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Purple Wave Washes Away Parasitic Society

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Living in a parasitic society is detrimental to both physical and mental health. The daily struggles to excel by increasing your productivity to the breaking point just so some overstuffed pampered CEO and associated peeps can gorge on luxuries is nothing short of repulsive. Transforming this type of taker culture from its feudalist underpinnings into a fully participative egalitarian civilization where everyone has a voice requires technology and a shift from a top-down to a bottom-up power orientation. Fully integrated cultures are those that respect individual rights, this is the motivation for dissolving our current institutions in an egalitarian acid wash so that we may strip clean all the parasites feeding freely on our productive output.

Can cultures that condone the legalized theft of ideas, income, respect, and decency be classified as advanced democracies when they have more in common with shadowy dictatorial regimes? When pillage is the accepted form of interpersonal currency there should be no doubt in the inherent degeneracy of the organizational structure. Negative externalities and byproducts abound in a system founded upon overt individual debasement. Destruction of the environment, interpersonal relations, the economy, and the general wellbeing of citizens forced to exist in such a ground-down stub of despair precipitates a spreading stasis that eventually unleashes the destructive forces of anarchy fueled by unbounded frustration. All the deteriorative aspects of a system of oppression orchestrated by an elite privileged class of manipulative degenerates ultimately leads to anarchy. Every segment of this type of culture unravels. It devolves until there is nothing left but a blight that has either destroyed or disfigured all that was cherished.

So how are the daily lives of sentient beings who are actively engaged, linked into the decision making process of their society different from those who are mere pawns of an authoritarian top-heavy vampire society? First of all they feel empowered, belonging to something that they have direct control over instead of chickens left to peck at a barren ground. Their unalienable right of self-determination is guaranteed not an illusion paraded by a 1% super-wealthy enforcing internalized obedience through institutional charades. Their vote counts across a myriad of issues from the daily workings of corporate organizations to government legislation all presented and tallied across social networks fused to clouds. Most important, no segment of a citizen’s life within this truly democratic civilization is reflective of an overt top-dog heavy handed power structure.

Percolating from the bottom-up the whole society is invigorated, ready to tackle issues presented across their networks prior to actual votes being cast. Instead of serfs to be used and abused at will by an upper echelon of sociopath’s intent upon wielding power for powers sake those in an egalitarian civilization are citizen participants shaping their shared future across many fronts. Wiping clean the primitive cultural imprint of the former taker society based upon a minute fraction accumulating great riches leaving a vast income wasteland where an economy once hummed the citizens of an advanced society can finally thrive. They have an unsurpassed standard-of-living that they directly impact through their decisions.

Where in the past top-down taker contrived structures like corporations that masqueraded as persons, legal entities having the same rights as living breathing human beings destroyed families willy-nilly so that fat-cat superrich bleeders could capture more loot the civilized corporate structure is nothing more than an organization. It is a cooperative endeavor that involves all participates who become the exclusive beneficiaries. These capitalist firms still sell on an open market with the goal being to make a profit but instead of just a chosen few at the very top raking in all the money every single productive member of the organization receives a fair wage and shares in the profits. If certain areas of the corporation require managers they are voted in by the firm’s participants. The cloud system linked to the firm’s social network handles notifying the membership of the details surrounding upcoming votes across a range of issues. Instantaneous tallied votes, environmental scanning, implementation of enacted corporate legislation, and a range of other duties is handled by the A.I. hypervisor of each organization’s cloud system.

Governments at many different levels will also have similar systems that will bypass special interests like lobbyists by not allowing these interlopers access to any social network that they do not have a legitimate right to interface with – there will be no more bypassing of the true constituents. Each government representative will have real-time access to their constituents and their tallied vote results prior to legislative actions being taken by the combined lawmaking body. Our legislators will feel the sting of the voters if they do not carry out their wishes. Politicians will no longer be able to insulate themselves behind elite 1% money machines, spin-doctors, and all the other baggage of a corrupt feudal state.

None of what has been proposed is a pipedream. The technology exists, now all we need to do is wrest power from the lords of obstruction, delusion, and extreme wealth. We also need to orient ourselves away from authoritative societal structures toward supportive bottom-up equitable, egalitarian, decent, and just organizational forms that empower humankind to blaze a path straight to the stars. Let our purple wave wash away the oil to expose a beautiful white beach.