. If you are a police officer, you may even have thrown families out of their bank-owned homes during the 'Financial Crisis'. You are complicit in an illegality - a crime against humanity when you shove families on the street - force them to live homeless under bridges just so a few banksters can keep their losses to a minimum in a 'crisis' of their own doing. Banksters sold worthless CDOs, accumulating trash investments that all us regular folks were taxed to oblivion to write off with government bailouts. Is this justice to persecute the helpless, voiceless, and penniless majority so a few overstuffed tyrants can continue to live like kings?

Being a police officer you were and still are complicit for enforcing the 'injustice' that is crafted by lobbyists. There is no justification for absolving oneself of wrongdoing. Your hands are already dirty. Justify it all you want, by enforcing the laws, keeping this billionaires club of pillage grinding away on the bones of an underclass you have contributed to the destruction of innumerable lives just so a super-rich minority can accumulate unlimited power and wealth stolen from the entire society. No amount of rationalizing away of your dirty deeds absolves you of wrongdoing - cleanses your soul. The question remains unanswered. Are you capable of taking responsibility for your actions or will you like the corporate media machine just gloss over all these injustices by hugging a few more citizens knowing full well that when you get in the squad car tomorrow the injustice against the majority begins anew? Ah, the power of a few simple platitudes.

Just because someone else will throw their brothers and sisters in jail to keep this latest incarnation of royalty happy does not mean you also have to participate in upholding this ages old injustice. Stand aside, refuse to carry out orders, and tell your superiors you have resolved to follow a higher justice, a creed that treats everyone as an equal, and would never arrest innocents just so the members of the royal court - all those CEO executive types who control this benighted planet can feed on the 99% and strip us of our dignity, creations, and toiled over products and services. Join our People's Movement revolution.

Looking the other way is no defense. Do you absolve yourself of the commission of these crimes? Is it really possible to be cleansed of any wrongdoing because your actions were within the legal boundaries of this bought-and-paid for society? What if there is a higher authority - then how will you plead? Have we not been saying all along that this society is a con concocted by flimflam artists seeking to fleece the majority of even the shirt off their backs? Before there were governments people resolved their differences amicability. Then laws were written by those in power for those in power, and we all used these as a crutch - the Holy Grail that justified our actions even when we knew deep down that we were wrong. No longer needing to cooperate, work together in communities to solve our problems respectfully and peacefully the more powerful could 'legally' prey on the less fortunate. We are now able to call the police, contact a lawyer, and cite a law, even if it is unfair, shortsighted, and detrimental to community cohesion. That is backwards progress.

Keep in mind laws are enacted by mere mortals, people who have taken a pledge to represent their constituents but most of the time instead choose to represent powerful and wealthy vested interests, a 1% banditry always seeking to pull more money and wealth out of failing societies that they had a hand in creating.

Did not the Gestapo act in accordance with the clearly stated laws promulgated by the Nazi administrators? They rounded up Jews to be sent to concentration camps where they were gassed to death, raped young Jewish women, and committed other unspeakable atrocities against their fellow human beings just because a few racist lawmakers decided that this group of people was a threat to "The Fatherland". This was the start of a purge of a people that became the "Final Solution" that most Germans of that era were complicit in promoting through their actions and inattentiveness. Just being a part of this evil society made them guilty - the comfortably numb proponents of extermination. Only those who fought in the underground or were active in any way to bring about the overthrow of this horrible blemish on inhumanity could claim to be guilt free because they did not just sit back and allow the evil to fester.

So actions and sometimes even our inaction have far reaching consequences. We just cannot unequivocally pronounce that we are absolved, guilt free when we perpetrate injustices or allow them to be committed without speaking up. You cannot be absolved, have a clean conscience simply because some mortals got together - in our case lobbyist(s) drafted legislation that codified a law.

It is important that we keep things in perspective. Laws are not sacrosanct, holier than thou consecrations of super beings beyond reproach. In our case they are the handicraft of a rotten 1% Corporate Dictatorship made up of amoral sociopaths who could care less for the citizenry and are only interested in pocketing the most lucrative outlays in the form of cash, favors, and perks for slimy deeds they do for their 1% paymasters. So why is it citizens across the entire swath of society feel that it is their duty, their sacred responsibility to follow laws whose intent is to financially destroy lower classes so that it is easier for a superclass to pick their pockets?

Maybe we are all to blame - that is those of us who do not give a damn, could care less whether our friends, neighbors, and communities become the targets of greedy parasites? Can any of us remove ourselves from the society that we interact with regularly? Are we mere pawns of a crooked and unjust culture? Or are we all culpable by permitting the continuance of this wicked state of affairs - the destruction of our planet and the ever increasing number of lives plowed under so a few can live like sultans? We are if we do nothing to stop it.

Let's be honest with ourselves, if we, that is those of us in the majority, all the citizens of a nation-state feel that for any reason our legislators are no longer representing our interests, that they have decided to chuck their responsibilities to the people for easy money and perks proffered by lobbyists then it is our right to dissolve this very human creation called society and all of its facets. Furthermore, any officer of the peace that upholds laws that they know are wrong are silently justifying the evil that spawns these laws and cannot claim they were just doing their job. The response "just doing my job" has never absolved anyone of guilt.

Hopefully, there are many more police officers like those in Mississippi who recently locked arms with Black Lives Matter protesters in a show of solidarity. Sadly such camaraderie between police officers and protesters is very rare. If the militarization of policing is any indication of where we are headed it surely is not towards a kinder gentler democracy but into a more sinister intolerant dictatorship. Democracies do not deploy a military against their citizenry because it is inconsistent with the societal mores that they uphold but also because in a genuine democracy where the citizens feel they are being adequately represented civil strife is almost non-existent. Squelching the free expression of citizens by breaking up protests with rubber bullets, tear gas, Billy clubs, and an arsenal of weaponry more suited to the battlefield than the city streets is not something a real democracy would do - in fact a liberty loving people would be abhorred to learn of such tactics used against citizens.

Unobstructed bottom-up democracies, the only kind to give their citizens unrestricted control over all aspects of their lives typically last a very long time. Once the citizenry is directly plugged into and exercising total control over every facet of their society down to the most infinitesimal detail - molding their environment, finances, workplace, and support structures they will never relinquish these rights of predetermination to any 'flavor' of tyrants. Overwhelming happiness is their reward. They earn it each day by educating themselves and not wasting time engaging in frivolous idiocy.

Citizens should never be at the mercy of self-centered tyrants whose only goal is to amass unlimited income and power in the shortest amount of time. Let us shift the tenor of societal affairs from an adversarial dogfight with our fellow citizens to a cooperative community relationship that is supported by mutual trust and respect.

You must be thinking it will take many years of horrible struggle with the entrenched 1% to reach such a state of nirvana. On the contrary, a very few dissatisfied citizens can ignite the spark that kindles the flames of revolution. Initially, only 33% of British citizens in the North American colonies prior to the American Civil War supported a revolution against the British government. Currently, in the United States, disillusionment, dissatisfaction, and a general feeling that the federal government is disconnected from and has set up shop with their true constituents the lobbyists who represent a 1% robber baron class is so widespread that Congress typically never has a job approval rating above 15%. That means that on average 85% of US citizens feel disenfranchised from what is touted as the freest democracy on the planet.

But by whose measure is the US the most democratic country in the world? Do the citizens have a split personality where on some days the 85% that despises being treated like trash by this 1% house of cards instantly flip and turn into lovers of an egregious corporate despotism? Or does the 1% Corporate Dictatorship exercise such absolute control over all information, that their media propaganda arm filters, censors, and sifts until only a stale honey suckle endorsement of all things that enforce a docile and compliant mindset in the general population become the historical as well as the current reality for the general population? Does this mean we will never know the real level of dissatisfaction of this government facet within this capitalist society until we overthrow it?

Most adherents to the People's Movement belief system that favors science and fact based analysis over spiritualism that only promotes illusion have already chucked the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality shift theory out the window. Therefore, without ghosts or goblins to blame for this societal implosion the gush of symptoms the global media oligarchy 'reports' on, while never looking into the root cause of the societal degeneration, is exactly how a propaganda outlet for a powerful autocracy would attempt to stabilize and prevent the collapse of their power structure. There primary purpose for being is to dissuade criticism of the regime by "Haters" or any other convenient label that effectively boxes up, turns those who have legitimate complaints against the Establishment into pariahs shunned by an ever expanding number of uninformed citizens.

So the answer to the above question is that we will not know how dissatisfied the citizenry is with its society because we are a part of this citizenry. Suffocating under the overwhelming machinations of an enforced imprisonment, following the rules of the land that cause minimal harm, or at least those that we must to survive, contaminating ourselves by adhering to social mores that slowly turn us into uncaring heathens, all of this isolates us from the logic practiced by those living in stable progressive societies that do not feed upon less fortunate citizens like a pack of ravenous cannibals. Therefore, without coming to this degenerate societal parasitism after having experienced real liberty in an egalitarian society that values each citizen equally taints our ability to distinguish fact from fiction. Regardless of these impediments we all do our best to dig deep into our souls, that part of us that helps us distinguish right from wrong. With this in mind, we must endeavor to stay abreast of all that is going on around us - within our fractured boundary riddled enclaves and across this environmentally dying world. Tactics change, the rulers of this planetary gulag have an army of misinformation spreaders that keep promulgating ever more ingenious ways their 1% masters can maintain a stranglehold over a wiser majority.

The latest tactic used by 'The Ministry of Truth' propagandizes the benefits of listening. Be very careful because even though "listening" is now in vogue with our masters you dare not say anything meaningful or substantive if you are doing the talking because then you will be labeled as a divisive individual who is unwilling to sacrifice yourself for the greater good of the 1% parasites. For these voracious feeders will have their enforcers tag you a subversive or worse yet a terrorist who only wants to stir up trouble and dissension among the ranks.

Another way to keep you quiet and endlessly listening to drivel is to make you fearful of expressing an intelligent opinion on a topic that is off-limits. You can commit no greater heresy of the capitalist faith by uttering an opinion that is critical of our corporate masters and their bought-and-sold governments. Remember in this new world order it is not important to be right or logically attuned to the reality of a situation but it is essential that you the individual blend in with the rest of the flock of sheep by never expressing yourself to vocally, or eliciting the slightest emotion. All well-oiled robots know better than to question their master's edicts especially when they are issued with the highest moral justification: to shackle every 99% labor slave to the global business empire.

Many tactics are used to keep the unruly majority under control. The lords of the realm cannot afford to have disruptions of their long suck - precious dribbles of income and planetary resources that could be wasted up above might make their way down to the slaves. This might set a precedent that could upset the status quo. Our 1% lords never want us labor slaves to get all worked up over nothing so they employ the harshest tactics against us like using a military assault squad masquerading as a police force. Just snap shut the mouths of those intellectuals stirring up trouble, causing this grand 1% planetary extraction from reaching its climax - the total removal of all resources and income from this dungeon world. All dissension outside the castle needs to come to an end, those 'haters', all the unruly slaves tugging against their chains need to remain calm so their pockets can be picked more efficiently. Stomp on their rights, throw them in jail, shoot them, beat them up, and drag them on the pavement - the police enforcers have their orders.

Heads will definitely roll in the higher echelons of this billionaire's kingdom if the enforcer robots do not keep the 99% hordes from rioting at the political conventions. Remember, you have no right to be angry at your life going in the gutter because of the great 'taker' suck. Just stoically raise your head high searching out the Stars-and-Strips or whatever flag your 1% masters want you to get all teary eyed over - purge that hate - become a sponge able to soak up all the indignities poured on you from the castle ramparts. No disturbances are to be permitted when our rulers' political puppets meet to choose the two 1% figureheads that will head up the well-greased party tickets. They do not want the political party bosses' revelry to be disturbed just when they are about to 'get down' at this the most anticipated celebration that only happens every four years. Our gulag wardens have had their media propagandists parroting accolades galore, touting the virtues of the anti-democratic, spiritless, squash brain sociopaths they want us valley dwellers to adore. Both the Republican and Democratic candidates for US President come from fine deadwood stock - the holder of the Republican dirty rag is a CEO billionaire direct from behind the palace walls and the Democratic candidate comes from a grand tradition of crooked political dealings with 1% Banksters. Either would make an excellent placeholder figurine for the office of US President of the United States. Neither would do any harm to the 1% economic and planetary strip mining operation.

Those who have eagerly absorbed the capitalist dogma, nationalist fervor, and liberty drivel never notice that walls, barricades, and police tactics are now reminiscent of some of the worst South and Central American banana republics. Why would the upcoming Republican convention in Cleveland have an eight foot high fence and a police/military force ready to be deployed against the very citizens these lobbyist-snatched political hacks say they represent? Possibly the political stooges, lobbyists, and other gunk dripping from the gears of this giant 1% thrashing machine are a little worried that they have pushed the 99% over the edge. We have awoken from our deep sleep. Everyone knows the entire society is a scam and we are its easy marks, patsies who in the past gulped down the swill but now poor it down the toilet.

Protection from raging mobs of valley dwellers must be provided to the loyal enablers of this 1% corporate prison camp. Why it would be a travesty of the highest order to expose the enablers of injustice to the bloodcurdling anger of an awakened 99% ready to fight for their freedom. Slave stock that has sold their soul to the highest bidder, all the cretins who have climbed the rusty ladder to become political puppets of their 1% masters must be protected from those of us in the 99% who want this dictatorship of privilege to be vaporized. Don't you dare fiddle with the lock on your cell door, just be happy, and show your jailers a toothy smile for they are on the lookout for anyone harboring anger at their imprisonment. Haters, that undefined, nebulous 'hate speech' that is free speech reclassified, is now illegal in some corporate dictatorships and an anti-social trait in other 1% corporate empires run by sociopaths. What our 1% masters fear the most is the challenge to their absolute rule by our People's Movement and the majority of this world's citizenry. These money and power hungry despots need to snuff out all emotions. They especially need to re-channel our rage at a system of extortion that treats us like mere chattel. The sought after outcome is to have the 99% mindlessly adoring their lords and this destructive society. These manipulative tyrants cannot have all that anger sprouting up from our many 'short fuses' - the result of having to exist in this locked down big-business snake pit. All that rage flooding their tidy palaces could dethrone them and then they would have to become productive members of an egalitarian society. The spoiled manipulative tyrants find such a societal shift to be absolutely unacceptable.

All the pieces are in place, the redefining of socially acceptable slave traits, deployment of police forces that resemble military units, the continued disenfranchisement of the majority from their 'elected' representatives, and the reinforcing of the castle parapets to keep the royalty safe from rampaging serfs. That's right, the fun loving political stooges, all the enablers of the 1% lobbyist horde, just about everyone inside the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions have nothing to fear from the flower throwing crowds that will be outside their big-business celebration of treachery. Whatever the counterfeit political leanings the political hacks pretend to belong, the Republican or the Democratic flavor of 1% pillage, they along with their lobbyist snatchers who act on behalf of the real 1% constituents who bleed the population blind had better be prepared for the worst because the 99% has taken about all we can stomach from these marauders.

Propaganda central has always billed this excrescence of a society as the essence of liberty. Citizens who thrive in a real democracy who have a voice in all the affairs that transpire within their country have confidence that their elected leaders represent their positions on issues. If there was not so much strife caused by a society cobbled together to justify, maintain, and glorify the greedy power hungry deviants controlling this grotesque world of unbridled thievery there would be no need to protect the enablers of robber barons from all the 'jubilant' supplicants. More to the point, there would be no robber barons in the first place.

In genuine democracies where the majority is in control of their own destinies no gradations exist that define the status of a citizen - everyone is treated equally regardless of their ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, or any other differentiating characteristic. Doors are wide open for anyone to enter. Liberty is effusive and shared by all the people. Citizens of a genuine democracy would have long ago made it a felony to lobby any lawmaker for special tax breaks, favors, corporate welfare, and preferential treatment of a privileged class of con artists. The majority have a direct voice in the affairs of their government via an integrated set of business and political social networks. There is no reason to riot because the people are happily dancing to the rhythms of unlimited freedom.

Impoverished, unhappy, forcibly silenced, and unrepresented citizens always seek to overthrow their society. On its dust they typically build genuine bottom-up democracies that promote the expression of each individual's innermost emotions. Instead of squelching these emotions for the expediency of 1% thieves all citizens are encouraged to vent their frustrations and anger at their government so that it may better represent their desires, aspirations, and dreams.

Contrary to what we understand to be fair societal relations with the majority of citizens the 99% has had to endure many indignities at the hands of petty business tyrants more concerned with bulking up on profits than the general welfare of our communities. Our rulers need their half-witted enforcers who enjoy legally bullying their fellow brothers and sisters in a corporate autocracy. Police forces in dictatorships are also free to spend outrageous sums of money on the most ghoulish armored artifacts of war - toys that the enforcers can play with to keep all us labor slaves from sacking the bandits' centers of power.

You know you live in an autocracy when your police force morphs into an army that is deployed against the citizens as if they were an enemy to be routed. Another clear giveaway that you are not free is when barriers are erected to keep the citizens away from their legislators and they become more numerous and virtually impenetrable. Castle dwellers, who rape the peasantry, leaving them to fend for themselves, live in perpetual fear of rebellion. The fear becomes so potent that they start building motes; drawbridges, gator pits, and of course equipping a military style 'police' force with the latest most deadly weapons. Obese executive types and their court of jesters, lobbyists passing for modern day scribes, military style police enforcers being the knights of the realm, and all the other ladies and gentlemen of the court must keep the angry insurance company drained, and paycheck poor corporate ruled serfs from taking back what was stolen from their villages.

Real democracies represent their citizens. They do not need to deploy a military force against the people to keep them in line. There is no clearer sign that a society has degenerated into the absolutism of the few over the many than the deployment of an army against the citizenry and the barricading of 'your' representatives behind impenetrable palace walls. When this happens it is time for the general citizenry to take back their society from the self-anointed rulers who are milking it for all it is worth.