Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Pursue the Relevant Logical Path to Its Conclusion

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Teetering on oblivion are the imaginary borders of countless nation-states. On this blue-planet all these needless subdivisions will be merged into an expansive sea of ideas, citizens, and dreams. Already in the works is the dissolution of innumerable countries spanning the spectrum from democratic to totalitarian. This patchwork of governmental entities covering this small planet is nothing short of ludicrous.

Is it really such an insane proposition to keep all these tiny sinkholes of resources and energy drifting aimlessly? No, not when you understand the subtleties of how the elite rulers maintain their dominant position at the pinnacle of wealth and power. By keeping the population of this sphere energetically waving flags inside their tiny fiefdoms the feudal lords are able to divert the attention of the planetary citizens. An onrush of serious problems exacerbated by the growing divide between rich and poor is never addressed.

Accumulating grievances that highlight the destruction of collective citizen influence within this multitude of petty states is squashed by bellowing uncritical patriotic simpletons. Add to this refrain the jumbled rationalizing of the easily manipulated jellified blob of crusaders who never take the time to analyze anything.

Distilled down the single most dangerous ingredient of this new feudalism is the self-perpetuating hive of reverent adherents, all the disillusioned but sacrificial followers that comprise the growing crowd of automatons. How do you divert willing sacrificial lambs from walking proudly towards their extinction?

Those incapable of differentiating fact from fiction are already dead. They are intellectually impotent. Propping up ridiculous ideals and concepts simply because elite installed evangelists profess there validity sterilizes our humanity – what it means to be a reasoning sentient being. Never digress from logic simply because it is the easy route. Once we start believing pedestrian delusions are powerfully inspired brilliant insights our loss transcends the fathomable. Do not ever give credence to the trivial. It may be that the blast of inconsequentiality is intentional – meant to dissuade us from pursuing the relevant logical path to its conclusion.