Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Puritan Human Robots Destroy Passion

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Silky soft gauze hung loosely over her perky well-proportioned breasts. Athletically thin, with a lioness’s lithe muscles ready to tense into activity Athena was perfection. Her blazing blue eyes darted with swift precision focusing her brilliant mind on analyzing her surroundings at lightning speed.

Juxtaposed alongside common triteness, the mass-produced spin-offs of the standard mold; she was a mesmerizing site for all those who happened to glace in her direction, a treasure of absolute genetic flawlessness.

With jet-black short hair that reflected light with stunning luminosity, piercing wide-eyed irises that swallowed the onlooker in a swirling blue ocean, a supple mouth capable of an instantaneous radiantly white smile nicely tilting on playful lips, smooth creamy skin proportioned mildly by a small well-situated nose, she was irresistible, pleasurably intoxicating.

Graceful flowing deft movements accented her delicately crafted precision mind coupled to a sumptuously astounding body.

Not ashamed of her exquisite perfection she accentuated it with colorfully reveling garments. She was proud, not pious, and especially distanced from puritan ideology.

Enjoying her majestically proportioned beauty she unabashedly joined almost daily with a male equivalent. She joyfully experienced shuddering climaxes that sent waves of stimulation to her uninhibited genius - pure exaltation, unbridled sensuality; she never set limits to her pleasure.

No misconceptions intruded upon her dynamic creatively. Her superiority both in form and intellect was legendary. Copulation viewed from her lofty intellectual heights was thoroughly enjoyed for she had every intention of exceeding her limits. From her viewpoint it was ludicrous to be ashamed of her blessings simply to tame those less fortunate, the ravenous jealous hordes that dreamed of goring her in vengeance for their shortcomings.

Spiteful hate engulfed her daily. Refusing to chop her abilities in the grinder of commonality she shuddered herself from the vengeful box-thinking inferiors. Only a few purely free, uninhibited friends accepted her for what she was, the sanctimonious armies of dungeon life cursed her regularly.

Athena could never understand why anyone would castrate his or her humanity to fulfill some cave-dwellers dogma. These were belief systems obviously concocted by impotent spiritualists incapable of experiencing the slightest passion. Somehow they’d inoculated themselves from feeling anything, their goal was to excise the artist, and to cover the unequaled splendor of the female nude in a rag ultimately burying human expressiveness so deep it could never be exhumed.

The most exquisite example of pure wild-eyed artistic passion, the cleanly graceful female form should never be shunned or deemed unseemly; Athena easily saw that her body was the result of unparallel ingenuity and genius. She felt that she was a reflection of the creator's being, a passionate expression in genetic 'paint', colorful genes splashed excitedly on a white canvas.

To hell with those who’d whisk her away from view, she’d race down full-throttle towards her mortality. Let the zombie walkers of faith die a slow vengeful, resentful, and spiteful death, her life walk would be filled with unreserved blinding passion. She sought teeth chattering fulfillment, a firework’s display blasting a rainbow of colors on a black emptiness - that was how she treasured every second. There was no time to waste in her quest to reach the limits of her mind, body, and soul.