Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Real Constituents Have Direct Access to Receptive Elected Representatives

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Plutocratic vampires are furious that their oligarchic governmental shams are not able to silence an awakened global citizenry. When the raiders jackboots cannot corral the serfs we know for certain that it is too far gone – the revived feudalism it withering like a poisonous weed. Linkages with all People’s Movement resistance organizations has created a single amorphous mass of humanity fighting to restore constituent representation, liberty, justice, respect, equality, and an equitable distribution of planetary wealth. All across this big-money aristocratic camp our legions are laying siege to the discredited nation-states.

The warning has been heard loud-and-clear. Doubt has been erased. All of us recognize that to truly experience freedom we must remove the elite autocracies and their lobbyist enablers from our governments. Elected representatives who look after our best interests and those of the nation-state must replace the lobbyist-snatched elite caretakers that now pander to the every desire of their corporate masters. Ours is a singular transformation from subjugation to majority influence conveyed through a sheer numerical advantage.

This surge of human beings some for the first time recognizing their individual self-worth is the single most important ingredient in inspiring others to join our cause. Just as important is the comradeship that unites each-and-every blue planet citizen on this oasis hurtling through the vacuum of space. We finally grasp the gravity of the situation. To determine our own destiny we must take back from the parasitical royalty the regimes that are nothing more than protectors of elite privilege. A campaign of enlightenment, the debunking of this society, a discrediting of a raider class elevated to the status of priesthood is conducted daily by citizens from across all walks-of-life. Exposing the fabrications, the cumulative discrediting of the unimpeachable becomes the propellant that is vaporizing the establishment propaganda.

In real democracies this debunking, the exposing of lies, creative destruction and building of new cultural templates would be treasured because in a truly open society well-crafted falsehoods would not be supporting the entire civilization. That is the gauge of how free a community of sentient beings is by the volume and intensity of protest that is condoned. Absolutely free societies respect the interplay of ideas, conflict, passion, and disagreement aired in various forms of citizen self-expression. No constraints are placed upon the ability of citizens to express themselves. Protestors are not maligned by powerful special interests with direct constituent influence in the halls-of-power because there are no anointed elite groups that control the government. So in most cases it is very rare for an enflamed segment of the citizenry to engage in protests because they are the real constituents of their governments and have direct access to their elected legislators.

It is only in phony democracies that have displaced the base citizenry with intermediary interlopers, lobbyists reporting to an elite aristocracy, that you find citizens expressing themselves through more indirect means of societal communication. When this is the rule rather than the exception the government is not representative of a genuine democracy because the general citizenry has no direct constituent influence over their elected representatives. These lawmakers in this instance are instead the handmaidens of the powerful elite that support them financially. They feel no obligation to listen to, care, or attempt to rectify the societal turbulence. Instead of wasting time on insignificant underlings the elite powerbase ostracizes them by denying them decent employment, revoking privileges, and in more authoritarian regimes beating them into submission with clubs.