Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

We All Belong To a Purple Hued Linked, Intertwined, and Interconnected Humanity

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Slanted rays fracture the scorched societal landscape in the dominant global business empire. Two candidates thrust upon the electorate patsies are vying to become the next 1% elite anointed lever puller of this vast global labor prison. In past US presidential elections the two blocks of brainwashed electorate fell nicely in either the Republican or Democratic camps. Now with a much more diverse population that is interconnected across the Internet and with others around the world that also find common cause to dispute the current big-business, super investor, and establishment sell-out of the general population this status quo pillage is not easily shoved down our throats. You hear agreement coming from the left and the right of the political spectrum that change, a complete refactoring of existing conditions, a rework of our global society focused upon enriching a tiny sliver of humanity at the expense of the majority must occur not tomorrow but today, this very moment. Devolving at an accelerated pace is this elite society that bleeds the majority dry, leaves us as mere bystanders while our governments pander to the every whim of castle dwellers allowing them to control all the power and wealth of the planet. The integrated lord to serf relationship that is our subservient existence within this dysfunctional elite silo is failing. It is dissolving because all of us hardworking everyday citizens are interconnected and no longer dependent upon establishment media propagandists for information. More importantly, we are building-out new more egalitarian cultural relationships across the vast network that is the Internet.

Centralized power, the hallmark of elitism by a tiny fraction of a population that places themselves in power through economic strip-mining of an entire planet is doomed. This form of feudalism, no different from all the other derivations that have stilted the advancement of large segments of society over thousands of years of human drudgery is dying. Decentralization has taken hold; the Internet is the progenitor of an enlightened age, the dawn of intertwined humankind that is the realization of our interconnectedness on a small blue world hurtling through a vast dark vacuum. Every one of us now realizes that our joined destiny, the society that we are molding, the workplaces that we will own and control, the governments that will be responsive to our desires, all of it is for us to ultimately create free of interference from self-anointed sociopaths seeking to only enrich themselves off of our sweat-and-toil.

Technology has been the driving force in our emancipation - the realization not yet achieved of an egalitarian revolution that will shift the focus from the pinnacle of hierarchical power relationships to flat cooperative structures inside our workplaces and across our society. No longer is it necessary to meekly yield to the demands of those up top when we have the technological tools to integrate the entire human community into vast social-political networks that instantaneously tally and respond to our wants, desires, and needs. Power from up top was necessary when communication links were limited or fractured in a pre-interconnected world, not so in our networked world. We are constantly connected in an instantaneous tweeting cyberspace.

Vast transformations of our current anarchic societal framework are therefore long overdue. For humanity to advance to that next step on the evolutionary ladder we must fully integrate every last citizen of this planet into the political, economic, and general societal constructs that will define us as a species distinct from the possibly billions of other species populating this vast universe. This means decisions can no longer be made by only the rich and powerful. A truly democratic society diffuses decisions even those of a mundane daily operational nature across the whole citizenry.

Our purple mindset, the egalitarian pure 24/7 democracy supported by the current technological revolution in interconnectedness is becoming the dominant cultural strain that is ushering in a new society that does not allow the plunder of the many for the benefit of the few. We are all building the foundation for a strikingly better place no matter where we call home. Whether it be on future Mars colonies or someplace in Africa our destiny will be for all of us to envision and act upon free from manipulation by robber-baron get rich quick types.

You must feel it, the supplanting of the existing establishment edifices that is taking place at this very moment. Through our virtual community across the ideological spectrum inside our purple hued space on the Internet we are ousting the elite top heavy establishment. The machinations of those in power are becoming superfluous - tidal pools disconnected from our majority community. Elitists may believe that they still hold the levers to power in their blue-veined hands but it is our People's Movement comprised of billions of everyday citizens who are triggering the incremental change in the societal template, moving it in the direction that we desire - the change necessary to reach our pure egalitarian global democracy. So by doing what we all do best, making our voices heard, and never giving up on the better future we know is possible when we work cooperatively together toward common goals in an all-inclusive civilization all of us are in effect revolutionizing the malleable template called society. Our shared vision of a profoundly inclusive and democratic world is not only possible but is already being infused into this decaying 1% global feudalism.