Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Purple Transports the Parasites Evil Life Stream Skyward

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Resting out on a western plain with the fire fall from a brilliant sun dropping down over the horizon the day’s end nears. Promises made but never fulfilled have left us to ponder. In our quiet hours all those lost dreams dance on the orange-red glow. Transformations ever so rare in a world controlled by capitalist predators’ leaves us fantasizing of blue sky outcomes. Now the darkness is edging out the deep blue. Crisp cool air blows gently down from the distant mountains. Across the steeple tops of rocky cliffs resting momentarily on white ice this refreshing air rushes down across the grassy treeless expanse. Lost in a potential metamorphous the nightfall signals a hidden miracle inspired by our unity.

Planet-wide we are replacing despair with effervescent change percolating up from many billions. Supplanting this fractured patchwork of big-business fiefdoms with a seamless democracy without the toxic seepage of subversive special interests is our detoxification process – in full swing. Purging ourselves, sphere, governments, economy, the entire society of waste, pollutants that have debilitated us is an ongoing free-flowing state change from tyranny to unbounded bliss.

The slight cool breeze is dying down merging with the purple sky. These are the moments when shadows seep across the tundra. An approaching night filling with stars blinking like beacons of optimism are now peeking through the emptiness.

Our purple revolution has rippled across many billions creating a single well-defined unity that is washing away the bleak desert landscape of privilege. From a single seed a global consciousness is emerging. One centered upon equity, decency, equality, and fairness. If you listen carefully to the rustling of the sagebrush the slightest air freely vibrating the quiet of your visions you will find our blended beautiful realizations are becoming reality. The backdrop of fear, tyranny, manipulation, and false democracy is being washed away like a wild summer thunderstorm. Cooperative unity is withering the false hopes and delusions that are now the dying weeds of this lush, expansive, and restless tundra.

Unrestrained passion is dripping onto vibrating surfaces. No longer controlled by boundaries it pulsates into all the grooves and cracks of repulsion leaving only a viscous sticky lusciousness in its wake. Realization of our potential in a culture of absolute liberty is our destiny. We are well on our way to nirvana – a united humanity. Next stop – peace and tranquility, a blue planet released from pain and subversion. There is not a power in the universe that can halt our journey. We are well on our way. Domination is in the rearview mirror. Joy is the next stop.

In these many pages you will find the template for earthly happiness. A government for all of humankind not just those best able to pay for a voice awaits within the more distant pages. You may be taken aback by the frankness of how topics are presented but truth is always many shades of a rainbow.

Darkness will never again blot out the splash of colors painted in our cobalt blue firmament. Fear is to be vanquished. This sinister emotion is poison to creative thought. That is why it has been employed for many eons to quash the free spirit. Let nothing drive you to hopelessness and despair for we will always be there for you – for you are we, and we have a bright destiny. Slam the door on this misbegotten era of parasitic takers. Already they wither in the sand as the cool air transports their evil skyward.